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Do not miss a possibility of

Perhaps, know hundreds of mothers about it, or perhaps to someone my information will become useful. Quite recently feeding by a breast was considered old-fashioned, limiting freedom of women against what those revolted and fed the children from a small bottle. But soon it is possible beat to observe return to feeding by a breast as women wanted not only freedoms, but also the maximum health for the children.

Knows that the lactation is put the first 15 - 20 minutes after the delivery. It is very important that the child was put at once to a breast. So it gains the first immunity on the whole life. It is proved that the children receiving breast milk develop physically better, are ill less. Of course, millions of healthy and happy children are brought up through a small bottle, and such way of feeding gives joy of communication with the child too. The love of mother to the child can be transmitted also through a small bottle, but nevertheless if you have an opportunity to nurse, try not to miss it.

As all young mothers, at me had problems with feeding too. My little son was born absolutely healthy, naturally, without any complications. I was ready for chest feeding, read a great lot of books, attended courses of future mothers, and still I did not manage to avoid small failures with which I eventually coped.

Danil weighed 3. 185 at the birth. As a rule, kids lose about 500 grams of weight in the next week of life. Therefore I did not worry on the first visit at the doctor that the son grew thin for 600 grams. Though I fed according to the first requirement of the kid, and it is so much how many he wanted. After the second visit the doctor told that the child of honey agarics lost in weight though he had to gather. Here I began to panic. It seems, I feed correctly, pampers in day I change 8 - 10 pieces, as well as it is necessary (wet, respectively), and here to you on. I addressed the help of the sister - midwifes, it then conducted courses in hospital. It had an experience in this case enormous, mother of 2 children and work in maternity hospital of 11 years.

Possible reasons: if the kid sucks a pacifier, try not to give it as as a result of sucking he strongly gets tired, and in exchange receives nothing, as a result will suck a breast a little and fills up hungry. And in general, the pacifier slows down intellectual development of the child at any age. I Danila did not give a pacifier any more though he not strongly loved it. 1 reason beat is eliminated.

In - the second, as we know, breast milk consists of 3 parts, roughly speaking: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The kid starts anew to receive from mummy a sweet milk - 1 part where carbohydrates generally contain. And only gradually milk begins to grow white and be replenished considerably with vitamins and fats why the kid normally develops. Perhaps you often shift the child from one breast to another? Or you begin feeding again with that party which was given last time?

One more reason: the child can take a nipple not correctly. His uvula has to be surely from below. Children are born with a sosatelny reflex, but to develop it mother has to help.

my kid cried at night, was nervous so I decided dates to it mix. I just was frightened that the child lacks my milk, or it absolutely was gone. Incorrectly! Milk without the reason be gone cannot, and precisely it cannot be insufficiently. At each woman so much milk how many it is necessary for her kid is produced. As everything begins with “head“. When the child begins to suck, signals are transmitted to a brain, and milk begins to be produced strenuously. The kid is full and released a breast, signals of honey agarics go to a brain. Everything is interconnected.

It is possible, my sonny cried from - for kolik which so often happen at kids till 4 months. Be patient and tender to your kid, be not nervous if you have failures. Begin feeding quietly and it is weakened, be adjusted on one wave with your child. And as soon as you will understand each other, everything will be adjusted and will go, as on hours.

still I nurse

Ya Danila, 6 months and I want to do it it, as long as possible. Also I wish to all mummies of healthy and happy children.