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Fasten, people, soon holiday!

“About what holiday there are a speech when all thoughts only of service?“ - you ask. You should not get excited so, there is a regularity: both you will spend holidays, and you will work the whole year. Even if you only started the choice of suitable vacancy, all the same after time will surely go on leave. Not for nothing the human right not only on work, but also on rest is stated in the Constitution.

Sometimes before steeping in labor process, it is just necessary to have a rest. Happens that even favourite business ceases to please the person and he begins to perceive a depression as a reason for immediate change of the duty station. Let`s say the excellent expert without problems will find new work, but there to him for the unknown reason it will become even worse. And so can occur indefinitely, so far the person thoroughly and well will not have a rest. Imagine: long lack of full holiday is capable to become the reason not only feeling sick, but also career failures! Be not so thoughtless, treat rest seriously.

Are people who it is magnificent and with pleasure are able to have a rest, and manage to do it even on a workplace! Whether the type of employees who are usually absolutely passive is familiar to you, but instantly quicken when business concerns various privileges and permits? Houses such companion immediately accepts horizontal position on a sofa as rest after “the infernal tension“ on service is necessary for it. And the employee whose all activity is reduced only condemning unfairly heavy loading and to throw part of the duties on other members of collective? As a rule, such “activist“ is permanently hurt by the head. These “terrible pains“ proceed also at home that grants it full authority to shirk also work on economy … Ah, if you saw how these “workaholics“ are able to have a rest! Here to them equal, perhaps, is not present. Is and, on the contrary, the sloggers managing to find to themselves work even in holiday! It is not enough them what they carry on themselves all department, also at the dacha stick, do not leave the cart, recolour a fence, so also where? nibud the halturka will be found.

But today it will be a question not of extremes, and that holiday can render huge service in your direct work. I dare to claim that it will even promote career development if it is reasonable to approach it. Yes, to have a rest, as well as to work, too it is necessary to be able. And the best holiday, as well as an impromptu, - prepared. Even thoughts of it are capable to become a peculiar anti-stress program. Follow the example of the hero of the movie “Fellow traveler“ - the taxi driver who kept in a peak of the car a card with a classical view of the turquoise sea, white beach and palm trees with cocoes. If the next client irritated him, he turned a peak, looked at the picture and calmed down.


for yourself such pacifying landscape - your idea of ideal rest: the sea is not obligatory - perhaps, it will be water Alpine meadows, the handsome - mushrooms to Moscow area, mountains with snow-covered tops, the rivulet with canes, a view of other city or even country. It is anyway easy to find a card, to cut out the pleasant photo from the magazine, and that who constantly works at the computer god ordered to make such landscape desktop wall-paper. By the way, in one club hotel located in the picturesque gulf, all lodgers are given a mousepad with a remarkable look. Very far-sighted. The rug will become a reminder on happiness which always near at hand. And suddenly it will want to arrive once again?.

So, we stopped that rest needs to be prepared by all means. Originally - in your imagination. Options - at last? I will make apartment renovation, I will just lie down at home, I will construct a shed at the dacha, I will write the thesis - you will note at once. It is not rest though change of occupations and is considered that. Let`s say your work - continuous business trips and to get once again into the plane even to depart to holiday, for you is similar to torture. Then go on the car. In other words, depending on a sort of the activity find a counterbalance, but do not think that from stay of the house within four walls you derive pleasure. Entrust, for example, apartment renovation to professionals even if you have clever fingers and especially if apartment renovation - your work. Do not forget: during holiday it is necessary to have a rest and relax.

About the last wants to be told especially. Labor productivity is in many respects caused by ability to concentrate which directly depends on ability to relax. That is why special popularity is gained today by rest with the fashionable name SPA. What does it mean? On the one hand, it is an abbreviation of Latin expression of Salus per aqua - “health through water“, and with another - the name of the Belgian small village with mineral sources. I assure you, exclusive massage, ache - ache, to shiayets, Ayurvedic procedures, treatment by volcanic dirt, the thalassotherapy, grass wrappings and many other of what is offered in such resorts, will help you to be disconnected for some time from problems and to find health.

It is known that all diseases - from nervous overloads at work. Therefore to be able to remove stresses not folk remedies, and by a relaxation it is necessary for everyone. For those who have no opportunity to go to SPA - the resort offer programs of rest of one day in salons. Here it is possible to have a rest, sunbathe, get healthier and to look younger. How? that to the author of these lines was necessary to work on the most serious project after which delivery the natural simplification in similar cases did not come. Moreover, there was sleeplessness, and with it and irritability: did not rescue even somnolent tablets. And here in one of salons I was sent at first for the weakening procedures, and then on an electric dream. Only twenty minutes - and sleeplessnesses as did not happen. So you should not neglect even one-day rest from labor process.

