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Art higher educational institutions of Moscow always were on the special account. Political changes and economic shocks in the country do not do a competition in them less: the love to art wins against any thoughts of a daily bread and financial benefit. And it in spite of the fact that only units of graduates manage to take place, find professionally success, and together with it and prosperity. However the fact remains: empty seats in such higher education institutions are usually twice less, than persons interested to occupy them.

Talents and admirers

As well as in a case with theatrical higher education institutions, at receipt in art educational institution at the entrant will look for existence of a certain spark which it is accepted to call talent. Really, to be able to hold in hand the pencil or a brush can everyone, however create something unique only one person from one hundred or thousands is capable.

it is not possible to p to Give absolutely exact definition to the concept “talent“: in art everything is too subjective. Unfortunately, any creative profession entirely depends on opinion of the audience and critics. That is why many experts advise: before crossing a threshold of art higher education institution, it is worth thinking and whether you will be able to carry out for many years the life in uncertainty, bitterly regretting that your works did not make due impression on public. All game of paints, clearness of lines, consistency of style in a work of art are created only with the unique purpose - to shake the world and to express itself.

Professional prospects of future artists, designers, architects are quite illusive

. The cost of their work can strongly differ - everything will depend on the whimsical and changeable fairy - good luck. Working capacity, ability to find a common language with the customer today not less important professional qualities.

Preparation for receipt

the List of art higher education institutions in the capital is not really big

, however to get an education in their walls it is considered prestigious around the world. High level of teaching in them was set still by founding fathers of these educational institutions. Enter their number the Moscow state academic art institute of V. I. Surikov, Moscow it is art - industrial university of S. G. Stroganov, the Russian academy of painting, sculpture and architecture, the All-Russian state institute of cinematography of S. A. Gerasimov and is art - graphic faculty of the Moscow pedagogical state university. Without fail it is necessary to mention and about Sankt - the St. Petersburg state academic institute of painting, a sculpture and architecture of I. E. Repin - this higher education institution having century traditions was founded in the middle of the 18th century at protection of the empress Elizabeth Petrovna. It agrees to the Charter existing then were trained in it within 15 years. Today official date of receipt of education is reduced, however to become the student, the entrant literally should spend years for preparation for receipt.

At each of the listed higher education institutions own art school or training courses is. Training and preparation in them takes from several months to two years. It is worth making a reservation, however, that officially nobody gives to their graduate guarantees for receipt. Moreover, on training courses at Surikovsky institute teachers in plain terms warn that ““ at examinations should not wait for any indulgences - all arrive in accordance with general practice. Preparatory occupations, as a rule, paid not to mention that the entrant should most provide himself with auxiliary materials - paints, brushes, pencils, papers, stretchers, canvases … The price can be different: for a paint tube, for example, - from 10 to 1000 rub. And the stretcher costs not less than 2000 rub

Besides, at receipt in art higher education institution very important to consider one subtlety: at analysis of applications the greatest preference is given to those entrants who or graduated from specialized art schools (for example, Children`s art school No.? 1 of V. A. Serov on Prechistenka, the Moscow academic art lyceum of the Russian academy of Arts), or have behind shoulders secondary professional education in art schools (The Moscow state academic art school of memory of 1905 or the Moscow art school (college) of applied art). It becomes because such higher education does not suffer casual people who suddenly had a desire to be artists, restorers or architects. The competition between arriving rather rigid, and have to accept the best of the best therefore it is necessary to make plans about receipt in advance, considering own opportunities.


should be defined by

In the beginning in what direction you would like to apply the creative rushes. The profession of the artist has several versions, for example the painter, the restorer, the theatrical artist. The number of specialties which can be received in art higher education institution includes also such as sculptor, architect, art critic, teacher of painting, artist of the fiction film, art director on suits, the artist of the animation movie and computer graphics. And the first that for you will be asked at receipt, - to provide on preview creative works according to the chosen path. As a rule, it is drawings: a portrait and a figure of the person, painting - a portrait with hands, compositions. Passed this selection allow to entrance tests. Examinations in the specialty take place in workshops (with the assistance of models) within several days. Treat special objects:

Then carry out viewing of examination-papers and put down marks. If it is enough number of the gained points to pass on a competition, further wait for you the composition on the set subject, history (orally), history of the Russian art culture and in certain cases - a foreign language. If all - was not succeeded to arrive on a full-time department, at your service paid offices, the average cost of study on which sometimes reaches 4500 - 5000 dollars

of the Address of higher education institutions

the Moscow state academic art institute of V. I. Surikov: faculty of painting, sculpture, theory of the fine arts; Moscow, Tovarishchesky Lane, 30 (metro station “Taganskaya“, “Marxist“);

Faculty of graphics, architecture: Moscow, Lavrushinsky Lane, 15 (the building opposite to an entrance to the Tretyakov gallery, the metro station“ Novokuznetsk“, “Tretyakovskaya“).

Moscow it is art - industrial university of S. G. Stroganov: Moscow, Volokolamskoye Highway, 9 (metro station. “Falcon“).

Russian academy of painting, sculpture and architecture: Moscow, Myasnitskaya St., 21 (metro station. “Pure ponds“); Kamergersky Lane, 2 (metro station “Okhotny Ryad“).

All-Russian state institute of cinematography of S. A. Gerasimov: Moscow, Wilhelm Pik St., 3 (metro station. “A botanical garden“).

of Sankt - the St. Petersburg state academic institute of painting, a sculpture and architecture of I. E. Repin: St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya Emb., 17 (metro station“ Vasileostrovskaya“).

the Rating of architectural and art higher education institutions

the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation approved by

a rating of higher educational institutions by results of their activity. Data collection for definition of a rating of higher education institutions and specialties was carried out from the middle 2004 academic years.


When determining a rating considered a set of parameters: quality of the faculty, the number of students of different forms of education, presence of students from other countries; volume of scientific researches, publishing, providing students with hostels, dispensaries etc.

the Place the Name of higher education institution 1 the Moscow architectural institute (the state academy) 2 the Moscow state is art

- industrial university
3 Ural state architecturally - art academy (Yekaterinburg)
4 of Sankt - St. Petersburg state artly - industrial academy
5 Novosibirsk state architecturally - art academy
6 Rostov state academy of architecture and art
7 Krasnoyarsk state art institute