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Teeth are cut by

Terms of a teething as well as time when the child begins to sit, go, speak, are individual. At most of children the first teeth begin to appear at the age of six - nine months. At first mother will notice hardly distinguishable lacteal speck on the lower jaw, and the central top cutters will be cut through a bit later.

Further teeth will be born in couples: in 9 - 12 months - lateral lower and top cutters, the first molars (so-called “sixth“) will be cut through in 12 - 15 months, canines - in 17 - 20. There is a formula on which count how many teeth the kid has to have to a certain age: the number of months minus 4 (that is by a year 8 teeth are usually cut through: 12 - 4). All milk teeth there have to be 20. By the beginning of the third year of life milk teeth have to be cut through completely.

the First troubles

One children almost do not react to the fact that they cut teeth, others - them, unfortunately, the majority - worry. And to tell worry a little, emergence of each tooth - small accident for them and for their relatives. And though pediatricians claim that neither cold, nor a diarrhea are connected with teeth, any mother knows on own bitter experience that it not so. That “teeth“ are both a diarrhea, and temperature, and sleepless nights.

Emergence of teeth is, of course, not an illness, and natural physiological process, and it is possible (and it is necessary) to help the kid to pass through it without excess tears.

At this time children, as a rule, put any subject which can reach in a mouth, bite own cam, gnaw an arena side etc. Therefore everything that comes into the view (and a mouth) the kid, has to be sterile pure. Once again make damp cleaning in the apartment, wipe a bed and an arena, wash up to the child of the handle. Then you are guaranteed against any intestinal infection.

not just rattles

to All kids are pleasant to

so-called masseurs - prorezyvatel. In the form of a ringlet or a butterfly it is so pleasant to push a toy in a mouth. But not only it is pleasant - such toys also are useful. They are filled with water therefore well spring and perfectly mass the swelled gums of the kid. If also to take a masseur in the refrigerator, it will turn into an excellent anesthetic.

Masseurs in which are used different in softness - hardness materials give to the child the chance most to choose that it is more necessary to it at present.

on sale both musical masseurs, and the masseurs blinking multi-colored sparks Are. The choice for you: to buy such toys or not. Only keep in mind, they excite the kid. If the child already cannot find any peace from concern, it is better not to risk.

Medicine on teeth

the special anesthetizing tooth gels can Facilitate

to the kid life also. It is possible to use them, since 3 - 4 - monthly age.

As for temperature, the best febrifugal what can only be recommended to the six-month-old person, it, undoubtedly, paracetamol. It makes Children`s Panadol`s basis, a safe and effective remedy which widely use in Europe.

Other febrifugal have contraindications. So, aspirin is not given to children till 12 years, the ibuprofen is dangerous to those who are inclined to the asthmatic phenomena, and about analginum which still is on sale in our drugstores, in Europe forgot long ago.

It is careful - caries

Is considered

that dairy teeth - a temporary phenomenon, and it is possible not to complicate itself excessive care of them. It`s not true. Milk teeth need leaving from their prorezyvaniye. Young soft enamel - the main factor of risk: on it caries very quickly develops (especially as milk, the main food of small, contains sugar - the best fertilizer for caries). Gums also need care. In the period of a teething they especially friable and therefore, as well as enamel, are the ideal environment for bacteria. It threatens any kid with infections - beginning from flu and finishing otitis.

Toothpaste to the small child is not necessary to

- to enough mother to wipe everyone zubik with a pure damp handkerchief. And here it can quite “use“ a toothbrush. The best model of the first toothbrush - a rubber fingerstall with pimples. Dressed on a mother`s finger, he will perfectly cope with a bacterial plaque, and at the same time will massage gums. Stomatologists recommend to use such brush till two years, that is until then when the kid can give the real toothbrush in hands.

needs to Brush milk teeth as carefully, so and carefully. The matter is that roots of the central cutters which the first are born will finally be created only by two years - till this time easily to damage them and even to dislocate if to press a brush more feasibly.

Till two and a half years is recommended to brush teeth a brush without paste (the kid will simply eat it), and then it is possible to use special tooth gel.

the First appointment

the stomatologist “appoints“ the First meeting to the kid when to that half a year is executed. The doctor estimates correctness of a structure chelyustno - the front device and checks a condition of bridles of the upper and lower lip and language (defects of bridles can influence sucking process, an arrangement of teeth at a prorezyvaniye, and later - the speech of the child).