If on what? or the reason you cannot leave a workplace for the put twenty four days, break holiday, for example, weekly, and even by holidays add a two-three of days. And surely change a habitual situation! For example, fly for spring vacation with the child to the Disneyland or go to other city. So, it turned out that the son of my friend studying in England, Italy, France and who had a rest in Cyprus and in Egypt, never saw St. Petersburg! Surprisingly, but fact: the last made on the child bigger impression, than all abroad combined. However, any switching off from working process, even short, positively affects health and mood. And as relatives will be grateful to you! Sometimes foreign sea tour with flight and food can cost as much how many one day in Moscow region boarding house.

In general, it is necessary to prepare for holiday not only morally, but also it is material. Conceived to catch, for example, a salmon, welcome to the Kola Peninsula, a taimen and a pike - to Tyva and Mongolia, a grayling and an omul - to Baikal. Count expenditure for tickets, accommodation and food and choose an optimal variant.

Of course, holiday has to become unforgettable, and for this purpose besides existence of the imagination and finance it is necessary that nothing saddened it. Sometimes, there is the schedule “a work - the house - work“ and get sick, and, as they say, literally from scratch. It is a peculiar reaction of an organism to violation of the habitual labor mode. Therefore it is necessary to think of preparation for holiday in advance. The organism adapts to rest two - three days, at the sea it is more. And if you were bothered by infinite snow and you want to dive from winter at summer, for example to depart to the southern country? Do not think that it will only be better for you: considerable difference of temperatures for an organism too a stress. Even it is better to prepare suntan in Moscow, having glanced at least four - five times in a sunbed.

needs Separately to tell

about the first-aid kit. Nobody is insured from what? or problems with health on vacation. One my colleague even hated holiday for the fact that he constantly got sick at this time. The conditioner in the bus inflated, a lot of iodine appeared in sea water, and even simply not ate. Generally, thirty three misfortunes. Therefore you remember: it is warned - means it is armed. Besides medicines from bruises and stretchings surely take sore throat and cold medicine, means for fight against solar burns (or mosquitoes), the preparations normalizing work of a digestive tract, anesthetics febrifugal, warmly? vascular and surely antiallergic medicines.

Especially I want to tell

about the last. Speak, the allergy can arise at any person, only not all know on what. So, at one my acquaintance in a campaign reaction began - who could think - on fir cones! Suddenly you have an allergy on what? nibud a rare fly, and you were still lucky as she in our corner of the world is not found. Do not allow trouble to take you unawares. As there is a wish to sunbathe, bathe, ride scooters, to fly on paraplanes, to dive, play soccer and volleyball, to dance till the morning in a disco, to eat as there is a wish, but not to lie and not to suffer from only one thought that holiday takes place. Consider: overheating on the sun and overcooling in the sea for the person who got used to the same conditions of office is quite frequent turns into high temperature and quinsy.


- intestinal frustration - the most widespread problem. Especially often those who have a rest in the southern countries face it! Observe at least a tourist minimum: do not use tap water and ice (it can be prepared from unboiled water). Eat where already ate, but not in an unfamiliar snack bar with cheap and exotic dishes. Often we absolutely in vain forget about similar precautionary measures also in the native land: at the dacha, in the country, in a campaign. And still: do not run before departure with the tongue hanging out behind the same drugs. Buy them in advance, the expiration date specified on packing precisely will end after your holiday!

the Most pleasant occupation, especially for women, - preparation of clothes. As often we put a suitcase in a hurry! Result one - two thirds of things on vacation remain are not demanded or, on the contrary, what? that is forgotten. And as it is pleasant to distract, for example, in dank gray weather from infinite figures of the report and to go to buy a huge straw bag then not to be dragged on the beach with packages as last year, or to get a new spinning which was tired of waiting for you in fishing shop. Surely think and about what end? workers put that. For example, call clients and partners and report that you go on leave, specify whom they can address on this or that question and if does not burn, suggest to wait for your return. Present to the administration of the one who will run your business, or ask to appoint the management to you replacement by holiday time.

On vacation you should not be disturbed on working questions. Heaven and earth will not be moved from the fact that you for several days are disconnected. Eureka in the solution of the most difficult problems can sometimes come to you absolutely unexpectedly, as to Archimedes in a bathtub. So it is useful to distract from labor process even. More difficult, certainly, return. Try to cope with yourself and, being not especially shaken, not loafing on departments it is aimless, without drinking teas and without tiring colleagues with long stories about the spent holidays, to get into gear. If it is not possible to understand in any way what to undertake first of all, begin with the list of priority affairs for the next period. Do not try to break at once a historical record of the miner Stakhanov - you hurry slowly. Do not forget: while you had a rest, colleagues worked and, perhaps, ask about your holiday purely out of politeness. Therefore be laconic. And of course, buy souvenirs. Let it will be a real trifle - a charm or a cockleshell, but it will become pleasant to your colleagues that even on vacation you remembered them.