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The first Birthday of Sasha

we all family prepared For this holiday in advance and very much - very thoroughly - all - one year of times in life happens;) therefore we decided to try. Running a little forward I will tell that the holiday was successful wonderfully well, and none of us for a second regretted about the spent efforts and finance.


- napervo, of course, by pedantic mother made the plan - what and whom we would like to see as a result.


As a holiday at the child, the main guests became children (of course, with parents): 2 boys (both, by the way, Gosha) and girl (Alyonka), all approximately Sasha`s age-mates: Alyonka has a birthday on April 20, at one Gosha on March 20, and at another - on March 7 (all 2004).

Small retreat : with Lena, mother of Gosha whose birthday on March 7, our acquaintance happened at the beginning of 2004 and had fatal value. To begin with the fact that we concluded the contract for childbirth in one maternity hospital, with the same doctor Sasha was born on March 6 in 12 rodboksa, and Gosha on March 7 in 13, we lived in 406, and they in the 407th chamber, our husbands have birthdays with a difference in one day, plus to everything our children are very similar - before are similar that seeing Sasha`s photo, Len began to remember strenuously when they photographed Gosha in a dress :)

generally, the remarkable thought came to our mind: to celebrate birthday of Sasha and Gosha together. And as Gosha was born one day later Sasha, was decided to arrange a holiday on March 7.

And turned out that this day 2 children celebrated the birth at once :) About birthday eyes of Lena, Gosha`s mother - the birthday man.


Wanted suit to

something enchanting. Magic. Unforgettable - both for children, and for parents.

First that was acquired for decoration of the room, is a flag tape (for the lack of time ordered on the house - very convenient opportunity offered by firm).

Further we resolved by

an issue of the general dressing of the room. The main subject - of course, spheres. There was a strong wish a garland of spheres - on living room door perimeter, but also a set of air folgirovanny balls which would fly under a ceiling. Long and captiously studying offers in the market of exit service, stopped in Catering VIP firm, having ordered one week prior to a celebration all conceived registration on the house.

Besides global jewelry of the room we made which - that unforgettable: the one-page color newspaper (idea of Hewlett - Packard) devoted to Sasha (which each copy we spread out in effective silvery envelopes and distributed to each guest for memory), and also the wall newspaper which we hung up in a corridor (in addition on the wall newspaper there was “pocket“ in which we put leaflets and the handle - that each guest could write a congratulation to Sasha for memory (we plan to collect and bind these congratulations in one “book“ subsequently)). Lena (Gosha`s mother - the birthday man) made the wall newspaper too - devoted to Gosha.


Cake was ordered (too with home delivery) in the Workshop of miracles. Besides, there was a wish something unimaginable. Long chose, discussed, consulted and decided to order 4 - kilogram cake from whipped cream with fruit in the form of a butterfly on whose trunk it is written “Happy birthday“, and on wings “Sasha“ and “Gosha“.

Cake turned out smart! Both birthday men, and all guests were struck with its magnificence. Many thanks to Anna from the Workshop of miracles for professionalism!

the Candle in the form of an edinichka was one. When cake time approached, it was brought in a drawing room, and mothers with birthday men sat down on the opposite sides (according to the inscriptions “Sasha“ and “Gosha“). The candle was lit, and birthday men (by means of mothers) blew into it. A storm of applause was distributed. After that kids solemnly got into cake hands :)

the Table

of the Table per se was not - there were too many guests who could not take seat all the same at one table at the same time. Therefore we organized a banquet and - la a buffet reception that was very convenient and easy in respect of traditional conventions.

the Cultural program (games and entertainments)

We long thought how to have a good time on this holiday :) Children still quite small. They, of course, understand everything, but not so that they could be organized in any games.


as a result thought up the following: each child had to come in some suit (or with some “fancy-dress“ detail of clothes). It was sweet to watch at the little king Gosha (birthday man) who as soon as put on a cloak and a crown him, began to walk up and down on the room with a royal look, or at the princess Sasha - in an amazing dress and openwork socks.

still thought up by “game“ : each child (by means of parents, of course - ceilings at us high, and children at all desire could not reach) chooses from the balls flying under a ceiling pleasant to themselves, and the gift handbag with the “won“ prizes is applied to a ball.

Despite all simplicity of an idea, game turned out. Children were happy, parents too. Organizers - by itself :)


In general everything was very much and very well. Scenery, cake, the atmosphere - all. Children surprisingly behaved approximately and, despite crisis of the first year, almost did not cry and were not frightened neither adults, nor each other. All kids got balls and gifts, not only to birthday men. Mothers and fathers constantly removed children on a photo - and video cameras. to

the Main outcome of a holiday, of course, emotional return which did not keep itself waiting long became p>

. Having celebrated joint birthday of two kids, having invited a great number of guests, having decorated the room, we experienced so many positive emotions and pleasant memories that we decided to celebrate the following birthday of Sasha and Gosha together too: friends since the birth and on life, let it will be our good tradition!


was successful the Holiday wonderfully well!

Thanks to all who took part in our holiday!

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