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My parental impressions about visit by the child of occupations

the choice Problem for the child preschool to establishments earlier or later arises before each parents. And everyone tries to choose system of occupations for the child, on how many it it is possible, most meeting the expectations of “correctness“ of education, education, development. Various requirements are natural to education in each family, priorities and orientation to different results, arrangement of different accents in system of development of the child.

When I chose system of occupations for Vasya, for me it was important to create, first of all, at the child skills of communication and interaction in groups, constants on the structure, on occupations where work on all-round development of the child, disclosure and realization of his specific features would be performed, and this, jammed by pedagogical editions, “the principle of an individual approach“ would be realized not only on paper.

Knows that a childhood leaves a mark on all subsequent life. Therefore it is important, developing the child, not to break his “nature“, most tactfully and accurately to correct behavior, to achieve observance of necessary rules. For myself I defined as the unacceptable style of communication containing “incorrect“ educational influences, categorical statements etc. which (for anybody not a secret), often, are used in preschool institutions at once and cause undesirable consequences: the obstinacy, isolation, estrangement, depression, an inferiority complex, bitterness etc.

Each child from the first days of life has individual natural temperament which cannot almost be changed (it is possible to correct its social manifestations). The congenital temperament of the person is visible in everything: in the speed of his thinking, tempo of speech, in a mimicry, mobility, a communication manner etc.

my child has live, mobile temperament. He easily makes contact (as soon as the child notices that around there are children - it needs communication with them at once), perfectly meets with peers and has certain leader inclinations, he should be the active participant of the events, it quickly acquires new information. He is curious and constantly needs new impressions, shows huge interest in everything that he surrounds it, moves much.

At the same time, it impressionable, emotional. Having been fond of any business, cannot correctly calculate force, is tired of monotony and often changes occupations. Trying to see more - often misses an essence. Lag in development of those areas where assiduity and patience is required is observed.

the Optimal solution. Classes are given three times a week approximately for 3 hours. In my opinion, they most correspond to objectives. In group 3 - 5 people, free and very quiet easy situation, soft communication. The teacher - the tutor of group knows approach to each child, treats them with understanding and infinite patience.

my child visited

of Occupation in group four months. During this time I had an opportunity to observe carrying out various uchebno - educational works, here only some of them:

Separately wants to be noted how flexibly and tactfully the teacher carries out work with parents, transferring them the idea of various parties of education and development of the child and finding a certain approach to each of adults, competently conveys information on each child.

Also positive moment, in my opinion, is implementation of an integrated approach to the solution of questions of adaptation of children in the conditions of preschool institution from the practicing teachers, health workers and psychologists.

my parental expectations from occupations in group were quite met by

. The child with pleasure attends classes - means to it there interestingly and psychologically comfortably. Also the quiet, vigorous, cheerful mood of the child at the time of parting and meetings with me, “almost“ balanced mood during the day and some other signs testifies to it. The child already not so quickly and sharply gets tired as earlier, becomes mentally more hardy. I see that he studies communication, began to tell and explain much better, received skills of communication in collective, found new friends, and still many other things. There was a concentration, accuracy. Considerably development of small motility progressed.

Very much I expect to continue by

visits of occupations next year. At each age there are difficulties of communication. At one children one problems, and at others - others are stronger allocated. All depends on character and temperament of the child. It seems to me that the adaptation period for my child did not end yet, it still should define own place in collective, to learn to communicate with peers, not to clash, be able to analyze personal and others` acts, adequately to estimate actions of people around.