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Near “perpetual motion machine“

... In our family archive there is a photo: I sit at a kitchen table, in the right hand - a fork with the dumpling pinned on it, on left the sleeping daughter of several days from a sort hangs. It seems that its pose is extremely inconvenient, the head overhangs (I do not speak about the convenience any more). However it was worth trying to put it in a bed as she right there woke up and began to cry. And it was necessary and is and to do some necessary things on economy with the child on one hand. Unlike the son, the daughter for some reason never fell asleep at a breast. There passed month, two, three... but to lull her died easier. At the age of two years every evening it was necessary to carry the daughter on streets in a carriage or the sledge until falls asleep, and then to lift on hands on a ladder together with the vehicle. The physical fatigue interfaced to this procedure did not come within miles of full nervous exhaustion to which two brought me, and even three hours of whims which without such evening walk were inevitable.

As soon as my Tasya grew to ability to get out of a carriage, it right there undertook this business with all possible enthusiasm. And the purpose was only one - to climb up to me on hands. If it was impossible, she showed discontent with loud crying. In two with small the daughter got a repulsive habit to keep within on the street a snowdrift and to shout heart-rendingly, without paying attention to any arrangements or threats, and most often it occurred when I in hands had already several full string-bags with products, and there were simply simply nothing to lift it. She got into two and a half on a high tree and desperately kicked and cried out when I removed it from there, and then made two attempts (fortunately, unsuccessful) to get out to the street through a window leaf...

Now to it six, but it all the same cannot sit quietly more than five minutes, daily falls from a stool on which shakes during food, regularly overturns cups with water and plates with soup and will not miss for anything an opportunity to answer immediately if the question is asked not it, and the elder brother.


Probably, having read these lines, you thought that duller mummy was not seen before yet by light and that it is categorically contraindicated to me to raise children as I am capable “to spoil“ and “spoil“ them only. Oh, you will understand me, only if same irrepressible “perpetual motion machine“ grows in your family. On - scientific this phenomenon is called “hyperactivity“. And psychologists even know why it appears, and partly can prompt how to survive in such situation to the exhausted parents. However, in advance warn that to execute many councils it appears extremely difficult.

It is possible, we will manage not everything (to the hyperactive child ideal parents would not prevent and where to take them?) - but all - we will be able to see at least a problem more soberly and objectively, to forgive ourselves the “pedagogical helplessness“, and to the child - his intolerable restlessness. And we will be helped with it by the children`s neuropsychologist Elena Vladimirovna Klimacheva, already many years working in the psychologist - the pedagogical center “Istok“.

we Will begin

with what “perpetual motion machines“ as the psychologist explains, at external similarity of behavior, appears, are not identical. It was most of all lucky those who inherited the vigorous energy and rough temperament from mother or the father, the grandmother or the grandfather. Here we most often deal with “a hyperactivity without deficiency of attention“. Intelligence at such children good, and they since early years are capable to set before themselves the purpose and to try to obtain it. To parents with them, of course, with some difficulty as the exit to the street through a window leaf or conquest of top of the next tree just occurs among such purposes. But if to send energy of such child to the peace course, over time he can achieve very much.

But quite often it turns out p that restlessness of “perpetual motion machine“ - the phenomenon painful, only creating illusion of inexhaustible energy. The child rushes on the apartment, grabs one, another, completes nothing up to the end, does not notice the requests turned to him, speaks much, but is not capable to listen, interrupts, cannot wait for the turn. From outside can seem that it “spoiled“ and “ill-bred“. Actually rough physical activity is necessary to such child to strengthen blood supply of a brain!

A that is why the brain needs such stimulation - conversation separate. And during consultations which are held by Elena Vladimirovna this conversation always begins with a question of how pregnancy and childbirth proceeded. Many mothers are surprised to it. Unfortunately, nobody ever explained to them that such “small“ troubles as the lowered hemoglobin, the raised uterus tone, small bleedings during pregnancy, and especially obvity umbilical cords, use of nippers, the general anesthesia, Cesarean section at childbirth inevitably do harm to development of a brain of the child.

“As? - mother is surprised. - We were at the children`s neuropsychiatrist both in a month, and in three. We were told that there is no pathology“.

