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Reflection of rational mummy of

Ya never tested pleasant feelings from feeding by a breast. Distorts me from the words “titechka“ and “sisya“ and at all that fact that “lyalya eats a milk“ does not touch. 24 years, including all 10 months of pregnancy, my breast was the size as in a joke:“ Heat-spots should be smeared with brilliant green“. My grandmother from - for mastitis fed children with donor milk, and I from the birth of iskusstvenniyets.

the Thought that it is possible to feed “to school“ causes in me fastidious horror, and fanaticism of some consultants for GV - desire to spit out three times through the left shoulder. Nevertheless, a year and three months I successfully nurse and I do not think that it needs to be stopped urgently.

Everything is simple

: I am absolutely sure that breast milk - really the best food for the baby as it is written everywhere, including banks with mix. And also I consider that with the nature and (or) the Lord mother is arranged so that can and has to feed, and the child - that can and has to suck it. Neither before childbirth, nor after I never doubted it. Therefore...

Besides, I admit, I am lazy (to spend time for decantations, warming up of milk or mix - not for me), the zhadnovata (on WILLOWS or even one small bottles to be spent absolutely a reluctance) and is silly (I do not consider myself cleverer than the Lord and the child).

So 15 months I are proud of

I bear before myself for the first time in life the appeared bust and sometimes furtively in front of the mirror I assume airs; because I know that I give to the child that valuable what any more he will not receive anywhere, - health.