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About a miracle and about the Bug. Part II

the Beginning

Us two

So, I expect a baby, but I have a threat of an abortion. First of all - in a drugstore, for dyufastony, noshpy, a papaverine, vitamin E. Then home, and in a bed. But unless it is possible with such news - and home! Parents halfway from the subway to the house, I come to mother, I keep within on a sofa, I eat something tasty (hurrah, now it is impossible to keep to my eternal diets!) and we with relish discuss details with mother. Mother had no toxicosis, and at me is not present - good heredity, perhaps? And will not be any more, time till 7 weeks did not begin. The father also comes learns that he will become a grandfather soon. He did not even understand plainly, realized, probably, in a week, not earlier.

in the Evening for me Vitya comes, and on a porch of an entrance learns that he “at us will be spinogryz“. Crazy eyes. Then reaches. Cannot find words, some time we go silently, smiling. Then begins to ask on details.

From the house I call the doctor from institute of obstetrics and gynecology (I will call this institution just of Sechenov further, and that is long very much. By the way, someone knows this place how of Snegirev, it is right too. Institute of Snegirev at MMA of Sechenov. Only at us such counters happen), I ask for a hospital, and I learn that they are closed on a sink! The doctor transfers me to the husband Oleg Aleksandrovich as she goes in for gynecology, and he works in the second obstetric office so I - on its profile. We agree to meet on Monday. I am told to lie all days off if that - at once to call him.

we do

On Monday in Sechenov ultrasonography again, and it becomes clear that there is no hematoma, just small tone. The doctor with laughter sends me home, but speaks that continued to drink drugs, slightly that - called him on a mobile, and bed rest does not cancel. In a week I should repeat ultrasonography. And the sick-list cannot write out, they are officially already closed on a sink! I go to JSC Meditsina, I ask to write out the sick-list. And what? It appears, the very expensive insurance pays conducting pregnancy only about eight weeks, and I have 7 weeks and 5 days! So here to you, the girl, the sick-list for two days, and further - go to regional consultation.

Next day I came to regional ZhK. Turn on an hour and a half, all from puzika. And I too same, just my paunch is not visible yet! Inside everything shivers with happiness. The lovely doktoritsa has a look at pieces of paper with results of ultrasonography, on hospital, and speaks: “Well and that from that? Choi - that I has to trust some pieces of paper? All right on a chair if I am pregnancy and a tone I will grope then on the account I will put, and the sick-list I will give“. I to it - yes you that? I have a tone, what chair? I neither in Medicine, nor in Sechenov on a chair was not watched not to do much harm! I will not be given. And it - at us everyone should not do ultrasonography, you do not want on a chair - write refusal and go from where came.

I home Go, I nearly pay, and I talk mentally to the child:“ I to anybody will not allow to offend you, be not afraid! Still what, on a chair. We with you will break, we will think up something“. Told by phone to the fellow worker about it a hogwash from regional ZhK, and, to my great simplification, got permission not to appear week and without sick-list from the chief. It is necessary to tell, at us is in general the attitude towards employees quite human, it is always possible to leave if it is necessary and to be ill one or two days without piece of paper not a question too. But I did not think that the whole week it is possible not to be, here and was nervous in vain from - for the sick-list of this unfortunate.

In a week repeated ultrasonography in Sechenov. Everything is all right, the embrionchik grew up, but the tone is. I receive good on appearance at work, but with the reservation: any shake-ups, physical activities to have a rest more, whenever possible lying. And in a month to be on survey. We with the doctor choose such scheme of conducting pregnancy: I get registered in regional ZhK, there free of charge I do all analyses, weight - I measure pressure, and I receive an obmenka. And he watches me once a month, in Sechenov we do ultrasonography and KTG (there the equipment - that is better, than in ZhK) if that else it is necessary over usual - too there. Plus, I to it can and has to call with any question at any time even if my heel itches, and I worry whether it influences the child. However, I used it only one or two times for all pregnancy, inconveniently it seemed person to pull.

