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About a miracle and about the Bug. Part III


Hi, Bug!

So, me was carried out to office. At first in a small room put to do KTG. The doctor left, and I quietly dozed under knock of a native heart of my girl. The girl sometimes turned, but in general behaved decently. Then made ultrasonography, predicted the weight of 3,4 - 3,6 kg. Also took away in chamber.

the Chamber turned out

six-seater. It surprised me a little, I read that they in Sechenov triple. But the shower and a toilet were directly in chamber, there was a refrigerator and the TV, even the electric kettle was, and from 6 beds were busy only 3 (in couple of days all 6 were populated). I chose a bed at a window. Through a couple of hours understood that this bed additional, it was put that “living space“ did not vanish. And neither lamps, nor buttons of a call of the nurse carried out. But it then did not excite me, the main thing, I lie a little detached.

the girl Came - the intern, in detail asked how pregnancy (proceeded and what to ask, a card - that at it in hands!) about any diseases in a family. Sent to an accident ward. I changed clothes in house trousers and a t-shirt and went.

had to answer with

In an accident ward all questions about pregnancy, about sores again. Then to take a blood test from a vein (I do not remember any more why to them it was necessary). And with it I am lucky every other time, “as komarik will bite“, the vein cannot be found until slightly I begin to faint. Naturally, this time the vein “hid“, but the state was so excited that business did not reach faints.

Returned to chamber. Here two girls, that is mummies entered. To them just removed seams, and they discussed that how now life will become easier. And then brought them little ones to feed. Yes, in this office very often the beremeshka is not shifted in other chamber after the delivery so in one chamber both puzatik, and mothers can lie. And with us even then one girl on preservation lay. It is not sure that it is good, rest is necessary to it, and in chamber in twelve nights and at six in the morning bring the peeping children. On the other hand, for beremeshka a type of kids - pledge of that, as at them in couple of days everything will be also. Calms somehow.

At one o`clock in the afternoon the doctor called me in viewing, again tired out on a chair. You know, - says - in my opinion, you quietly enter childbirth. And what to it to tell me? The stomach it seems sips a little bit, but I got used to it already in recent days. I - that wait for fights, that is severe pain with breaks, will grab - will release as in books and on the Internet describe. And at me plays for all the time slightly - slightly, on monthly it is similar.

In chamber to sit - melancholy, I go along a corridor. I look at the watch: time is played, just the half-second. The doctor approached: “What at the watch you look? You note time?“ Not, I speak, just I look, what time is it now. He warned me that it should drive off for a couple of hours on affairs and that I called him on mobile if that. I to it, do not worry, I will not give rise. Called Vit, asked to bring magazines to esteem and drink something. It told that it will already approach to hours four.

Returned to chamber, found old “Is cosmopolitan“, I lie, I read. And the stomach hurts more and stronger. But I - that know that fights go with breaks! Than minutes through five, then is more often. And I have no breaks, so these are not fights. I try to doze, but uselessly. Through some time I understand that I cannot lie, painfully. It is advisable to resemble. I go along a window of chamber as a tiger in a cage. And slowly reaches me that hurts more and stronger, and that pain this really cyclic! That is, strong, is slightly weaker. And here such pauses when does not hurt at all, no. To Bor hours, I mark as long a mild pain. About 2 - 3 minutes turn out. About - a pas, I think, really it we so quickly give birth?


Vit, told that I did not come because I have fights, and I to it will not leave, and in it will not let without admission. Then learned that he nearly began to cry directly in the subway, became puzzled and went to seek consolation to my parents... Also I go further on chamber, I suffer, I breathe deeply, I lean on a window sill. That is doctors it is not aware. Ask why? Yes I Serzov read before childbirth! I think, now only tell doctors, they right there will seize me and will lay on a back, will paste over with sensors and will stick something harmful. While I can, so I will be silent. The first was not stood by one of mummies, called the sister from a post. But I told it that everything so far OK, so, the stomach aches a bit, but is tolerant. Told that I will call if that. And through some time understood what more to suffer there are no forces. Fights became rather strong, and the most opposite that there was no break when it would be possible to have a rest. Minutes two - and on new. Here I called the doctor, and pleased him with the fact that process went. I was told not to worry and not to go anywhere, he will organize everything by phone and will arrive.

