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If to chicken characteristics, duty regulations and office appointments extended, then at employment (to kitchen), probably, would characterize it as follows:“ the versatile person of a wide profile, is sociable, ready to cooperation, keeps up to date“.

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From this poultry a set of dishes: sandwiches, broths, salads, more hotly. Besides, it is combined practically with any seasonings and spices and that the most important, does not cause special objections in adherents of healthy food.

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As it is correct to h2 to choose chicken? Each hostess will be able to advise something. Standard “identification marks“: at old hens skin on pads rough, a yellowish shade, a leg are covered with large “scales“. Young people have a gentle thin skin, white, with streaks. A comb - it is bright - red, the chest bone elastic, is easily bent when pressing, a carcass dense.

of Morozhennuyu a crude bird (entirely or already divided into parts) can be defrozen in cold water, at the same time, avoiding temptation, it is better strong - to firmly wrap the crane from hot. It is necessary to recognize from the fact that on 500 g of weight 30 min. are required, as a rule. And, of course, to mean that repeatedly it is impossible to freeze the thawed meat.

And still that tastes of a bird remained, it is better for p to defreeze it in the refrigerator. It will demand time (on each kg of weight 4 - 5 h leave on average), but the result is worth it. If you are going to fry the whole carcass, then not up to the end thawed bird will fry only from above, and inside will remain crude. Meat of completely defrozen chicken becomes soft, and legs and wings will freely move in joints if to twist them. However, even application will be found for slightly defrozen chicken fillet - very conveniently to cut it in straws or cubes.

of the Leg, the breast, two wings

or on a barbecue a bird leave

For boiling and a pripuskaniye, and also frying in an oven whole (carcass), in the majority of other cases undress it. The breast and (or) legs entirely can be necessary for some dishes, for others - that in every portion there was both a white, and dark meat. One of the most widespread ways of cutting - on eight parts: two shins, two hips, two breasts and two wings.

  1. a wing
  2. a breast
  3. a hip
  4. a shin

we Undress chicken :

Chicken to put
  1. on a chopping board a breast up. To cut off from a carcass serially legs, having split femoral joints.
  2. Holding a wing, to halve a breast, cutting a breast secateurs for a bird (or a knife).
  3. to Remove with
  4. a backbone by means of secateurs, leaving part (segment) covered
  5. Secateurs to cut each breast in half on diagonal so that on one of parts there was a wing.
  6. to Cut each leg in half in a knee joint. To remove tips of wings (to the first joint inclusive).

At heat treatment needs also to be considered into what parts the bird was divided. Light meat (breast) is ready at an internal temperature 71 ° S. Temnoye (ham) demands longer thermal treatment. For it temperature 77 ° is considered optimum; C. From - for such distinctions it is better to prepare dishes only from dark or only from light meat. Or at first to put dark, and already then gentle, white which cannot be overheated.

the subtleties and in frying of chicken on a grill Are. The general rule says: having spread a bird, her it is necessary to place at distance 15 - 20 cm (on other sources - 18 - 23 cm) from heating elements and to fry 15 min. from the inside of - from ridge, and then 10 - 15 min. - from outer side.

Unfortunately, chicken - not that product with which it is possible to make experiments in “al awning“ style. And focuses - with “blood or without“ - with it do not take place too. It can be either is completely ready, or is not ready at all. Therefore if you have no special thermoprobe which is inserted into the thickest, fleshy part of a piece, use a sharp knife: if from a puncture in the middle of a hip (for a carcass) pure and transparent juice - without blood flows, and meat departs from a bone - chicken is ready.