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Favourite toys of

there Came the fertile time for rest and entertainments and pleasant work in a garden. Summer! as we love you!

Children arrived to the dacha. They took with themselves favourite toys. These are the best friends without whom it is boring and sad in any place where they were.

Giving, only recently, all some minutes ago, standing silent and lonely, was filled with noise of childish voices and laughter. Near the house, on the green lawn covered with a yellow carpet of dandelions they rushed, to and fro, as if butterflies, flitting. At a bush of raspberry the red bear cub took seat, and at a shop - horses were attached, and in a sandbox a Kulichiki baked. Here how much happened to arrival of children.

Life in the distance from the city among the untouched nature brings to

the mass of pleasure. From something seen and heard, from the most surprising riddles and opening it seems that you got to the magic country where the present is crossed with the fairy tale...


, present that we arrived to them on a visit and spent with them several days, watching the events. Only we will not be for them noticeable, and we will become invisible beings, it will be so more interesting.

, in the city, all it seems to

of the House not such, as at the dacha at all. High buildings close the sky. Asphalt hides the earth and together with it a grass and flowers and any living creatures. Of course, there are nature corners in parks and squares, but there is no such scope and surprising things in the city. Therefore we will plunge into a fantastic charm of country life!

children as noticed a swallow nest under a roof did not manage to arrive. The house at it is molded from clay, pasted to a log hut wall. The round opening outside reminds a narrow neck of a vessel. Interestingly, from where swallows learned to build the houses so skillfully? The lodge from outside seems small, but its spherical design is quite capacious for full family. To such structure at all neither rain, nor wind.

Clay, being under a roof, almost does not get wet, and wind slides on a round surface and does not break the house. Swallows, like potters, chose quite strong material for construction of a nest, as we know, people do ware of clay. Swallow good fellows!

A here other birds, for example, of a crow, build nests in the thick of a tree. They choose such place where the tree disperses krone a multiple branching of large branches. The nest is weaved out of strong twigs like a basket. Such structure of the house strong and reliable, it will quickly dry if moisture gets, wind will not break it, and leaves will hide from the sun and predators.

the Woodpecker does to

the house in a tree hollow, such house is useful also to other birds or small animals, for example, to proteins. Our children brought one of them, and in the first day tried to set free directly in a garden. The squirrel long did not depart from them as if was afraid of freedom, but soon accustomed and began to get: on an apple-tree, on a pear, and then found to itself more suitable tree in a site corner. This remarkable fir-tree, was the highest and biggest tree in the district. Here also our squirrel lodged. Children came to it on a visit. It was worth calling her by name, she willingly responded and went down. Children fed her, squeezed and pressed to themselves. It did not resist, and, on the contrary, with pleasure accepted their caress and care.

If attentively to get accustomed and observe life of animals and birds, insects and fishes, then it is possible to notice a lot of surprising and magic in their life. Interestingly, from where to them such sciences how mathematics or architecture are known? Everything that they do, is made with a big ingenuity, accuracy and a practicality. People learned much at animals and birds, those and to make something such of people who like to watch the nature, unusual.

U us in the housing estate there lives a surprising person, the grandfather Akimych. So at it both the house, and a garden, and a kitchen garden, and even animals and birds not such as at all. For example, Fedk`s pig. He dogs the grandfather steps all the time. When Akimych mushrooms in the wood, Fedka to it helps to look for mushrooms. And still it very much likes to find the mole poles. He will find such small group, by all means the patch will quickly begin to move, both will loudly give a grunt, and let`s the earth stir legs around.

We moles never saw

, only on pictures, but the grandfather about them told interesting things to us. About what they are houses - minks underground build, and even mines for water construct not to get out once again on the Earth`s surface when having felt thirsty.

the Grandfather Akimych is a lot of

about animals and birds knows therefore they reach for it, it is good them when the friendship is.

