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The color test

your favourite color reflects your identity. He can tell about your health, mood and even welfare. Correctly choosing the color scale, you can increase working capacity and create to itself a comfortable situation.

your favourite color reflects your identity. He can tell about your health, mood and even welfare also. Researches showed that the person, correctly choosing for itself color scale, can increase working capacity, create a comfortable situation.

we Suggest you to choose

from the list including 12 colors, two colors which seem more preferable and one color which is not pleasant at all. Every color corresponds to a certain aspect of identity.

it is important to p to make the choice quickly, without spending a lot of time for considering. Do not associate color with clothes or color scale of the house, or something the same nature - just decide for yourself what is pleasant to you most of all and that least of all.

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Yellow
    1. Choose

      of Colour by
      • from 12 listed that color which is pleasant to you most of all. Write down it separately.
      • by
      • Choose the next favourite color from 11 remained. Write down it afterwards.
      • choose
      • from 10 remained color which is pleasant less than others Now. Also write down it.

    the Identity of each of us is very inconsistent

    . In one situation of people can be sociable and friendly, in another - timid and closed.

    the Color test is based by

    on research of influence of color on the person. For example, it was established that the people having hot temperament, having got to the room which walls are painted in pink color, very quickly calm down, relax. Producers of products know about influence on buyers of color effects and use them, choosing packing for the goods.

    the Color test is an example of how just to create illusion of scientific approach to an assessment of personal characteristics. It is a model of stereotypic approach to an assessment of the personality - for example, many consider that the people preferring red color are usually quick-tempered, besides are enterprising and self-confident. And those who prefer green color are most often quiet and thoughtful. We quite often use these stereotypic characteristics at the description of various people:“ to see everything in pink color “, “ green with envy“, “blue“, “to be in black mood“.

    Interpretation of results of the color test

    Following characteristics of the personality correspond to 12 flowers. Define for yourself two most preferable colors and choose the descriptions corresponding to them.

    If you have the least preferable color, then here the situation will be the return: this color will correspond least to your type of the personality.

    1. of Black . It is usually chosen by people, self-assured. It means that the person who chose it always strives for success therefore this color is quite often called “color of achievements“. Along with not the smaller basis it means readiness to work, without thinking of consequences and without reckoning with authoritative opinion.
    2. Blue . It is considered that blue color attracts conservative people with practical mentality. It is color of tranquility, it is pleasant to those who are eager for the world and comfort. Assure that the people preferring blue color can be trusted, and they aspire to the organized and ordered way of life. The choice of this color can sometimes be a sign that the person is concerned by something.
    3. Brown . It is similar black, the choice of this color is one of signs of aspiration of the personality to success, and also her reliability.“ Brown“ people feel comfortable alone with themselves, like to equip the house. The choice of this color can sometimes indicate insufficient self-realization of the personality and her aspiration as much as possible to use the potential opportunities.
    4. Green . The choice of this color does not give the chance to unambiguously characterize the personality as such person at the same time can be an introvert and is obviously interested in the impression made by it on people around.“ Green“ people love that their acts were approved and appreciated. Sometimes they differ in a domineering character or give advice to other people, to live properly.
    5. Grey . Those who choose gray color usually differ in reliability and at the same time prefer to keep the “I“ in inviolability. However sometimes the choice of this color indicates the hidden desire of an individual to impress favourably on people around and aspiration to be noticeable. Therefore “gray“ people for the purpose of certain moral compensation time zealously are engaged in public work.
    6. Orange . The choice of orange color is a sign of the personality impulsive and friendly. It is often preferred by people who accept life such as it is.“ Orange“ people do not worry from - for trifles and are inclined to see in all will of destiny. It is the color full of life, and people to whom it is pleasant possess sociable, sociable character.
    7. Pink . Pink color is chosen usually by people careful and at the same time sensitive, it is possible even to tell, having passionate temperament.“ Pink“ want to be the focus of attention, sometimes to the detriment of people around. Quite often it seems to such people that they best of all know how others have to arrive, and they are inclined to impose the opinion.
    8. Purple . Purple - powerful color, and it is usually chosen by persons creative, intellectual, this color and people of an unruly, uneasy warehouse prefer. He gets out those people who look for meaning of life. It is no wonder that festive clothes of priests quite often have purple color.
    9. Red . Red color - as an energy splash. This color is chosen most often by extremely self-assured people and those who sharply feel life.“ Red“ people seek to be winners, their behavior is penetrated by spirit of rivalry. The choice of this color can also specify on quick-tempered, and sometimes and unreliable character. And at the same time the “red“ person usually has influence, it has increased sexual requirements supported with the same sexual energy.
    10. Turquoise . Mysterious color which symbolizes spiritualistic energy and updating. It is a sign of the stood and balanced personality having the advantage and awareness of own importance. “Turquoise“ people can sometimes look excessively weakened.
    11. White . White color is chosen by the people seeking to express as much as possible themselves. It is a characteristic sign of those who need own space for reflections or experiments.“ White“ people usually magnificent idea men, but they sometimes lack a practicality. White color often is associated with purity.
    12. Yellow . This color is preferred by optimists. However quite often it is chosen by the people seeking for flight from reality. “Yellow“ can be very vigorous, but these are only short-term flashes of activity. “Yellow“ people adore changes and sometimes change an environment and things without any purpose, just for the sake of process.