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Feeding and new pregnancy of

With a situation when the feeding mother finds out that she is pregnant again, most often face families in which a small age difference between children. Most often, children are stair-steppers.


In our family it happened quite so. I learned about the second pregnancy, being actively feeding mother of the five-months daughter. To tell that I had a shock - not to tell nothing. In - the first, I was adjusted on long feeding by a breast. This process gave both of us pleasure. In - the second, doubts and alarms began to torment me. I wondered: what do I do now?

On myself I know

that the best means of fight against doubts is information. Its collecting, unfortunately, did not dispel my fears. All my familiar doctors were divided into two camps. One said that it is possible to feed further, others demanded to stop feeding urgently.

the Following stage of searches. And there I found the same inconsistent data. Nevertheless, a positive was nevertheless more. Here what is told by mothers who got up before the similar choice.

Elena, 28, mother Koli (4 years) and Elizabeth (1 g 2 months) .

When I became pregnant, Kolya was 2 years old. Pregnancy was planned. We with the husband wanted that children had not too big age difference. Fed the first 3 months of pregnancy. Milk from the beginning of pregnancy became as if less. The child had to suck longer to cause inflow. He gradually began to be lazy, passing to “nominal“ sucking.

U me severe toxicoses were both times. For me from three points “pregnancy-childbirth-the baby“, the most hard transferable - pregnancy. Morbidity of nipples was. Tolerant. Morally trained the senior: “You grow, milk at mother becomes less...“ The number of feedings itself was gradually reduced. In the end the child resorted to me in a bed only at daybreak, was put for about 10 - 15 seconds and all. And then ceased at all.

I Drink vitamins for pregnant women and feeding when I do not forget:-). And, of course, I try to eat well and variously. I try to avoid some drinks with caffeine.

Change of taste of milk was connected by

more likely with involution, but not with pregnancy. Milk became saltish as and it is necessary to it. Threat was not.

the Child was not ready

to an excommunication yet, and I am already morally ready to the second pregnancy. That is, I wanted not to tighten with the second, but also there was no wish to deprive of the child on this background necessary to it like feeding. And so everything ended very naturally and lovely. Now he quietly watches how I feed Lisa. Is not jealous of a breast. Itself does not ask because “I already big“.

Elizabeth Tribunskaya, 25, Irina`s mother (5 years), Tatyana (3 g, 8 months) Yuli (10 months) .

Became pregnant when 8 months were senior. Fed about its year - 4 months of pregnancy. No differences from feeding younger already without pregnancy are revealed. During feeding - pregnancy drank vitamins of Pregnavit, Materna. Sometimes lifted hemoglobin iron, but I badly transfer it therefore tried to do it more rare. During pregnancies practically I refuse meat and a bird, i.e. meat - fish is not more often than once a week, generally vegetables also.

of Threat was not, nipples very sensitive, from - for it and curtailed feeding, and that still would feed. Somehow a question to stop feeding did not arise. We feed about one year - such I had an installation, and I did not find pregnancy in contraindications to feeding.

Isaeva Darya, Vadim`s mother (3,5 years) and Artyom (2 years) .

the Age at the time of the second pregnancy of 29 years, to the senior child is 9 months. Fed about one year (that is 3 months of pregnancy), the behavior of the senior did not change in any way - ate all the time with pleasure. The mode of feedings did not change too - reduced the last month as planned to stop feeding.

of Feeling when feeding became sharply unpleasant at pregnancy emergence more likely at the psychological level. Morbidity was not, threats too (despite a seam on a uterus after the first Caesarian). Ceased to feed as there came the summer, the senior child often was at grandmothers, I worked also I itself wanted to finish process.

Vitamins did not drink

, ate fully.

Osipova Olga, 30, Yury`s mother (3 g 4 months) and Aleksandra (1 g 4 months) .

at the time of the beginning of pregnancy to the senior child was 1 year 3 months. Fed till 30 weeks of pregnancy. Separated because heard that it is impossible to separate in the summer (separated at the end of April). We were fed generally at night. With pregnancy approach the behavior of the senior child did not change. Ate everything that wanted. Accepted vitamins (Materna). Problems neither with pregnancy nor with feeding were not. Wanted to feed as long as possible.

A here still information for reflection.

Stimulation of nipples can lead

to reduction of a uterus and an abortion, or to premature birth. But the women weakened with not incubation threat are more subject to such risk. On the other hand, till 28 weeks of new pregnancy the uterus does not react to increase of level of hormone of oxytocin and to this term to feed safely.

Moreover, for several months of an active lactation the organism gets used to the increased level of oxytocin and perceives it as norm. And if mother has an opportunity to have a rest fully and to eat correctly variously, then such load of an organism in principle is normal. It is possible to remember that our great-grandmothers often continued to feed at approach of new pregnancy. In villages large families were norm and children were born one by one.

