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Aromatherapy in children`s practice. Part 1

For the baby sense of smell is a foremost and major source of information on world around, one of ways of communication with mother. Aromas promote intellectual development of children, their logical thinking and the speech, stimulate memory and help development of imagination. Besides, gentle aromas well influence mood of sensitive children, doing them cheerful and cheerful.

in a number of the countries for children are done by aromatic toys and books. It is scientifically proved that the baby feels smells better, than children of more advanced age and adults, and perception of aromas at them much more sharply since they feel them without any prejudice.

Use of the essential oils (EO) in student and medical teaching is very reasonable

. However it is necessary to consider features of a children`s organism and to observe a number of restrictions. It is necessary to consider also that the olfactory analyzer gets tired much quicker, than at the adult therefore, at application of an aromalampa it is necessary to reduce time of its burning at least twice and to reduce the quantity of drops which is usually used for adults. You have to understand that the child is not the adult in a miniature.


about application of an aromatherapy in children`s practice, especially it would be desirable to emphasize not only qualitative, but also quantitative structure of mixes (mixes) for children. And especially the first year of life, their physiological state will define all their further life. Be exact with dosages! Each excess drop can bring not benefit, but harm. If you incidentally dropped bigger quantity of drops of EM than it is necessary, it is possible to restore a proportion necessary for you, having added a basis (basic oil, water, alcohol, etc.) .

Before starting recommendations about use of essential oils, I want to warn parents that or you do everything that you give to the child for prevention or treatment, it is possible to do only after you were influenced previously by oil and also when the child is healthy also in good mood. Be convinced that the child has no allergic reactions or some rejection. Why? Because it is necessary to know precisely that this or that means will not aggravate a situation during an illness.

Parents, know, signs of intolerance of any substance are expressed not only emergence of rash, developing of an itch, reddening or a swelling of skin, but also an otdyshka, difficulty of breath, an asthma attack; or emergence of perspiration, pulse increase, violation of a warm rhythm; or a headache, dizziness and noise in ears.

Should tell

that I had to observe all listed reactions, but by detailed consideration of a situation in actual fact almost always it turned out that the counterfeit is guilty of all, i.e. what unfair producers or semiliterate sellers tried to give out for oil.

At the choice of oil for the child should go only (!) to a drugstore. There - the highest standards of selection of the range that allows to observe all requirements to storage conditions of oils, on them is an expiration date. I trust only essential oils which are made and spread at the plants working on GMP - to standards (for example, Bergland, etc.) . If the producer dares to realize oils both through drugstores, and through household shops, booths of doubtful character located in bathing establishments, then it is necessary to refuse use of similar oils at once.

Knowing properties of essential oils, you can apply them to prevention and treatment of many children`s “sores“: when processing skin and an umbilical cord of newborns, for massage, for simplification of a state at a teething, tummy pains and cold.

Besides EM properties, it is necessary to understand also on what bodies and systems the main loading at their metabolism will lay down; it is necessary to know also about physiological features of the child of this age. Besides, the hormonal activity of some components of EM which is actively studied today, certainly, cannot but exert impacts on the growing organism, and further to become the reason of some violations arising at the person who already became to adults.

oils which are not applied at children`s age to drawing on skin at all Are! It, first of all marjoram, camphor, cinnamon and some other.

I Want to place also emphasis that for parents of kids of the first year of life the non-interference policy has to be the basic rule. What do I have under it in a look? If there is no need, it is not necessary to smear the child with ointments, oils, to strew with powder, to wash with soap, etc. The advertizing spreading to us similar things the main task puts sale of goods, but not requirements and health of your child!


B to the table given below specified the age, ways and average (preventive) dosages applied in an aromatherapy to children.

