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Early development - it is fashionable

“My daughter in 4 years reads... And mine - considers“, - mothers of kids brag before each other. Early development - it is remarkable. But having been fond of it, many mothers forget to teach the child to put on and greet, the neuropathologist is distressed. And practically cease to play.

do not turn progress of the kid into an occasion to show its unusual abilities before acquaintances. From this it will take out one: I am engaged not because it is interesting to me and to surprise mother`s girlfriends.

you do not pursue modern and not really cheap framework of Montessori, with Nikitin`s cubes etc. Perhaps, it is worth beginning with a usual children`s pyramid and the wooden designer - it is the developing games too.

Today the mass of the developing techniques exists, but it is not obligatory to follow the principles of only at all. Choose in everyone what is close and clear to you and it is interesting to the kid.

Having decided to be engaged in early development, do not buy up in a row all grants. Let the child at first will master something one.

Nobody will tell

to you at what age of your child it is necessary to teach flowers or figures. Only you can solve what to begin occupations with. The main thing - be not overzealous and do not overload the kid with knowledge, and move forward gradually - from very simple to simple, from simple - to a little more difficult.

Refuse temptation to allocate certain time under “development“. In these occupations a regularity not the most important. Much more important for them good mood of parents and the kid, enthusiasm and desire “to develop“. Listen to the child who suddenly was fond only of letters or only folding of cubes. Let him be engaged in the fact that it is interesting to it, but not that at you according to the schedule now.

do not insist

on occupations if the child is absorbed by game in dolls or machines. And if you were seized right now by the developing itch, ask for its game.

best “technique“ of development - communication. Your occupations will be unilateral if between them you do not speak with the child. About what? Yes about everything on light...