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As we went on giving

our kids in the last year very much were ill. A last straw Irishka had a quinsy in May at the Young lion which gave complications in the form of submaxillary lymphadenitis and an exacerbation of bronchitis in the same May. Therefore it was decided to bring kids to the sea. As tickets were with 25 - go June, time at us from our decision by the time of sea tour was nearly a month. Besides kids - with hereditary skin from the grandmother and mother, that is white, as sour cream that not really pleased. Grandfather`s giving was excluded from - for absence of electricity which the administration of cooperative cut off “as superfluous“. Generally, the dacha at our godfathers standing in some virgin desolation was found. Therefore we safely decided to go there rather to long stay there went I and children, and the husband worked.

Having arrived to the dacha, kids at once began to investigate environment. The site in 11 hundred parts with a two-storeyed lodge, a toilet and a shower on the street, water in a well on the same site, sweet cherries, plums and other plodovo - berry trees near a court yard, by the way, asphalted at a lodge was it. The district was strange. On the one hand, literally behind a small fence from an iron grid there was a dirt road, and behind it was poured by an azure of rates to the right of which the dam was seen. On the opposite coast the field which extended lengthways enough - long a rate to the left side turned green. Without knowing it, it was possible to take a water dam for the small river easily.

At all this we were in rather big populous country cooperative with the installed electrical equipment, minibuses, a booth, in 10 km from the city and between two settlements. Generally, on the one hand it is possible to tell that this wild place, on the other hand - is not strong also godforsaken. Perhaps, such conditions right there would frighten someone, but we were happy, and kids are simply happy. To all other, we arrived on “shish kebabs“ to Irishkin Birthday therefore there were also guests, including also owners of giving:-).

In the first day we had a rest, cleared away the dacha (which is simply not processed, and standing for the sake of rest and as a hobby) from desolation. Kids right there began to tread a grass, to run near the house and to smell the blossomed peonies. We, adults, guided some maraft, and then had a rest. After a lunch went to a dam and there not only sunbathed, but also swam for a while. Irishka of the first of our family opened a kupatelny season, having dived a tyulenchik into water. Rescued it from a dive with the head a vest for kids that caused some discontent about its parties and pleasure with mine, because that the child did not swallow water.

At the weekend, in the very first days, we trod

and mowed clean part of a grass that it was convenient was to kids to run around the house. And I soon regretted about mowing of a grass as the eddish pricked to kittens of a leg a little, it is good that was mown clean a little, is more trampled down.

it Turned out p that at the dacha ants, titmouses already peacefully located, sparrows are mockers and forty. Within a week in the mornings titmouses awoke us with the twitter, sparrows drove a soroka, than caused huge interest in kids, forty more tried to shout as a drake, and sparrows - mockers represented chickens, ducklings, geese and even some melodies of the mobile phone whistled. But most of all I personally liked to observe swans near a dam in the mornings, and in the evenings to wait for a heron which walked almost near our giving. However those ants on a kitchen garden were the hugest happiness for children. They were two types: small black and large black with red paunches (forgive for lack of the exact name - I do not remember their “breed“;-)). Not only that Levushka and Irinka watched continuous fuss of these insects, so they still derived pleasure from game of own composition. Both Lev, and Ira became very close near an ant hill and as soon as small insects got them on legs, those fast stamped legs, shook off ants. Then, for some time, with cheerful squeal ran away far away from biting places. Through some time everything repeated in a new way.

But the hugest happiness for kids. She is the thoroughbred Siberian who is taken out from a taiga by the owners, our neighbors in giving. It is about the most real laika, almost white color which was hardly noticeable from - for her old age, huge love of this lady to walks on thickets of such dachas as ours, and driving in dust near a dirt road. A name at it the Taiga, and Lev with Irishka with the great pleasure waited for it arrival, calling her by name. It is necessary to pay it tribute that she is very friendly dog, it is brought very up and at owners many grandsons, children of acquaintances who periodically were at them while we were at the dacha.

