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Leisure with children (part 1) of

Suddenly someone`s ice heels touch your stomach warm half asleep, and the delightful Sunday somnolence is finally interrupted by a ringing voice: “And where we will go today?“

the Kid patiently waited for the hour of triumph all long week, and now we should - say goodbye to dreams of cozy day in a dressing gown and slippers in front of the TV, to reconcile to a lung (or not really) a disorder in the apartment and to postpone until the best times a campaign for the ware market.

Only... where to us all - to go? If weather good, is the simplest to go where - nibud to the nature. While children still absolutely small, you do not get too far, kids will have enough impressions and in the forest park, next to the house. The will be more senior to become the child, the further and more difficult there can be a travel, it is only better to prepare for it in advance. If you drive the car, stock up with the detailed map if by an electric train, it is worth learning a train schedule, to think over a route so that it was not necessary to walk long on the settlement or the dusty highway, to be wild about an electric train by bus;“ some five stops“ will seem to your already priustavshy kid eternity.

Separately should think how you will entertain children on the way, in way they will not begin to look peacefully in a window at all, having provided to you to read the newspaper. It is possible to think up pass - a performance for finger-type puppet theater (dolls make of fingers from a glove, embroider with it faces threads or just draw and paste). And what if to arrange small circus representation? It is not necessary to be Kyo at all to entertain simple focuses of kids. If there is a desire and neighbors in an electric train do not object, stage a contest of singers and if to take with themselves the tape recorder and cartridges, it is possible even to play in “guess a melody“. Different games with words are suitable for the road, there is a lot of them, and their descriptions can be found in books. Tiny magnetic chess or checkers, felt-tip pens and an album, the new book or the collection of crossword puzzles will help to brighten up a way to kids is more senior. In the big company it is very cheerful to play “bouts-rimes“ or “chinese whispers“. In a word, all means if only painful travel did not spoil all pleasure from walk are good.

do not hope that the child will share your delights concerning beauty of the primitive nature, you should not count also that you will manage to luxuriate peacefully on the beach or to thoroughly posobirat birch mushrooms. As you, most likely, infrequently get out to picnics by all family, use this successful case to gambol all together, it is much more cheerful and more pleasant, than to straighten out constantly the little savages, with cries treading the remains of green plantings and preventing you to absorb beer with shish kebabs.

Carefully think over the program of games, entertainments, actions and small madnesses. Besides traditional air mattresses, rackets, flippers, skis and skewers take with yourself a compass and teach kids to be guided by districts. It is possible even to try to arrange small sports orientation competitions between the “mother-Petya“ and “father-Rolling“ and “absolutely incidentally“ commands to find a fantastic treasure in a ravine.

Having shown a little patience and imaginations, you can make simple masks of improvised materials and play in real time fairy tales about Kolobok, Zayushkina an izba or I Wave also the Bear. And whether long ago, mothers and fathers you visited the parking of Indians? Also do not remember when last time? Then let`s get down to work! Start all family a wigwam construction, you pile up a totemic column, cook onions and arrows and, having executed ritual dances, go to a jungle to hunt a grizzly.

On the beach can build the real sandy lock and to inhabit it the knights and ladies molded from clay or cut out from bark or to arrange in the superficial safe town of race on circles and mattresses. Do not forget to stick together snow fortress in the winter and to take it storm, hold a competition of snowmen and competition in figure skating on the sledge. Well, and if you got out to the country to Easter, Christmas, the Trinity or the Annunciation, surely play with children ancient ceremonial games (their descriptions are in special books).

Many parents seek to use Sunday walk for carrying out educational conversations, checks of oral lessons or just endlessly straighten out kids. Do not do it at all. Leave at home the diary with the two and not learned English words. Teach the baby quietly better to watch a little squirrel or a wagtail, listen to a murmur of a stream and knock of a woodpecker, show to the kid, herbs and tell for what they are necessary. Or remember ridiculous history from the childhood, children often do not even guess that the father and mother (and furthermore the grandfather with the grandmother!) too were small, and to us a lack of time to tell everything to them about it.

Going to picnic by the big company, take care of that there were peers of your child. It is worth discussing in advance not only the menu of “a breakfast on a grass“, but also games which you will play: the children provided to themselves outdoors tipsy adults in the company by all means will get into some troubles.

If to your children more than five - six years, it is possible to combine a trip on the nature with visit of the suburban museum. Go to the memorial estate on the suburb of Moscow: to Tsaritsyno, Ostankino, Kuskovo, by the subway is easy to reach there, and magnificent parks where it is possible to gambol in plenty are located around. (If you live not in Moscow, in your city or near it for certain too there are such museums).

Should not go with small children for organized excursion: it will become for certain boring for them and they will quickly be tired and will disturb all. Read a couple of guides better and become the guide. Children very much like to listen to stories about that time when they were not yet. To kids curiously and terribly at the same time: how it could be what they absolutely were not anywhere? And what then carried? Where slept? What children played? Here also tell the kid that you will go on a time machine to far - far times when the grandmother`s grandmother still was small (if at you remained photos of ancestors, surely show them to children). You should not focus attention on historical and cultural events of an era, the kid will hardly understand what he there is a speech about. And here to learn how the ancient house what “-long ago“ stables were davny, ovens was arranged, toys as people did without water supply system, the TV, machines and computers it will be very interesting to it. If in the museum it is not too crowded, it is possible to try to play. For example, you will be an ancient girl, and your daughter - the guest to whom you show the house. Remember what heroes of the read books could live in such house (for example, Alyosha from “Black chicken“, Nikita from “Nikita`s Childhood“).

If to the kid it is pleasant to p, it is possible then to try to build the model of the ancient house, park or crew, to draw and cut out ladies and gentlemen in suits of the last century and to organize a ball or hunting with hounds, an invited dinner or a lesson of riding for these dolls.