A once the grandfather with beavers made friends. However, they at it in a kitchen garden dug a ditch that branches which sawed sharp teeth not to drag on hummocks, and to alloy on water. Workmen animals these beavers appeared. The ditch was filled with water and became similar to a small streamlet. The grandfather very much praised this work of beavers because it is more convenient to water a kitchen garden became. Near a stream the stone big lies, it is water it washed away, here it from - under lands also appeared. Now on it very conveniently both to sit down and to lean that to gather waters. To it both birdies fly up, and lizards on the sun are heated... A stone, and that was useful - became useful.

the grandfather Has one more member of household - pevun. This is Yashk`s starling. He many years every spring arrives and lives in a hollow. Akimych for him constructed a nesting box, but Yashka did not begin to live there. And here his children in it is mute lodged. Yashka was the good friend. Slightly something bad will notice, or foreign person will appear, so he as a crow begins to croak. Shouts so loudly that in all the district it is heard, here and dogs pick up his appeal, protect, execute the service.

In our settlement there lives the artist Roland - the merry fellow. It is necessary to notice that such nickname at it with an ulterior motive because when talks, it is obligatory to laugh begins. As if the twinkle to it got into a mouth, and does not want to leave.

Roland`s Drawings too all cheerful, colourful, kind and wise. You will look at such picture, you will involuntarily smile, the mood will appear good. And there, in a picture, everything is very clear represented, it is not even necessary to ask about anything.

Children often came to the artist not only on a visit, they very much liked to draw together with it. When at children something turned out, all rejoiced to success. Often happened and so that drawings supplemented each other, and there was a history or the fairy tale. Then Roland began to tell just thought up story aloud, and children continued, and so everything it was good... Everything is made and thought up - from creativity always you derive pleasure, and here it is collective.

Should tell

that Roland liked to travel therefore he seldom was in the native land. In the house there was mother, Larisa, but all in the district called her the aunt Larin. Very beautiful woman, the real actress, though in theater never worked, but was able to dress well, perfectly moved and spoke in undertones. She looked at people usually openly, but sometimes so fixedly as if she studied; such minutes, after some pause, told something wise, similar to an aphorism.

Aunt Larin remarkable storyteller. After its stories by all means there was a wish to travel. To see with own eyes, to make some discoveries. If the son was “an artist of pictures“, then she was able to be the true artist of the word. Her verbal pictures were represented so vividly that always seemed to children a reality.

Larisa did not like to leave the house, even almost did not work at a site. But fine flowers always grew in a garden, and it is a lot of and different. During the summer, replacing each other, by itself, even flowers know the time of blossoming and withering. Children noticed that if chrysanthemums, so home appeared soon. Larisa never put flowers in vases. She loved their live.

When to the village there came the girlfriend Katya, then they dressed beautiful dresses, and gave a small idea for residents of the settlement. In such wonderful hours in the house gathered to many people. Drank tea, and, with bated breath, listened to singing of girlfriends to the guitar. If Roland was at home, then and he captivated playing a flute of all attendees. A concert and our acquaintance, Yashk`s starling arrived to listen. At the end of performance he with a force waved wings and slightly clanged, expressing gratitude and pleasure.

In such evenings when people gathered, put a huge painted samovar. It was kindled in the old manner, coals. From a curve pipe there was a smoke, and water took a steam bath and sniffed. Children liked to drink tea together with all, and Larisa`s neigbour, the grandmother Nastya, by all means brought pies. And when only she managed to bake very much? They always were hot.

Children spotted

once, for the grandmother and understood that it evening of a scorching heat also carried all to a table, with a heat - heat. Probably, it was pleasant to it: to treat neighbors hawt - a vein - that perfect one. But the grandmother Nastya did not feel lonely. Neighbors loved it, helped, than could: who will cut firewood, who will water a kitchen garden. And it will bake pies for friends. So - that!

Children often came to it, will sit down on powders of the house and listen to fairy tales of the grandmother Nastya. She will take a wool ball in hand, a hook spins patterns, and itself invents a story and is so harmonious that it is impossible to come off. Probably, and national fairy tales in a circle of children and with wisdom of old men were born. So it was from olden days moved: will gather old yes small, one tell, others - listen.

