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(about pathological fears)

Even before pregnancy (and in time - especially) I very actively visited the different sites devoted 9 - to monthly expectation. And most of all I like to read stories of mummies about how they took out and gave rise the kids. But there is such regularity - if which of women lay “on preservation“, then always conditions of “lying“ are described as the most awful. Many tell that they just ran away “on receipt“ (risking at the same time the and the child health!) escaping from bad living conditions and the boorish relation of medical staff.

When just you read to

such revelations, at most, pulls to regret got into a similar situation. But these “horror stories“ when you have to lay down in “pathology“ are absolutely in a different way perceived. So my response will be the first “informidable“ story which should be read to those who with doctors and hospitals are scared stiff.

Ya lay 11 days in office of pathology of the regional perinatal center with threat of premature birth (between doctors such state as at me, is called a uterus hyper tone). I got there when we were 33 weeks old, just in the last day delivery of session at institute. Before I was in hospital only once in one and a half years with some bronchitis - since those times, of course, I remember nothing: untamed, generally, person.

Lay, it is natural (otherwise why would be to write about all this?) not on protection and not for money, in accordance with general practice. Chamber - double, and in general on our floor were both 5 - 6 local, and one paid (too 2 - local) where just there were more decent plastic beds, there were blinds at windows and, apparently, the case - at us is only 2 beds and 2 bedside tables, well still the crane. Windows do not open, the socket one, near chamber - the office elevator (pregnant women to it did not admit on pain of death), which begins to go hours at 6 in the morning, and finishes closer by 12th night - a soundtrack corresponding. A toilet, as always, in other end of a corridor what we as a result were very glad to because in chamber smelled of nothing superfluous. Well, here so in general.

For the second day of my “lying“ switched off hot water. In all area! Rescued from moaning only understanding that there is no water not only in pathology, but also in all maternity hospital - you represent what to young mothers and doctors?! The whole week it was necessary to wash the head in neighboring hairdressing salons (by the way, thanks to it I got acquainted with very good manicurist and put the marigold in order!). And in the morning before testing all office amicably strode to a toilet with chaynichka and bottles of warm water - to be washed away.

By the way, about analyses. I apologize for such details, but as they say who gave birth, that will understand and who is not present - learns a lot of new. In how many ways in your opinion, it is possible to hand over urine? I know now - many! The first - usual OAM. It is handed over only at receipt, and then something is found and begin to be treated:-). Many sign and the analysis of Nichiporenko which should be handed over to almost sterile. There are still urine crops for what probirochka were given, as at a chemistry lesson. My neigbour in chamber managed to break the head over that, “as it is possible to get there?“ and then I advised it “to otpolovinit“ from a jar with Nichiporenko, the benefit that in a probirochka it is necessary literally slightly - slightly (there is a charm and that many tests at the same time are made). It is cool to hand over the daily volume of urine and daily protein. In the first case it is necessary to write days to a new jar each 3 hours (all 8 jars turn out). And in the second everything gathers in one 3 - a one-liter jar. The most cheerful for us was in the morning because the office of pathology is on the 4th floor, and laboratory - on the second. Here also you run 4 times with 2 jars because more in hands is not located:-). I was just lucky that I and puziko small, and have no pressure, and here it was just a pity for some women.

Once my analysis Nichiporenko to doctors was not pleasant to

, and they disposed that nurses took urine a catheter. It is extremely unpleasant because outside the nurse stretches everything that to enter this catheter, and inside it scratches. And that the annoying - without effect because shortly before it I already independently descended in a toilet. As a result bothered to scoff over me to the nurse, and she released me to make the test independently. Thank God, this time it turned out rather purely:-).

Daily routine the elementary. At 7 o`clock in the morning measure pressure and temperature, in 8 take blood (pieces of 5 different analyses too). Then is closer to 9 - a breakfast. Fed, by the way, not really, approximately as at almost forgotten school. But at the same time any restrictions for transfers from the house. Even in the middle of office there is the general refrigerator so we received dairy products rich with calcium in full.

After a breakfast - rounds and droppers. To me (for the first time in life!) put a dropper with ginipraly that provided 3, and even it is more, hour of lying on a back and slightly - slightly on the left side (in the left hand the dropper was put). If it is strongly good to eat before it, then tachycardia becomes a side effect - heart beats as at a birdie. Here then the nurse reduces a medicine stream, and the dropper stretches for some time. After hospital I in the left hand had 8 holes which so still (nearly a month passed) look as tochechka on a vein. Did, however, without special bruises, only one time did not get into a vein, here at once and the sinyachok from medicine turned out. And the first time in a tubule of a dropper appeared a vial of air. When medicine began to flow down, the bubble went down, and I all watched it also thought that will be if it gets into a vein. Nothing occurred because it crawled to the bottom and stopped.

the Lunch at us was at one o`clock in the afternoon, and then most of the people were free for visits of relatives. So I managed to take a walk both with mother, and with the husband, shirking a dinner (at 6 o`clock). But after a dinner and evening measurement of pressure by that to whom in the evening of droppers it was not necessary there was nothing to be engaged in general. As a result we brought the TV (also to look at the last series of “Clone“) in chamber and in the evenings watched it. Or drank tea with cake - too dragged a teapot from the house.

during one of such tea drinking me was unexpectedly taken away to do KTG (there were hours 11 nights). Probably, all day I walked, and for procedure I could not be found in any way. Generally, led me in a rodblok. Here where it is possible to be frightened! Here and beds with the grids and oil-cloth mattresses sagging to a floor, and a wall as at an entrance, just not ornamented... All right, all the same the maternity hospital on repair is closed soon, and to give birth I all - will be under the contract... Brought, connected to the device, and these “plateaus“ (which cling on a paunch) very much were pleasant to my kid - he right there began to kick them. And listened (a sound to us did not switch off, a rodblok - not the place for a dream:-)) at first the heart, then good such kick, and a heart is heard somehow hushfully as though the kid from the device turned away... Generally, told that the cardiogram good, advised to lie more (that the tone was not) and released.

In general in lying in hospital one big plus both for the doctor, and for the patient - an opportunity to make all tests which in usual time hands just do not reach is or the schedule is not joined. I passed also the therapist (to whom I from 8th week was sent and all it was impossible), and the spirogramma was made (it turned out that I all - have no asthma, at least, it not so threatens me how my mother and the allergist thought), by both an electrocardiogram, and dabs on an infection... Generally, a lot of things was in time!

the Only thing that oppressed me - feeling of some uselessness from all “lying“. In the sense that when in the dead of night someone in a corridor runs to awake the nurse and says that fights began, it very much upsets. Because to you at least a month more. And you do not wait any day that something will begin... Looking at the next windows of maternity hospital, strongly there was a wish to get exactly there because there - work, the birth of new life. And here - a krovatedavleniye. Also supervision women who were trained for childbirth worked every day (when term approached, and the neck of a uterus is not ready to childbirth, do different physioprocedures that it became softer, and childbirth began). I with my paunch and term was just lost against these “ships“. And the same thoughts - “here to it to give birth tomorrow - the day after tomorrow, and me...“

generally, wrote - wrote, and suddenly understood that told practically everything. And it turned out so a little... So if who has questions, you can safely set. And even continuation should be written. Though I hope that I will write continuation after maternity hospital. To wait - that remained absolutely not for long now:-).