I here I understand that I practically know nothing about pregnancy, childbirth, children etc. To me - that everything seemed - time is, here I will begin to be treated for infertility then I esteem. It was necessary to rush urgently in bookstore, and then from work to get out in the Internet. Actually, the Internet both helped out me all these months and helped not to panic, understand doctors, to ask the necessary questions and to do right thing irrespective of medical recommendations. By the way, I can only advise all: read! Read everything that you will find, do not follow advice of doctors blindly! Recheck everything, ask questions in different the Internet - consultations (answers happen opposite!) . About pregnancy it is possible and to read in books, but the Internet and magazines give much more modern information, books often outdated come across or western, calculated on their public health system. Here where knowledge - force, so it during pregnancy and childbirth. Doctors of patients have tens, they also can forget something and mix, and you at themselves one. I from experience know it, see below.

I Go to regional ZhK, I get registered. On a chair it is possible for me now so everything goes without problems. The same vrachikha is quite lovely and polite. And here you are - the first analysis reveals the raised leukocytes, means there is an inflammatory process! I make tests on various sores, part in KVD, part in JSC Meditsina. With Medicine in general a trick. I decided to pass experts there that not to take coupons in ZhK and in turns not to sit. As the insurance does not pay pregnancy, all doctors, except gynecologists, amicably begin to deceive insurance company! That is, for aunts - the therapist, the oculist, the stomatologist, the infectiologist the pregnant woman - a reason for delight. They examined me completely, and wrote to insurance that at me ORZ (therefore the electrocardiogram should be done) that I have a herpes on a lip therefore blood test on antibodies should be made etc. And here to gynecologists the pregnant woman - is not a new experience. Therefore when infections found in me, they honestly told - an insurance it is not paid, it would be necessary in a hospital, under a dropper to lie down for an immunity raising, but we cannot. Go in regional, there let you treat free of charge. Capitalism, pancake. And in regional about such droppers had also never heard, it for them too abruptly.

Yes, of an infection all - was found. And, the whole bouquet - an ureaplasma, antibodies to herpes and TsMV. The description on the Internet slightly did not bring me to a faint. All these baddies can lead to an abortion and diseases of a fruit, and it is impossible to treat them in the first trimester! I roared on a shoulder at Vitya, without understanding from where this rubbish undertook! We both were healthy, I handed over dabs on planned survey few months ago, and everything was purely, and at it too all right. Vitya`s reaction:“ Time it is necessary, we will be treated, and you cannot go into hysterics. Everything will be remarkable. What now a difference from where what undertook? We each other did not change, but we are adults, and to our meeting we had other partners so everything could be. And with pregnancy it was shown“. God you mine as I was grateful to him for these words! Those who read the first part of my story, know how in a similar situation my first husband arrived, and even without having been sure that the sore also really exists!

Means, it is necessary to think structurally and to be treated. Well, herpes and TsMV at me were never shown in any way, class G antibodies. Means, I am just the carrier, once, maybe, and was ill, without knowing that, but now everything is quiet. Here I mentally rugnutsya once again to the ex-husband. And from where at me to this beauty to undertake? And he was treated for herpes, I know it. All right, the main thing, it is necessary to treat nothing here, it is enough to maintain immunity by Viferon that there was no outbreak of an infection during pregnancy. And an ureaplasma it is possible to treat only after 12 weeks. In ZhK the doctor speaks - neo, after 16 we will treat.

In 14 weeks I go to the doctor to Sechenov. He looks at analyses, and speaks: hogwash. About herpes and TsMV I was right, it is told to forget and to do nothing. And from an ureaplasma to drink Sumamed, me and the husband. And me then Diflucan that the milkwoman did not develop after an antibiotic. I drink, in a month control dab - everything is OK. The most ridiculous, in regional ZhK the doctor about an ureaplasma FORGOT. When I came to 16 weeks, she also did not remember that it is advisable to treat this rubbish. And the fact that leukocytes suddenly unexpectedly appeared normal? Yes she also did not notice! So in ZhK also did not know that I and without them recovered. And if I did not go to Sechenov? What would be?

