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Educational programs on which kindergartens of

“Kindergarten - the house of pleasure“ work . Emphasis on development of the maximum constant activity and identity. Not only children and teachers, but also parents have to participate in process of education.

“Rainbow“ . An educational system, developments and educations of children of two - seven years. The program provides high-quality preparation for school. Children are acquainted with letters, purposefully trained in reading, the coherent speech, mathematics, develop logical thinking, form confidence in own forces, failure resistance.

“Childhood“ . An emphasis on studying of folklore, works of folklore, applied games, music and dances, it is decorative - applied art. Training at occupations is directed to systematization, deepening and synthesis of personal experience of the child.

“Harmony“ . The integrated program intellectually - art, creative development of the identity of the preschool child.

“Sources“ . An emphasis on formation of versatily developed personality. The comprehensive program, is designed for children from two to seven years with the purpose to provide to each child equal start for development, to keep and strengthen its health.

“Development“ . Provides development of mental and art capacities of children. The program covers practically all areas of work with children from three to six years. The main attention is paid to mastering knowledge by experimenting, the solution of informative and creative tasks by the child.

“From the childhood - in adolescence“ . The program provides active involvement of parents, up to obligatory occupations with the child in kindergarten, in process of education of children of four - seven years.

“Comprehensive program for groups of short-term stay in kindergarten: advanced preschool age“ . The main attention is paid to intellectual and creative development and preparation for school.

“Program of education and training in kindergarten“ . It is aimed at the full all-round intellectual and creative development of children - since younger groups and finishing with preparation for school.

“Rhythmic mosaic“ . The author`s program for rhythmic plasticity for children of preschool age aimed at the physical development and strengthening of health.