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How to lighten mood to the wife of

Characters: I am young mother who writes the degree project, Vadim is the young father - the programmer, Sasha - the daughter, her half a year.

Background - since morning we together doformirovat the diploma, stuffed according to folders and files, I drank coffee and went to bring this diploma to department. The road turned out that still: hour in a stopper, hot moreover a stomach hums on all minibus. Was tired madly.


From Sashkaya Vadim. Explained five times to him as in what sequence to do with the child: to play, do exercises, to feed, lay. It was wasted in the afternoon in the city on a hungry stomach, I come back...

In the house the full disorder, does not smell even of banal fried eggs. On a computer table tomato tails (probably, a breakfast). Vadim sits at a computer table and it is with enthusiasm cut in the network toy. Hungry Sashka sleeps on a floor...


an indifference, I think. Vadim is surprised to my indignant look. I rage. I explain delicately that a berth at the child in a bed or a carriage, but in any way not on a floor where coins, beer covers and packing from paper for the copier periodically come across (at which already Sashkiny efforts obgryzen a corner).

to Dai of a kick (figuratively this word), Vadim with the offended look goes to heat mashed potatoes (the wife - the bitch did not allow to play). Sashka wakes up. Vadim delivered to mashed potatoes on a water bath and again plays. Sashka roars. I give a kick - Vadim goes to feed the child. I go to make meanwhile a lunch as both want to eat very much, and to wait for patience until Vadim finishes feeding the child, no. Vadim from other room aches that will be prepared by me for certain long, and he will not manage to eat before work (work on an hour and a half).

In fifteen minutes on kitchen Vadim with a shining face enters: “And I fed Sashka! Here what I well done!“ About myself I put different options of curses, I nod: “Good fellow“. The husband leaves.

I Come back from kitchen with news that the lunch is ready - Sashka sleeps on a floor. I in Down, Vadim the surprised eyes on me: “In what business, it full“. I shift dithat in a carriage, I recommend to blow for kitchen and to have dinner. Half an hour of the chewing silence, Vadim comes from kitchen and speaks: “I was so tired“. I use foul language in a whisper.

I Am online

. The person is terrible, hair on end, mood - minus unit. About a mirror in a hall Vadim potters, ties the programmer tail. Calls from a hall:“ Turned sour, look at me“. I look out from - for doors. My blessed pulled a romper suit on Sashkina`s head, pads put hands before a breast, shines points and teeth.

Me punches

on hysterical “hi - hi - hi“, and Vadim happy with effect turns to me a bottom on which the piece of white fur from my amateur box is pinned by a pin. When Vadim skipping in such look goes for a door, I finally come to a normal state. In total - I adore it...