It is fine

, doctors in ZhK were messed up more than once. That is they measure the weight and pressure well, will tell nothing. And on bigger there is nothing to count. They a noshpa prescribed me, cancelled, and about such medicine as giniprat even did not remember. If in Sechenov to me he was not prescribed, hardly I would inform of the child. The sex of the child was not defined. Analyses turned out with leukocytes, pure, in general were lost. In the third trimester I had colibacillus and a gardnerella (to the pool usual resembled), but they did not learn about it - cystitis and cystitis, there are no allocations it seems, drink kanefron and a bearberry. And to make analyses - it was necessary to go to Sechenov, there and treatment was appointed. Moreover, on ultrasonography in ZhK did not see obvity umbilical cords. If I gave birth only on their obmenka, everything could end not so successfully. From there is my conclusion: to be observed in two places - a quite good way to be insured from medical misses. But demands time, forces and nerves, especially if one of places - regional ZhK. ZhK suits only for ideal pregnancy and who can be sure that everything is ideal? On the other hand, I though did not carry a jar with urine through all city in the mornings, and on an empty stomach took a blood test not on other end of Moscow, and all this crap, the HIV type and syphilis, was in 5 minutes of driving from the house.

to the Doctor from Sechenova Oleg Aleksandrovich Ostroumov separate thanks for a positive spirit. After communication with it any sore seemed nonsense though if it is honest, I was a little strained by constant jokes - pribautochka and frazochka of type “jump on a chair“. Running forward, I will tell that after the delivery I already could with it more - to talk less adequately, and during pregnancy was slowed down, looked cow eyes and, probably, looked the full cretin.

Everything, will be enough about sores, it is time about life with the child. The summer past quickly, I did not go on leave - decided to keep it “on after the delivery“. At work it appeared “the companion fortunately“, Natasha at the next table became pregnant for 5 weeks later me. We began to chuck in slowly work, to come to 11 and to leave in 5, to go to have dinner to cafe, to long discuss our beremchaty problems, type, where to buy the next trousers: in Suites - Mother or in Mothercare. The women`s collective to us only be touched. I slowly ceased to perceive pregnancy as something exclusive and began to give an easy time to myself. If at the beginning refused flatly coffee, then now drank a cup without caffeine in the mornings. If bothered to eat cottage cheese and yogurt, went to McDonald`s (yes, it is malicious, but only several times for all term!) . Was able to afford to take a sip at Vitya from a glass to steam of drinks of beer.

A still very much wanted that grew rather puzik that all saw what I happy, not just thick, and the pregnant woman! In advance rummaged in the Internet, looked to herself for clothes. Weight grew very quickly, I and so was always Kolobok (67 kg with a growth 163), and here as went to gather on one and a half - two kilograms a month! But all this looked quite organically.

In 16 weeks I began to listen - suddenly will move? Everything read descriptions of other beremeshka, there was a wish to understand what it will be similar to. It turned out - on anything! It was an easy shchekotaniye, but I understood at once - here it! In the evening, lying on a bed, felt again. To twist, I speak, apparently, we move! Vitya was thrown by an arrow to a paunch, it was necessary to explain with laughter that he will hear outside of nothing a few months more.

in several weeks the child moved with might and main, usually at work after a lunch, it was necessary to lean back on a chair and reclining to wait until the trifle plays enough. Well and in the evening, of course. There is nothing more with pleasure than these minutes when you lie and listen to the little man in yourself.

waited for

of Analyses of AFP / HGCh with an easy shiver. How many times damned herself for the fact that smoked and drank wine in the first seven weeks! I did not know that I can become pregnant. And suddenly with analyses something not so? What then? But managed. Besides, results in ZhK are ready to week to 20 - y when to repeat analyses already late, and it is impossible to judge by the single analysis. So hardly I would begin to undertake something, it appear they not as it should be.

