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Harmonious contraception of

the Family is a small Universe where everything has to be in harmony. And the woman is a keeper of harmony, in its gentle and caring hands the cosiness, mutual understanding and love are concentrated.

She wants to be beautiful, to love and be darling, to raise and raise children. Also she wants to use such method of contraception which would give it the chance to enjoy all completeness of love. She cares for the husband, children, and she does not want to worry also about protection against undesirable pregnancy therefore she would prefer a long-term method. And if she is the real hostess, then she will always choose for herself and the family the best, but will not overpay superfluous.

the contraception Methods suitable for the women who already have a stable family, children, and not planning (in general or in the next years) to have children

One of modern methods of contraception to the women who are well suitable those in whose families the strong relations reign, so, the risk is minimum to catch infections, sexually transmitted, the intrauterine spiral is. Efficiency of this way of protection against undesirable pregnancy makes 98%. And the main thing - the spiral provides contraception for long term - from 3 - x to 5 - ti years.

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the Spiral cannot use

not giving birth women and that, who has more than one sexual partner. But anyway, before to make the decision on use of a spiral, it is necessary to consult with the good doctor, only he will be able to tell whether this method suits you! To avoid possible side effects and complications, it is very important to choose a spiral with the reliable, checked quality. Therefore ask the gynecologist about Multiloada - spirals which deservedly enjoy popularity at the Russian gynecologists. Important difference of this spiral is naturalness of a form - a roundish coat hanger of a spiral repeats a shape of a body, in a female organism there are no right angles. Besides, the spiral is made with use of special materials which reduce risk of developing of infections.

you remember

I: only the doctor can enter a spiral!

It is no secret that often important role at the choice of a method of contraception is played by economic aspect. Each mother wants that children got her the freshest products, the most beautiful clothes, the most wonderful toys. And often the woman reflects before spending something for herself.

cannot Save on the health, it is better to choose the checked quality and naturalness of a form. Especially, considering that this spiral provides five years of reliable contraception, in day you will spend not enough money for the health. Agree, each woman is able to afford it.

Questions, questions...

What mechanism of action was filched?

the Principle of contraceptive action of a spiral is rather many-sided

. We give only its some characteristic features.

What happens if against a spiral everything is will occur pregnancy whether it will be necessary to do abortion whether can lead it to the wrong development of a fruit?

the Frequency of approach of pregnancy at Naval Forces is low

, 2 - 3 cases on 100 women using Naval Forces within a year. In general, it does not bear special danger to a fruit, and in most cases pregnancy successfully is born and comes to an end with the birth of the healthy child. Nevertheless, such pregnant women are under special control as the frequency of emergence of various complications, especially infectious, at the same time above. Existence of Naval Forces in a uterus during pregnancy does not result in congenital defects or malformations of newborns. whether

Can play sports with a spiral? Whether it will drop out?


Yes, sport and any physical exercises it is possible to be engaged as usual. Loss of a spiral happens extremely seldom. If all this happens, then in most cases within the first several weeks after introduction, as a rule, during periods. Therefore it is recommended to limit physical activities during periods. If you use a spiral Multiload, then its anatomic, natural form allows to keep reliably spirals in a uterus cavity.

If a spiral everything is dropped out, or there are doubts in a normality of its situation, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible. whether

It is possible to put Naval Forces at an erosion of a neck of a uterus?

use of Naval Forces is not recommended to

in the presence of a uterus neck erosion as short moustaches of Naval Forces can exert impact on an erosion.

More detailed information you can recognize

by phone of the free line of contraception
8 - 800 - 20 - 000 - 20 or on the website www. multiload. ru