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Did not look for, but found!

Summer of subjects and are fine that helps us to forget about the problems and to go there where nobody and anything will force us to miss. With such intentions I and napravilast to the village. Yes, yes. Not at the sea, not to the resort, namely in a small village which, by the way, is not worse than any resort.

First, it seems, life was adjusted by

, here only long expectations of some unexpected acquaintance nevertheless were not met. And here, having pulled on itself a favourite jacket, I promptly walked on a local disco. Having danced couple of dances, I decided to take rest. Having sat down on a shop, I threw a peephole of all attendees and disappointedly started wandering home.

Following to me had to spend couple of days houses as, bitten by mosquitoes, I could not seem in any way among people and furthermore in the company of guys. And as ill luck would have it, stings everything did not wish to descend in any way. Nevertheless, zatonirovav their cream, I all - decided though on a couple of minutes to jump out on a disco, especially, it here - here had to end. Having taken literally several steps, I understood that someone called to me. Having turned back, saw the neighbor Vitya. It at us the handsome! The most charming guy in the district. Only somehow uncertainly he called me.

When I suited

closer, me nearly broke through from laughter. You would look at it. It as well as I, all flaunted in mosquito stings. We stood and suspiciously examined each other. Then long laughed. After we still wandered on streets as to me was ceased to want to go on a disco. Vitya suggested to take a walk in the wood. We walked so with it no more, no less, till the morning.

As it was p, he tried to get acquainted with me somehow all the time. The case, however, was not represented. Decided only when saw me who is stolen on a grass, all red, scared, and as he spoke then to me, to horror unexpected. And what to lose?! And correctly made. I am grateful to it for it as he not only presented me the time, but also himself! Now we together, together forever!

does not need to be afraid to take the first step because having taken the first step, you will not lose anything. And think what you will lose if you do not make it?