A in 20 weeks on ultrasonography I was told that it is similar to the girl, but it is necessary to wait, on such term still it is possible to be mistaken. In 24 weeks of doubts did not remain - it is a zainka! I all life wanted the daughter, and Vitya too! As we rejoiced! And though we are people not superstitious, decided a name not to choose yet, not to buy things, all we will be in time after the delivery.

at the beginning of October suddenly was called by the ex-husband. It needed my signature on the tax declaration for 2003, and he refused to forge it, suggested to meet. Here I found out that not just the woman, and “the woman - the bitch“ that it will be pleasant to me to look at his face when he sees puzen. Also went to buy to herself in Suites - mother velveteen trousers. Expectations were met - the person of former a lot of things expressed. He - that thanks to the parents considered that I cannot have children. And I lovely chirped, smiled, went to have dinner with it as though nothing occurs. Then joyfully discussed this episode with girlfriends.

By the end of fall I so got used that I have a small tone and all the time sips, the stomach strains that ceased to pay attention to it, though continued to drink giniprat. And correctly made that stopped thinking about they are it became easier to live at once. I went to the pool, visited, worked. The pool if you remember, did not bring to anything good - in a month cystitis began and found colibacillus and a gardnerella. But came to a form a little. So if who wants to swim for a while - are not lazy, reach special pools where with beremeshka and children are engaged - there water is much more carefully controlled. To me to go there it was far, here and it doplavatsya in “Manpower reserves“.

it was Very pleasant to p to be the pregnant driver. It was necessary to see eyes of men when the woman, and the woman with a huge paunch gets out of Opel which just accurately parked the back in a small hole not just! Probably, thought in fear: “And IT still goes on roads!“ GAI officers, besides, checked documents surprisingly quickly and inattentively, aimed to release me somewhat quicker...

Hospital to me in ZhK was put off in 30 weeks as under some unknown law it is necessary. As I persuaded, the vrachikha refused to delay this business. Well, it is clear: if what, from it will ask why it home did not set me, and to whom hunting to bear responsibility? But at work everything was understood, and we agreed that I work about New Year, and then I leave not in April as in the sick-list it is specified, and at the end of May.

In November Vitya issued all - divorce (there the trouble with documents was, he is a citizen of Ukraine, and at former his registration not in Moscow so red tape was nemeryano). So I on the seventh month married and as wanted always: without magnificent wedding, only the family, and the bride not in a dress with a crinoline, and In TROUSERS!!! In light-beige velveteen trousers with a gentle embroidery, with a soft pocket for a paunch. Imagine - Saturday, solemn registration, a full registry office of brides in crinolines and from prichesona, and here such Kolobok slides! And why is not present? Why beremeshka with big terms often refusalyvatsya from solemn registration and prefer to undersign quietly on weekday? What, the pregnant bride does not deserve a holiday, perhaps? And next day we invited the friends in bowling to celebrate this event. In total - in a wedding not for the first time moreover and with a paunch, there are advantages: nobody expects from you performance of all conventions, it is possible to do everything as you want.

hare in a tummy was pushed with

By winter from all forces, sometimes is even a little sick, but as it is pleasant! Turned with a side sideways. And here suddenly on you: on ultrasonography it became visible single obvity umbilical cords. I got a fright outright, but KTG showed that the blood-groove is normal, with the child everything is good. Since then I very sensitively listened to stirs of my girl, knowing that if she suddenly ceases to move, it is necessary to fly a bullet to hospital. But managed. In ZhK obvity, naturally, did not see, but I am with them by then and ceased to talk: pressure was measured? Weighed? Everything is excellent, thanks, to the following time. When to me advised to drink there Inosine “to feed up the baby“ which already weighed more norm and felt perfectly, first of all called the doctor from Sechenov. Also heard:“ Do not argue with doctors from ZhK. Tell lies that you drink and to you luchshat directly in the eyes“. But it was not necessary to lie - at the following visits to ZhK about Inosine nobody remembered.