I it was started turning. The doctor on duty came, it was convinced that I give birth. In a couple of minutes the sister was and from doors waved to me with an enema. Went to a small special recess. I did not begin to have a shave houses because I thought, suddenly before childbirth for a long time? Just took with itself the machine that most in a hospital shower to shave. In vain I am so. The sister did not cope with my machine and took, solid, Soviet period. Then I mentally damned Serzov and their councils not to be given to doctors. In usual Soviet maternity hospital such counters do not roll. I would call them earlier, me, sorry, the enema would be done in advance when I still could bear it. And the enema with strong contractions is not simply awful, but also is useless.

Then, and I went to the patrimonial box where I was waited by the midwife Katya. It laid me on a couch and connected the KTG sensor. I did not begin to resist: at the child was obvity so had no time for advantages of free position of mummy, it at the beginning it was possible to go while fights were weak. Here I perfectly understood, let is so more painful to me, but the child of danger cannot be subjected. At some moment I understood that I am not silent any more, and I groan, and is ready to cry. But thanks to Katya, she right there reminded me that it is necessary not to shout, and to breathe. And I began to breathe often - often at fight peak. Helped. Entered a needle into a hand - a catheter to which then attached containers with physical solution, anesthetic etc. It is very practical that not to prick every time and for itself not to drag a dropper.

the doctor Came, looked at disclosure. I to it: yes what disclosure, fights only began! And it to me - by the way, already 3 - 4 centimeters. That to Oleg Aleksandrovich`s arrival was full! I was delighted that though it is not similar to long childbirth, I strongly was afraid of it also from - for pains, and from - for the child`s obvitiya. Here I, by the way, did not sustain, and asked anesthesia. Very much it was not pleasant to me that I was answered how to the child: now, we will send the young doctor for promedoly to other office. Could tell honestly that else early, there will be a disclosure more - we will make.

Thanks to the Internet and books I perfectly understood that happens to me that is done by doctors therefore was afraid of nothing. When brought the vessel, I asked at once: we will open a bubble? And, having received the affirmative answer, calmed down. It was not sick at all, it is even curious. In general, in labor any distracting moment - a gift. Then entered promedol, promised that I will have a sleep. A little the head turned round and round, but a dream did not come. Just at last there were breaks between fights when pain almost disappeared, before breaks were practically not, just pain became more tolerant.

there Arrived Oleg Aleksandrovich, checked disclosure - 5 cm. Also expectation stretched. I groaned and breathed, at some moment even prayed, and the doctor and the midwife sat next, looked at the KTG monitor, talked. Me for a second did not leave one that is very pleasant. It was so sick that at some moment I, apparently, even asked about the help, but than here you will help? Consoled that everything goes very quickly, according to the doctor, with such fuse of five it is necessary to give birth. Sometimes I between fights found adequacy and even got into conversation with the doctor. Complained that the child was not born the fifth, in birthday of Bob Marley. Also heard: “Why to you the child - the Rasta? To smoke a nonsense?“ It is pleasant when the doctor - the person, the truth?

the fact that during fights someone tries to look at me all the time, the doctor, still someone Irritated with

. At some moment I even asked not to do it, but who listens to the patient? At last, the midwife asked whether I know how to make an effort. I, of course, read also about it, but decided that her explanations will be more useful. It appeared, the doctor will count up to three, and it is necessary to make an effort on three. The main thing, not in the head. But for the present it was not clear to me how to make an effort in principle. After a while it became clear, but still it was impossible, couple of fights had to be prodyshat.


At last, me it was told that we will make an effort now. The doctor sat down at me in legs and gave command. It seems, it turned out, and was not sick so any more. Then still. I was told that I do everything well. Still an attempt - and the doctor told that the head goes, is inserted correctly. Went to give birth.

Oh, horror! Rodzal and a chair - through a corridor! There it was necessary to reach still. It is necessary to tell that, despite speed of childbirth by the standards of doctors, on my inner clock passed already eternity, and I was very tired. Not, I speak, I will not reach there. And the doctor to me - where you, mother, will get to from us, it is necessary! And under ruchenk with the midwife I was taken away.

As got on a chair - I remember vaguely. Then made an effort again, but it was not sick any more, simply there was a wish that ended somewhat and somewhat quicker. It also brought me. At any moment I could not obey and execute commands any more, and did not manage to constrain attempts, though very much tried. Therefore, having given rise to the child`s head without gaps, I tore to an aunty`s coat hanger. But I did not feel it, it I was told already then. Probably, the doctor understood that it is necessary to work quicker, put a chair vertically and once pressed on a stomach. As I did not want it before childbirth! It seemed to me that it is wrong, unnatural. But from - for an obvitiya it was important to give rise quickly, the head already was outside. Therefore I do not feel sorry for a droplet about it, than to pose as the heroine and to do much harm to the child, it is better to offer the idea of ideal childbirth.