One “but“: The taiga was legible, according to the hostess, in food what we, to tell the truth did not notice at all - she at us ate everything. And it did not prevent it to come on a visit strictly by a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner and other “having a snack“ at us. Reached that Lev took a bowl and first of all bore it to the Taiga, and Irishka added then it titbits from a table. The most interesting that children is unknown from where learned to throw up delicacies during food, thinking that mother does not look at them at this time. Here it is interesting and from where it at them? But in reply the Taiga allowed kids to stroke itself, gave a paw, faithfully looked in the face (especially when it elicited to eat), sometimes joyfully whined, rubbed the head and a nose about legs and showed huge desire to play and communicate. Therefore after our cat of the Princess and a hamster Aliski Tayga seemed by not less joyful miracle for children.

But what improvement for children outdoors if they do not drink pair milk:-)? Therefore literally for the second day we already learned the address of one granny who sold the milk which was not fat-free by a separator. The milk was pleasant to children therefore they with impatience expected campaigns to the woman Katya though she lived almost in kilometer from us. Both Lev and Irishka were glad to go and on two - three times to it, if only to receive tasty milk which very much even well was accepted by their choosy stomachs. The most interesting that they ate greatly, it is even better than houses, were ready to eat an additional additive if only to drink milk. At the same time they drank about 4 - 5 liters of milk almost for two in day. As I did not notice obvious “consequences“, quietly milked to kids, the benefit for the rest their appetite did not suffer. As a result in a week our kittens considerably freshened up, their pms blushed, they had very good mood. Here only to sunbathe they so almost and did not sunbathe. Whether I overdid with reinsurance and excessively smeared them with a sun-protection milk, whether they, as well as I, badly give in to suntan, generally, all of us only slightly darkened.

I decided to Play

outdoors with children in the fact that it is interesting to me. Therefore we took balls (the first in two days was successfully punctured), books and some of the most favourite toys of children, including their soft doggies. Therefore we spent a lot of pleasant time. But scoring of animals became the most favourite game. Our city children seeing pets and birds are more often on pictures, than “alive“, were glad to consider them in the village, and still to listen to their voices, and then to demand from me their scoring. With some pride I can tell that I manage to imitate ducks, chickens, roosters, geese, goats, cows, horses, frogs, dogs, cats and mice a little:-), that is to almost all necessary creatures. Over time kids with pleasure began to represent these animals, and to ask to guess me whom they showed and vice versa.

Huge pleasure also. They also with whistles that did even more fascinatingly than walk on giving for our kittens. Personally for me children opened a huge beach umbrella and were happy to close sometimes it over my head or to play in “a fungus grows and reveals“:-). Generally, we had not to miss. At the same time amazingly children easily studied and learned more than ten different flowers and shades which persistently did not want to call earlier. A lot of things still useful they learned. The biggest pleasure for the husband was the fact that Lev at last began to call him by name - “Yaloslav“, and at Irinka it became as “Yaiyav“ though earlier they persistently refused to call it differently, than “the father - the Tat“.

If not prolonged rains Thursday through Monday, we would be longer there, but it was necessary to arrive home as we burned a poor stock of firewood in a fireplace, and there was no wish to get the next cold to children to me. Children apprehended a fireplace with delight, and I had not to notice a spiral staircase on the second floor persistently once again not to endanger children therefore I simply closed the second floor. What did not reduce desire of children to lead me by the hand with a request to rise by the second floor and to admire from a window to rates which it was possible to see also in a lodge, sitting on the first floor in kitchen. Nevertheless, I noticed that children were huge romantics.

Therefore, staying at home, in the stuffy city, kids now periodically ask on the dacha again, remember the Taiga, collect new toys and clothes, watch records at a video camera and wait for a sunny weather. As we in a stock to the sea had nearly two weeks, think that we still will have such opportunity. For now we entertain after work our father coming to us every other day, and also Alisku and the Princess who began to miss without us. And still we make plans to go after the sea to mine to the grandfather and the grandmother, and also the great-grandmother to the village. What does our summer almost everything painted on days so, I think, this summer will be unforgettable for children.

Here, actually, and all. In conclusion I can only tell that household difficulties - nothing in comparison with that charge of cheerfulness and health which kids received on vacation outdoors. Therefore if someone has an opportunity, but he doubts - be not afraid, try. Brightness of children`s reactions and emotions, and also improvement of the child are worth it.

Lozhnikova Lyubov, mother of wonderful stair-steppers Lvenka and Irishka