that now precisely it is time on courses for pregnant women. That is I solved earlier, but everything somehow time was not, or it was necessary to wait for group. Well, in 30 weeks I went to trial occupation in the Pan-gay. The center very much was pleasant to me, the relation - super, but... For occupation I did not learn well new anything! I already read all this, a lot of things for my term were already late. And still I understood that I can not depart all course, give rise before its termination and not hear the most important - actually about childbirth. Did not begin to go - communication to me and at work was enough including with pregnant women, and more nothing had to be expected from these courses.

was met New Year cheerfully, at first with parents, then went to friends. I, naturally, driving - all the same do not drink. To us all the time someone came to holidays on a visit, but I not especially strained, all understood that it is not necessary to expect dainties from me on such term, and rejoiced to beer with chips. And after holidays I understood that not for nothing give the sick-list on late term. I weighed more than 80 kg, it was heavy and painful to me to go, at night was not fallen down, the child turned so that heels stuck out of my sides. Still I remember night slezaniye from a bed for a campaign in a toilet with shudder. All the same I walked on an hour under any weather conditions, but what works it costed me! Driving I still felt myself not bad, but it became difficult to get out of the car. In the end the child so pressed that it was sick to turn with a side sideways in a bed, without speaking already about to sit down or rise from it. And as it was necessary to rise in a night more than once, nights turned into real torture. Where to have a rest and gain strength before childbirth there!

I Will tell

honestly, I very much was afraid of childbirth and pain, but did not allow herself to think of it. Eventually, I will not die of it? Well and that that I always dreamed of epiduralny anesthesia? I not really believe that in our country it was already learned to be done qualitatively, and there were no wish to risk. I did not think to pose as the heroine, and, despite the read book Serzov and a consent with them in many questions, was not going to refuse anesthesia.

At some moment me it became a shame to

. Because suddenly I was frightened not of childbirth, and what will be later. I know nothing about children! I am not able to treat them, I had no brothers - sisters. Moreover, I should change all my life, I will not be able to sleep in the mornings during week-end, somewhere to go to have a good time etc. Perhaps it and not really beautiful thoughts, but unless they never came to your mind?

From work were called nearly every other day. And though to PDR (on February 5) time still was in good voice, all with amazement got me a question when I at last give rise. Terrible blizzards began, Moscow rose in traffic jams. Here my mother began to panic. It began to lament that I will begin to give birth and I will surely get to a stopper, we will go from us to Pirogovka of hour three, and I will give rise in the car. Persuaded me to lay down in maternity hospital. But I rested - I do not want in maternity hospital ahead of time! I want to arrive with fights there, and they me will take that day two and will stick oxytocin for stimulation that in vain did not occupy a bed!

U me was constantly pulled by a stomach bottom, but I knew that it is normal. Training fights were constantly, but they not so painful, strongly the stomach, and all just strained. Several times I thought - here it, it becomes more sick. But everything calmed down, and expectation began again. I collected a “hospital“ bag, printed out the list of things which should be bought for the child until is at home me, and gave to the husband. I already went once a week to Sechenov, ceased to go to regional ZhK. Told that I go to hospital to wait for childbirth. Took the word.

At last Oleg Aleksandrovich told

that on Monday February 7 I was to it on survey already just in case with things. Like, if again nothing occurs, will go home and if I decide to put you that behind things not to be wound. In the morning on the seventh of February the father came for us, Vitya with mother went just in case too - suddenly me will put? At 9:30 we were at doors. Vitya said goodbye to me and left for work, promised to arrive by the evening. The father with mother remained to wait in the hall.

Oleg Aleksandrovich looked with

at me on a chair - during survey on gloves there was blood. What, I tell, really the stopper departs? He answered nothing. Left an office - the doctor speaks:“ You know, the reluctance to me to allow to go home you. Suddenly that? Back you will go through all city, perhaps? Let`s you make out“. Took from parents a bag with things, said goodbye, and the doctor took away me in office. Fear it was not perfect - I not to give birth went, and to miss in hospital waiting. It is a pity only, forgot to take magazines with itself.

Then I did not guess yet that washing pregnancy, actually, already ended.

Be continued.