Present mothers have much lower immunity and level of health that is caused by life in the city and present ecology. Therefore if you decided to continue to feed, it is worth showing consideration for himself very much. Think over what household chores it is possible to refuse temporarily. If offer you the help, accept it. It is desirable to accept vitamins and it is good to eat, in the small portions and it is frequent.

Try to overcome in yourself sense of guilt before yet not been born kid. Can seem to you that it lacks nutrients as production of milk also demands big expenses of an organism. It`s not true. In the woman`s organism if only she does not starve, there are enough resources and for a simultaneous lactation and development of a fruit. Besides, a diet of the feeding and pregnant woman are very close. Priorities are placed so: at first to the kid growing in a stomach, then - in milk and that will remain - mother.

Ya decided to choose the line of least resistance. I listened to myself, to the feelings. It was time for daughter to enter a feeding up, her need for sucking gradually decreased. Approximately with 20 - y weeks of pregnancy I began to feel the short-term tension of a belly wall. But I felt the same also in the first pregnancy. This fact was not for me an alarm signal. Any painful feelings in the bottom of a stomach, any allocations - anything what could upset me I, thank God, did not wait. By itself the decision to feed before the childbirth, and to work further on a situation came. It was very amusing to feed Katya sitting at me on a lap and embracing my rounded stomach.

So, Rule first: balanced diet, reception of vitamins and frequent rest.

problems of the feeding pregnant woman of mother morbidity of nipples, change of taste of milk and reduction of its quantity can become possible. If nipples became too sensitive and painful, it is possible to try to change capture by the child of a nipple when feeding, that is to put a nipple in a mouth as it is possible more deeply and not to allow to change to the baby this situation. At change of taste of milk the kid, perhaps, itself will refuse a breast.

U me difficulties of a bit different plan arose. I had no hypersensitivity of nipples, but my daughter very much liked to stroke my breast during feeding that very much irritated me. I had to wear constantly a bra for feeding that the free breast was closed all the time and to put to the child in the handle the finger.

Despite change of taste of milk (it became saltish), the daughter also did not think to refuse a breast. And milk at me became even more, than before pregnancy.

Rule second: to make feeding process pleasant and the most convenient for mother, the child and the kid who was not born yet.

One more moment. If mother is not ready for the subsequent feeding of two uneven-age children, it makes sense to separate from a breast of the senior child even before childbirth. It is also important to consider age of the baby at the time of conception. Requirements 3kh - monthly and, for example, the one-year-old child strongly differ. If the child is less than six months old, and his main food - breast milk, it is necessary to watch closely a state of his health and increases in weight. The child to whom the feeding up is already entered needs to diversify it according to age and to gradually increase quantity of other food, than maternal milk.

of Mothers, decided on tandem breastfeeding, I dare to calm: milk in time and after the delivery under the influence of hormones passes a colostrum stage. Therefore the newborn in the first days of life will receive colostrum, so to it necessary, but not mature milk. There is also an opinion that involution at approach of new pregnancy begins not after execution of one and a half years to the child, and earlier.

If the situation critical, arises threat of pregnancy and it is necessary to separate the kid from a breast, sharply it cannot be done at all as threat of not incubation will be aggravated. It is better to think over the scheme of an excommunication together with the doctor and to consult at the specialist in a lactation. I read that it is necessary to continue to feed by all means and that the senior is not guilty that mother wants one more child. I can tell only for myself: I would try to keep the child. There is a danger to lose both the child and milk, but milk can be returned.

Rule third: an individual approach to a situation.

I Will tell

, than our history ended. To Katya was 1 years and 2 months when Masha was born. I secretly hoped that for a week of separation from me during my stay in maternity hospital Katya will refuse a breast.

When our family reunited, it became clear to me that it is necessary to be adjusted on feeding of two children at the same time. As it appeared, it is not so difficult. For convenience, I “allocated“ to each child “the“ breast. The first months after the daughter`s birth we fell asleep only this way: lying three together on a sofa. Perfect absence of jealousy between children was undoubted plus of our non-standard history. Everyone knew that I surely will give it the desirable.

Now to my children 4 and nearly 3 years. Feeding by a tandem continued slightly more than one and a half years. Having learned about the third pregnancy, I was adjusted on the second tandem in the beginning, but it did not turn out. Thus, the second daughter I separated from a breast when I had about 12 weeks of the third pregnancy.

Now at me already three children, to the kid are nine months, and I successfully nurse it. Everything developed successfully.

Ya I do not force an event. Everything is good in its season.

Yesterday already tried to send

, I do not know, it turned out, or not. I apologize if it turned out repeatedly. Yours faithfully, Zhenya.