From the birth till 2 months 1 drop of mix of essential oils on 30 ml of oil - bases;
1 drop on a full children`s tray
From two months before half a year 2 - 3 drops of mix of essential oils on 30 ml of oil - bases;
1 drop on a bathtub
From 6 months to 1 year 3 drops of mix of essential oils on 30 ml of oil - bases;
2 drops on a full bathtub
From 1 to two years To 5 drops of mix of essential oils on 30 ml of oil - a basis;
2 drops on a full bathtub
Since 2 years to 5 To 8 drops of mix of essential oils on 30 ml of oil - a basis;
3 drops on a full bathtub;
1 drop of mix on 200 ml of liquid when rinsing

In the second column the specified figures of quantity of drops needs to be commensurated not only with age, but also with build of the child, his weight and the constitution.

you already paid attention that in an aromatherapy it is accepted to use mixes of essential oils, but not one. It is connected, first of all, with unique synergetic properties of these products. It means that when mixing one oil with another their biological activity increases several times i.e. if you want to achieve any effect of one oil, then it is necessary to use 30 drops and if you mix it with another (similar on action), only 2 - 3 drops of mix are required that, eventually, it is much more favorable.

as oil - bases in children`s practice use almond oil or almost identical to it on structure apricot. Also oil extracts (matserirovanny oils) of a calendula and St. John`s Wort are very good for care of children`s skin. Natural vegetable oils well nourish skin and render favorable effect on all organism in general. it is desirable for p to Begin with

aromaterapevtichesky procedures not earlier than 2 - x week age, with the body weight of the child not less than 2 - x kg. At such early age it is possible to use a lavender and oil of a camomile.

If the kid had intertrigo, attritions, then it is possible to prepare mix EM of a camomile and a lavender which in equal quantity need to be mixed in a pure empty bubble, and already from there to take 1 droplet of mix on 30 ml of oil - bases or 100 ml of water, and then to process problem places.

air 7 aromatization - yu a cap before going to bed will help to de-energize

. tangerine and 2 - mya a cap. camomiles; or mix 4 - x a cap. lavenders and 3 - mya camomiles. We fill them in an aromalampa which can work in the presence of the kid no more than 10 min. The same oils can be used also for bathing of the kid before going to bed. Only you have to know that EM badly mix up with water therefore for the best solubility, they need to be mixed from 50 - 100 ml of fat milk (cream, kefir) before pouring out them in a bathtub.

also the drop of a lavender applied on a distant corner of a headboard of a bed which will exhale aroma for all night Will help to fall asleep and to promote a sound and deep sleep.

At diseases of the respiratory organs especially widespread among children of 2 - 7 years, it is necessary to use EM with anti-inflammatory, spazmolitichesky, antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant and antiallergic properties. Steam inhalations which are the easiest way of fluidifying of a phlegm are most effective in treatment of the bronchopulmonary device at children. The medical effect is caused by carrying out the course treatment consisting of 8 - 14 procedures which, depending on a course of disease, are carried out daily or every other day, through 1 - 1,5 after food or physical activity. The optimum duration of 1 - 3 min. since long receipt of EM in airways, can interfere with allocation of a phlegm at cough. And at once you teach the children to carry out this procedure correctly: we take a slow deep breath, we hold the breath for couple of seconds, and then we carry out a short exhalation. Of course, if cough absolutely at the small child, then it is possible to carry out inhalations only by a so-called method “tent“ (the child at the mother / father on hands, and from above you are closed by tent, an oilcloth, a raincoat etc.) . But at any age it is necessary to close eyes when performing this procedure because as a part of many oils substances the irritating mucous membranes of eyes contain. To small children, it is safer to dress a bandage on eyes.

the Expectorant effect of EM depends on a dose. They stimulate an otkharkivaniye in small doses, and in big - reduce secretion. Most often, for treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases at children oils of an anise, fennel, an eucalyptus, a pine ordinary, camomiles, manuk, a myrtle are used. Keep in mind that EM of an eucalyptus is not recommended to children to 2 - x years since development of a bronchospasm is possible.

the Same oils can be used also for the warming compress on a thorax (vegetable oil we warm up on a water bath, we add EM in the necessary dosages (see the table), we moisten a rag in solution and we cover an influence zone, then we close kompressny paper or a film and we warm a towel, a blanket, etc.) . Time of influence of such aromatic compress - 2 hours.

the Warming compresses can be applied only in case of lack of temperature!

evacuation of a phlegm is complicated by

At children, and the drainage and massage of a thorax with pat on it the palm put by “boat“ at small children - fingers, massage of mezhreberiya, and also tightening of a thorax can help its removal.

Thus, we got acquainted from in several ways application of EM that allows to vary their appointments depending on a problem and features of the child.

do not forget

that within one day it is recommended to do no more than one aromaterapevtichesky procedure.

is more detailed than

about essential oils of Bergland firm on the website www. bergland. ru .