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Never give up!

Ya - mother of two children. And still - the teacher, and still - the wife, and still - the fan of reading. Speak, each person has several forms. Here, the last mentioned also was - absolutely unexpectedly - solving at education of my children.

Being pregnant with the first child (and there was it in 1999), I began to buy up releases then not of the such numerous editions devoted to care of children yet. And here I for the first time read about need of close contact with the child, about what is abortion actually, about baby food, a hardening, development, about children`s psychology, and, the most important, about breastfeeding.

Here for me in general everything was new: I am the iskusstvennitsa who is brought up in strict rules of the mode according to which it is necessary to feed strictly on hours from one breast (thanks to what I also became an iskusstvennitsa), and to consider long stay of the child on hands at mother as a way to give to this child the chance further to live off mother all life. I also do not speak about a joint dream - at the time of my infancy found a huge number of shortcomings in it. generally, at a sufficient ingenuity, feeding by a breast it is rather easy for p to turn

into very unpleasant occupation, especially for the woman who became mother for the first time. Can be therefore many mothers of my age-mates, with easy grief observing as I feed the oldest daughter, said that they could not feed the children, unfortunately, though had no anything against it.

So, having studied various books and magazines, I decided that I will nurse. Then I went to courses of preparation for childbirth at Spaso - Perovsky hospital of the World and Mercy where we were told about advantage of breastfeeding too, and the lecturer mentioned that the substances which are contained in breast milk exert important impact on formation of the central nervous system. Then this phrase will become for us decisive.

my beloved daughter was born On the Sixth of March, 2000. Childbirth difficult (for it), with stimulation. She was born all sinenky, in asphyxia, 6 - 8 across Apgar, and cried not at once (I will understand it already then, then it seemed to me that she cried quickly). In an hour it was put to a breast, but she did not want to suck. The breast took hardly in a day. And then it was transferred to separate chamber.

In 2 days to me it was returned. By that moment I already lay and cried in a pillow. The doctor calmed me, having told that the child will be brought now that the intelligence at her will not suffer, and here some motive functions, perhaps, broken. I did not want to trust in any violations. My naivety those 24 years rescued me. I considered that for the sake of the child I will be able to make everything, well, or almost everything. And I will do it.

the Child was under a dropper (such, “propeller“ in the head) “a condition of average weight“ on neurology. I tried to feed her and when it was taken away (at first in separate chamber, and then in hospital), was just decanted in a sink. Nurses with pity looked at me, but told nothing. By practical consideration I then understood that I that did not develop laktostaz should not drink a lot of liquid (I then did not know such word yet, in many respects was guided on feelings and councils from outside).

When the daughter was taken away in hospital, I went home and two days carried it the decanted milk. Then it was much... Then I went to it to hospital, but did not allow to nurse to me it. We decanted the milk in small bottles because kids were weak. I had enough milk for the daughter, I decanted even. And once the doctor told that I can feed the daughter today. I came to this feeding, as for a holiday. And suddenly it turned out that the neuropathologist recommended to wait one more day... After these words at me milk was almost gone. Sharply and at once. And I could not decant more than 20 ml for a long time. The daughter was finished feeding mix.

We were in hospital nearly three weeks (it is standard term), and all this time I rastsezhivatsya persistently, breaking all schedules of feeding: all already feed children, and I on half-drops squeeze out from myself liquid, precious for my child. (We fed on hours so and in 12 nights, and at five in the morning I had to squeeze out from myself a milk drop that to it got well though is 1 ml more.) Some mothers of such tension did not maintain (a situation rather standard) and just passed to artificial feeding. Many little girls were sure that I in vain try: there are no times of milk, will not be. But I rested as could, well remembering importance of milk for formation of TsNS. In my situation I could not risk and transfer the weakened child to mixes. Together with me also one more girl persisted. We won!

of the House other problem arose: the child loved a pacifier more, than mother. But here I had to take advice of one hospital nurse and not to feed with anything, except a breast. Two days of indignations - and the situation was stabilized.

Knowing my situation, acquaintances could not believe the ears: I feed! “Than?“ A reasonable question “The milk, and than still?“ - my quiet answer. I supported the daughter till 2 years 3 months. Then she refused a breast. It is necessary to admit honestly that I was interested in breastfeeding also for other reasons:

  1. material (my husband then did military service, a salary of the draft officer 2000 rubles at this time) ;
  2. “lentyayny“ to sterilize small bottles and to warm up mix moreover and at night, I did not want.

last year my sonny was born. I was already skilled mother, the maternity hospital improved skills too. Having passed through adjustment of a lactation after the daughter`s birth, I already knew as as it is necessary to do: I feed on demand, I hold on hands, however, much we sleep at half of the night separately (to me difficultly to fill up near the child and there is no need for it).


generally, trust, hope, you love, and with the God`s help everything at you with feeding will turn out. The main thing - to want. Only it is necessary to want very strongly, without listening to “kind“ councils. Remember that you can give to the child what nobody will be able to give him in the world. At least within several months.