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Long before sorts

Ya it is inclined to maximalism. And if I write about female health, then I mean: the woman has to watch herself very fixedly. Especially, if intends to get posterity.

So on this page you would have to see the whole list of doctors - from geneticists to neuropathologists, - who need to be visited before refusing contraceptives.

- it is not necessary to

, - Nina Zvonikova, the doctor of an office on not incubation and the specialist in prenatal consultation of the Center of planning of a family and a reproduction No. 3 told. - It is not necessary to try to discover in himself diseases and to intimidate itself.

According to the program of prenatal consultation without fail needs to be passed (besides the gynecologist, certainly) only the stomatologist, the ophthalmologist and the therapist. And the therapist will define whether it is necessary to direct you still somewhere.

the Therapist

Strangely enough, at prenatal consultation can find the mass of diseases about which she for many years did not even suspect in the woman: from heart disease before omission of a kidney.

It is important

in time to direct you to the expert and to treat.

Or, at least, to consider all features of a course of pregnancy at the available violations that will allow to minimize unpleasant feelings from toxicoses, hypostases and other allegedly “indispensable“ satellites of pregnancy. And, above all - to prevent a possibility of an abortion.

Even the most “strashnozvuchashchy“ diseases revealed at prenatal consultation will turn out

not such dangerous as you can be sent to specialized maternity hospital where just on such “problem“ all and is calculated. There are maternity hospitals for women with heart troubles, kidneys, with diabetes or with diseases of a thyroid gland... Generally, all problems are solved if, of course, in time them “prosech“.

the doctor always asks

At prenatal consultation whether the woman in the childhood had a rubella (by the way, very many do not know at all about what they were ill in the childhood) if he is not present - that the inoculation (during pregnancy of an inoculation it is impossible to do) as the disease of a rubella during pregnancy conducts to heavy uglinesses of a fruit is necessary. If the woman often has quinsies - it is a signal too: it the carrier of an enterovirus that also (if not to take measures even before conception) poses threat for a fruit.

of Migraine can mean nothing. And can be a symptom of autoimmune violations on closer examination. That is the woman cannot carry in herself anything the stranger - and will tear away the child. Placentary insufficiency and abortions, and sometimes - and dying down, pregnancy not development is possible. In this case purpose of special preparations on the earliest terms of pregnancy (of 5 days) will allow the woman to take out and give birth to the child normally.

the Stomatologist

it is better to pass

before pregnancy. And not only because in case of a twinge of toothache “then“ you should refuse a X-ray for the sake of future child. And first of all bad teeth are the center of an infection. And the pregnant woman it is perfect to anything.

Besides, as we know, “each child costs to

two teeth“ - and it is very desirable to get advice of the doctor and to poprinimat the necessary drugs after the delivery not to go to the prosthetist.


In general, anything awful... But if you have a progressing short-sightedness or other serious problems with sight, then can be adjusted on Cesarean section in advance.

the Office of prenatal consultation

Such is (at least have to be) in all city centers of planning of a family.

will bring together Here everything that to you in a card was written by the therapist, the stomatologist and the ophthalmologist, will appoint still a lot of analyses, will manage to coordinate all this to gynecology and to calculate prospects of your pregnancy.

Here here it is better for p to go together with the husband. Because if the woman should be examined long and in detail, then for clarification of “man`s“ problems there is enough one spermogram.

should not spend a lot of money for genetic researches at once (they at us only paid): in an office of prenatal consultation will solve is it necessary.


Before deciding on pregnancy, it is necessary:

to Make the general blood test and to consult at the doctor: most of women even before pregnancy needs to accept ferriferous preparations to avoid anemia.

to Make tests on hlamidiya, mycoplasmas, uroplazma. It is easy to recover from these infections, but if not to make it, they can lead to infertility, not incubation of pregnancy, death of a fruit.

to Study fluorography: tuberculosis walks over the country, and a X-ray during pregnancy (as, however, and pulmonary diseases, it is very undesirable). It is good to investigate not only himself, but also all who live nearby: husband, grandmothers, grandfathers... Who at you there still?

before the planned pregnancy should begin to take folic acid For few months and to accept it during the first trimester of pregnancy to avoid backbone pathology at the child.

to Survey a thyroid gland. And, even if everything is ideal, to pass to iodinated salt: the lack of iodine can harmful affect intellectual development of the child subsequently.