But absolutely small children, never leave habitual toys, even outdoors. The world of habitual things calms them, and something, appeared unexpectedly and absolutely new and unclear, puzzles and frightens.

Here Petya, playing on a lawn with toys, unexpectedly saw a bird of a peacock. The boy pricked up the ears. Peacock too. So they, having for the first time met, assess a situation. Natural instincts are shown at both. Petya reflects. Toys not live, but the peacock moves, he such big, and suddenly will bite? Just in case the child cries, attracting attention adults, and the peacock hisses and spreads huge and very beautiful tail. But Petya does not notice beauty, he is afraid.

, on the contrary, of fear have not enough

At teenagers. They ignore it. Therefore safely climb trees, float in the river or a pond, and often get involved in bad stories. Children, both people, and animals, behave equally. So life experience comes. Only we, adults, try to explain and warn about danger, and here it is much more difficult for animals. Though is and they have an informal conversation, however, to us not clear. For example, ants are able, some inexplicably, to exchange words and agree about interaction with each other?

Somehow time children together with the grandfather went to the wood. There were they on a footpath and noticed on a rigid bald surface its set of openings which were made by ants. It became interesting. Why they live directly on the road? And how their dwellings are arranged underground?

Even the grandfather answered with

these questions not at once. It was necessary, having come home, to glance in the big book, and there it about them is written that only in the fairy tale happens.

it Turned out p that ants - economic. On the yard they carefully clear away the soil, all plants delete. But the most surprising is the fact that they are engaged in agriculture, grow up specially a grass, so-called “ant rice“. It is similar to sentries, they protect these plants. And when those will keep up, collect from them a harvest in the form of grains which place in special chambers. If it happens that stocks will be blotted from - for a rain, then about approach of a clear weather ants pull out them on a kernel on the sun, carefully dry and again put in a barn.

But they have also milk cows are plant louses who live in special shelters as it is done by people from scotomas. When there comes the milking moment, ants to regale on their sweet liquid, feel them syazhka and force this liquid to let out. Ants are extremely bright if they have to get over through a stream or a flute, then they are strong linked in a row with each other and form, thus, the live bridge on which their companions freely pass. Here to you and ants, small insects small!

As often we infinitely argue, on where it is better to live. City people almost always try to show the superiority over the village. Yes, of course, life in the city very much differs in life and way. But there is a wish to believe that all these disputes are vain. If properly to reflect, then it is good everywhere! And in the city, not because it is more comfort but because lifestyle in it is clear and habitual to us. And outdoors, where only and it is possible to see all variety of the live environment really. Enjoy spring water, listen to singing of birds, a rustle of leaves, hum of insects - here the music, not less fine, than tool. Everything that the person is able to do, he also learned at it, this nature. People attentive and grateful continue the doctrine, and ignorant - argue.

Where still can see the sky from all four parties, polnoyo stars! Where still it is possible to breathe a full breast clean and fresh air! Where still it is possible to taste a scope and freedom! It to you not a city stopper with exhaust gases. Children do not argue, they just live. They very much like around literally everything. But the fall comes nearer. Soon, they will leave home soon. Will collect toys, will fill with things suitcases. Our settlement without children`s voices will become empty. But each of them will take away memories of people that accepted them with love, about animals that ran nearby, about birds that awoke in the mornings.

Will return to the city... And there, cold winter nights, warm and gentle dreams will come to them. Toys which are similar to well familiar animals and birds as if will recover. Someone from children will write the letter and will put in an envelope of a photo or drawing, and someone, without waiting for summer, will be equipped on winter vacation and will visit friends.

the Winter will bring them others, not less interesting, impressions and entertainments. New sounds and pictures will fill soul why it will become more, and more richly. Such person will not become despondent, and troubles will not break its. Such person just lives, and therefore he is happy!

P. S. This history was written by my children, I only helped them. I have 4 sons. The youngest drew pictures and issued the book on the printer. And so both we live, and we write stories and fairy tales.