It is valid, our unruly kid has no rough pathology. All departments of a brain on the place. But from - for the endured complications some sites of a brain could be damaged. At the adult it is called a stroke, and consequences has, as we know, the heaviest. The organism of the newborn is capable to compensate similar damage: nervous impulses find a roundabout way. But all - completely for health of the kid it does not pass. The hyper tone, hypererethism, bad dream, tearfulness which at later age just often are wrapped in a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity (in abbreviated form - SDVG) can be a consequence.

So if pregnancy and childbirth were not ideal, and the child was born very uneasy, you should not be satisfied with the statement of the children`s neuropsychiatrist that “there is no pathology“. It is necessary to look for other expert, more attentive and interested as ““ it, alas, will not pass.

Some neuropsychiatrists to such “uncontrollable“ children prescribe

Fenibut or Pantogam who improve blood supply of a brain, but, as well as any strong preparations, are not deprived of side effects. More safely and more softly homeopathic remedies work. But their expert has to select individually. In certain cases the good effect gives a combination of vegetable adaptogens (a ginseng, a levzea, a zamanikha, an araliya, etc. ), which raise a tone and improve mood, with the calming herbs (a valerian, a pustyrnik, a peony, hop, etc.) . But the competent doctor - the phytotherapist has to choose the correct combination and a dosage. It is possible to use vegetable preparations Persen, Novopassit.

But any drugs will not be replaced by trainings: to the child it is vital “to celebrate“, the same as to move with hands and legs. All this is united in itself by massage and remedial gymnastics. They help formation of communications, so necessary for normal development of a brain, between hemispheres.

However besides especially medical actions still everyday life is. And if in a family the hyperactive child was born, then it is not necessary to wait for silence and rest. Such baby will quietly not lie in a bed or a carriage at all! And there are two absolutely opposite approaches. - to allow the baby “to be shouted“, not to approach and not to take the first on hands. - to carry the second on hands it is as much as possible, to take to itself in a bed, to use a backpack of “kangaroo“. What approach you will choose, depends, of course, and on your character, and on your ultimate goal.

If the purpose - at any cost to make the child silent, then the first way can be more productive though some especially persistent babies continue to shout several months in a row. But at some moment any child becomes silent, having understood that mother does not care about his sufferings and at all it in this world is necessary to nobody. This feeling remains at the child for the rest of life, and there is nothing to be surprised if he never learns to trust really even to the closest people.

If your purpose - to help the kid to cope with his problems: an indisposition, excessive excitement, fear of loneliness, the second approach appears not only is more human, but also is more constructive: the direct proximity to mother calms the violent baby, helps it to adjust the correct, rhythmical work of digestion, breath, heart (he unconsciously arranges the biorhythms under mother`s). Strokings, embraces and kisses (not only mother`s, but also father`s) work soothingly too.

B two - three years promote maturing of a brain and emergence of the first signs of self-checking any childish sports with rules (“Geese - geese“, “Pat-a-cake“, “Forty“, etc.) folding of pictures from cubes.

to the Hyperactive child should give to

the chance to run about, take a walk in that place and when its activity disturbs nobody. If the visit of any institution where it is impossible to rustle and rush is necessary, it is necessary to agree about it with the child certainly in advance.

But if you cry out the wish, say, from other room, then you can consider that addressed a wall or a door. All important instructions and explanations will reach the hyperactive child only if you speak, looking to him in eyes and having put a hand on a shoulder. The teacher can use the same way - then her instructions will be heard.

When mother cries out

on three teams a second (“Bypass a pool! Do not take a stick, do not eat up curd cake yet! Do not steal a march!“ etc.) it is possible not to doubt that the child does not manage to apprehend any: it has a deficiency of attention! So far you were not convinced that the kid heard, understood and carried out one instruction, following it is better to keep around! It is very difficult to excitable, irritable and emotional mother to bridle itself, however there is no other exit all the same. By the way, if among family members there is at least one quiet, balanced person, it is useful to leave more often with him the hyperactive child. to “Perpetual motion machine“ it is undesirable to p to remain

for all day in kindergarten or on an after-school club. He needs to stay in silence to calm down and concentrate. And that the hyperactive pupil could sit out a lesson, the teacher needs to give it the task connected with walking and the movement from time to time: to distribute notebooks, to wet a rag, to erase from a board etc.

A still hyperactive children, as well as all children on light, love that they were praised. Therefore do not forget to praise even in five minutes of “good behavior“. Then there is a hope that gradually they will turn into ten, and then and into fifteen.