As the child slipped out, I did not feel, just at once the doctor lifted a small lump on hands and asked: “Well, mother, who?“ And I answered: daughter. I could not make out its sense, but it seemed to me surprisingly beautiful. I asked to put it to me on a stomach, but it was carried away at first to suck away slime, having asked me to wait a couple of minutes. From - for screens the baby`s cry reached. I asked whether we it is the answer was affirmative. So the first time instead of “I“ and “it“ absolutely unconsciously there was this amusing “we“ with which all mummies sin. Then the child put on such unusually - soft as if the blown-off stomach - and the child right there calmed down. The sister squeezed out her in a mouth couple of drops of colostrum. There was no strong wish to leave, but the child was taken away. Told what the weight 3510, growth 52, 8 - 9 across Apgar, obvity did not affect in any way - a hypoxia is not present. Birth time - 18:30.

the Placenta departed absolutely without serious consequences, the doctor considered it and told that everything is all right, but that now the anesthesiologist will come and it will sew up me. It was somehow wonderful: say to me that I have gaps, and I do not feel anything, is not sick at all. The cheerful uncle - the anesthesiologist came, fastened to a catheter on a hand the next bubble. Talked on a name for the child. And I was disconnected. It was unpleasant, then I was told that this anesthesia in general “glyuchny“ and heavy, all seems something, similar to the spaceship - bright fires, white walls. And was. Recovered on a wheelchair in a corridor, shakes, is shivering, hurts, sorry, “madam I sit“. The doctor with the midwife approached, asked, how are you. Honestly admitted that hurts. The doctor let`s me look, and I to ask that did not do it, there are no forces any more. Thank God, doctors of patients do not listen. Next day he told me that the internal seam gave a hematoma, from that and pain began. It was necessary to lull, embroider and sew up me on new again. I, naturally, do not remember it, only according to the story I know.

Regained consciousness on a wheelchair in a corridor, with ice on a paunch and covered with a warm blanket again. Was bad, everything ached. Then I was brought to chamber and laid on a stomach. Stuck whether analginum, whether baralgin and told to call, slightly that not so. I dozed is sensitive, woke up - and everything is all right, I feel perfectly, only weakness small. Took mobile and called Vit: “Hi, father!“ Then called parents, sent SMS to all friends, promising to call tomorrow.

Which - as managed to fall asleep, but about 12 nights I was woken by the doctor, having touched for a shoulder and having taken an interest as my affairs. I half asleep and still under the influence of an analgetic muttered that everything is good. He was surprised:“ Even it is good? Well done! And at me already following gave rise“. And then could not fall asleep plainly any more, remembered everything about childbirth, I could not wait to wait for morning and to see the child.


In the middle of night that from blood was blotted by a diaper under me, it is advisable to re-make. And I have no call button - that (you remember, a bed detached?) . To awake neigbours in chamber, looking for in the dark the button at them over beds, there was no wish. And I on all fours - on all fours, slipped from a bed, got into a dressing gown and on a stenochka went to a post in other end of a corridor. And there is nobody. Went back to chamber, groped - the call button. The sister on duty came, listened to my request, and told to go to a shower until it re-makes everything. I also obeyed her. She - that did not know about a double dose of an anesthesia and that I am already all corridor there - back crept! In soul I began to whirl the head, I quietly got out and slowly went through all chamber to the isolated bed at a window. Did not reach. Fainted directly in the middle of the room to horror of all woken-up neigbours. Right there recovered, rose, sat down on a chair, but remembered that to sit - that for certain is not necessary to me. And quietly reached a bed. Managed.

the Child were brought at half past nine by mornings. What it was pretty! Right there grasped a breast and a zachmokal though milk and was not still. The girl had no name yet therefore we with Vitya began to call her by the Bug. And, however, small such sweet Bug.

