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Thanks to girlfriends and pacifier of

Still when was pregnant with the kid, I precisely knew that I will nurse! I studied in magazines and the Internet all possible articles in support of breastfeeding and, appear, considered all mistakes and delusions. Very much confused me that in clinic where I was observed, after the delivery children lie separately from mummies and they are finished feeding mix! Long I hesitated, but decided - to give birth there. And I trust the doctor, and all convinced me that in 4 days milk will not get to anywhere.

Childbirth took place

well, but at the kid the alfalfa butterfly began, and doctors put it under a dropper for 5 days! Long five days to me it were not brought on feeding. The girlfriend Natasha (mother of three girls) advised me to take a milk pump in maternity hospital. And here in hours of feeding of kids I “was decanted“, fighting back tears, so I grudged my masik! There was few milk even after its arrival that again - is loudly told! Natasha`s council was sadly remembered to buy a milk pump with system for milk storage! To an extract I could decant 30 - 40 ml from both glands. The pediatrician told that need of a dokorm mix as on feeding 90 ml are necessary is obvious.

my mother has

no experience of long feeding by a breast and those 3 months it was decanted - I did not take a breast from - for a high fat content of milk. Therefore the prospect of a dokorm did not confuse her, and she advised me and not to delay chest feeding. “You grew up on cream of wheat!“ I do not blame mother, she lived in time, difficult for women (to come to work when to the child only year was executed!) . And I do not love cream of wheat as it became clear since the deep childhood! And from - for porridges at me of a problem with excess weight, and without sport to me not to live.

it listened to

Ya, but could not reconcile to the fate in any way. Internally I was indignant! The state of mind after the delivery does not dispose to an adequate assessment of the events. I allowed to convince myself that I really have not enough milk. I nursed, then finished feeding mix and in parallel read articles about bad consequences of early artificial feeding. Articles about feeding frankly irritated now with a breast which installed in me optimism earlier. Left them that those who do not feed nearly disabled people! The local pediatrician only threatened with a finger: it is necessary to nurse. No, to ask what not enough milk means? How many?

all would End with

with transition to full artificial feeding if not a case. We were 2 months old when we came on a visit to a family, in which three children, and mother so-called “naturalka“ (pampers does not recognize, nursed all till 3 years). The kid was with us and when feeding time has come, I took seat to feed, the husband prepared mix. Inga was indignant and explained that milk cannot be a little, just I incorrectly feed. Looked at my breast and told that so to look the breast in which there is not enough milk cannot! I.e. of food it is full! It if on hours to feed, then it is not enough and if on demand, then just right. Also forced me to feed this time only with a breast. The kid pokapriznichat, but soon reconciled that the bottle will not be, ate and fell asleep. I could not even imagine it! He slept 6 hours! From this day he eats only me, well sleeps and gets fat.

Ya it is happy! Girlfriends on snosyakh which knew my problem are surprised to a limit. I for them an example for imitation. Inga told, I was lucky that he did not refuse a breast yet and so easily forgot a bottle. Houses I studied a pacifier on a bottle more attentively: milk was squeezed out (did not flow!) a thin stream, precisely as from a juicy breast! This also rescued us.

Council to all mothers. Listen to the internal voice. To the nature. They will not bring you! Do not allow to convince yourself of unnatural! The kid needs only your milk. And you have it. And till that time so far it will be necessary for the child!

of Good luck!

P. S. I used a milk pump, a heater and small bottles of Avent firm. And the system would be useful for storage now! It is not advertizing, they do not need it.