In general, with children`s office in Sechenov the situation is peculiar. That is there excellent doctors and the equipment, they specialize in hard cases, there is a reanimation etc. But supporters of free feeding and joint stay in this maternity hospital have nothing to do. Not only that children are carried on hours, so still nobody will show - will tell anything. Put the child in hands - and everything, do with her that hosh. All have the first child, nobody knows anything. Mummies suffer, and the child sleeps to herself and the breast does not take. Only will manage to wake up - take away the child, and then “Damil“ finish feeding. If the good sister gets - can show fast how to give a breast. Plus, requisitions on trifles. Mummy has to hand over a pack of pampers, oil, cream. Present, the child lies 4 days there, she needs the whole can of oil? And it is necessary to buy in tent in hospital where the prices are twice higher than city. - and it. It is not a pity, but better money would take, it would be more honest, and there would be a confidence that will better take care of the child.

then did not endure

Ya from - about the fact that the child separately from me: felt rather bad, seams hurt, weakness constant, there was a wish to recover a little, and an opportunity to have a rest for three hours between feedings only pleased. Then, I did not know about little ones anything, as if I coped with it if nobody teaches anything? Here if it happens to give birth to the second, then I will already try to find maternity hospital with joint stay of mother and child, but it is obligatory with hardware not worse. And still, I have to trust the doctor, and I trusted Oleg Aleksandrovich.

in general the impression of maternity hospital mixed and from - for children`s offices.“ Adults“ doctors and obstetricians there just remarkable, personnel sensitive and attentive, that on roreapers it is possible to shout, nobody heard. Otherwise as “Anechkaya“ in labor nobody called me (except the doctor, he preferred addresses like “mother“, but at him it very fine leaves.) Purity is ideal, the equipment excellent. Any modern “frills“ like childbirth in water etc., the Soviet classics, but at the highest level. Epiduralka is possible, but doctors dislike her and try to dissuade.

Four days passed

in maternity hospital as one. Visits there free (the admission is officially necessary and there are reception hours, and informally for a small bribe to the security guard everyone and goes at any time) so the next day I had all family, for the second day Vitya brought the camera, I removed the child, and it brought the device to parents to show, and still every other day the husband passed in hours of feeding and looked at the child himself.

milk was not visible to

For the third day how many I pressed on a breast. I got a fright, asked mother to buy mix just in case - to us tomorrow home, and suddenly milk will not come? And in general, it was sad and terrible, there was a wish to cry. Still everything was clear and how I will live further with the daughter? Neither milk, nor knowledge... At - at - at - at! Speak, for the third day it happens to all - there is no adrenaline from childbirth any more, hormonal reorganization goes so you see everything in such black light - there is a wish to hang.

during round complained to Oleg Aleksandrovich of lack of milk. The doctor laughed and speaks: “It you - that have no milk? Give - I will look. And it that it?“ And somehow so pressed on a nipple that milk scattered fountainlet directly to me in a face. What it was happiness! In the face of the amazed chamber the doctor splashed to me in a muzzle my milk, and I was filled in from a laughter. Two morons, huh? But depression it vanished as if by magic.

Still I asked

how so left that I arrived to them in the morning, and childbirth began at once? And the doctor, having smiled, explained that I already perenashivat, but he did not want to frighten me. At me as many “starorodyashchy“, had no elastic therefore childbirth did not begin at full capacity in any way fabrics any more in spite of the fact that a stomach played for all the time. And it during survey otsloit a fetal bubble a little - that became stronger to press on a neck and that began to reveal. And told nothing to me not to frighten. To the doctor, of course, thanks, I a couple of hours gave birth, without knowing that and keeping serene calm. But, on the other hand, it a little bit undermined mine to it confidence - if did not tell it, maybe, another time still what will make without my permission? Well is not present.

A on Friday were removed by seams, again took blood from a vein, this time it is successful (from the analysis at receipt bruise of week two descended, but it for some reason seemed real nonsense). Also authorized an extract. Pediatricians released us too, having told that there is enough milk, the Bug is absolutely healthy (except for the physiological alfalfa butterfly, but it is not an illness), vaccination is done. So I called the, and at five in the evening all arrived for us, brought to the daughter the most beautiful clothes. Could not wait to see somewhat quicker the Bug without pampers, without hospital diapers, and it was very terrible from that responsibility which on me lies now.

Here it happened to me a miracle. Miracle it was named by Sofya, and now with might and main smiles a mouth toothless for the present, there is enough toy and strives to gnaw, and I cannot imagine any more how it was possible to live without my sweet daughter. We still call her the Bug, and still the Worm and the Hamster. Cheeks the girl and the truth otjet homyach because a mother`s milk still its only food (fie - fie, not to maleficiate). Only, I think whether it will be boring for it to grow at one, without brother or the sister? It is necessary to work over it...