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Its new weapon -


the Beautiful woman is beautiful in everything. Figure, smooth skin, well-groomed hair, radiant gloss of eyes … Our dear men want to see such us. But it is easy to speak to them! Living week after a week on the run, not having managed to oklematsya from one problem, being right there dipped into a new stress, holding the house, work and a family on the brittle shoulders, to watch itself, oh, as not easy! And meanwhile, the spring on an outcome, summer already here, and in soul wakes up that, familiar and passionate desire - to be very best!

we Follow the fashion

In this season to write off unhealthy complexion, a glassy look and a “nonideal“ figure for winter and avitaminosis any more not in fashion. And business even not that the industry of fitness so got stronger that at desire you can choose for yourself the optimum program even at the most loaded schedule. There is nothing sunbeds, beauty shops and the last developments of nutritionists. The modern woman chooses easier and available way to remind all of the main force - about beauty. Its new weapon is water.

Around water

How many once a day we usually adjoin to water? Since morning, taking a shower. At breakfast, drinking a cup of the invigorating coffee. At office, in a lunch break, supporting the forces by the same coffee or tea - to taste. And, of course, in the evening, reducing stress after the working day in a hot bathtub, and also making a dinner for house. We safely add a small bottle to the same list - another of the refreshing water after sports activities, water procedures in beauty shop, cool lemonade without which in hot weather it is dangerous to be shown from the house... The list can be continued. But already at this stage let`s admit: in most cases we deal with usual water from - under the crane or at best - with bottled. Here it, is found root of all evil! Us it is constant and in everything water for which quality and purity hardly anyone will decide to be charged accompanies.

However you do not hurry to change habitual water for mineral. Numerous kinds of silnomineralizirovanny water, in the majority, are the real medicine, effective only at the competent and dosed use. As to be what water to choose for daily use?


for the rule

Give one after another. Here you get up in the morning and begin water procedures. Of course, bathtubs from goat milk with which the queen Cleopatra indulged herself to maintain velvet and softness of the skin - not option for the modern woman understandably. We got used to use more available means for washing and gels, in hope that they will help to improve color and a condition of skin, to tone up and fill it with necessary nutrients. At the same time to all of us familiarly unpleasant feeling of tightness and dryness of skin which often arises after washing even if we use the best and most expensive means. Thawed glacial snow which, according to clinical trials, best of all refreshes and moistens skin proteinaceous fibers - the kollagena which are responsible for elasticity of skin and healthy complexion will help to solve this problem. On the structure such biologically active water reminds liquid of which our cages consist, and therefore is easily acquired by an organism. Besides simple washing, cosmetologists advise to prepare ice from thawed snow and to be rubbed off by it several times a day - there is better no means to tone up skin. And trays from glacial water very well influence a condition of hands and nails.

Where to take thawed glacial snow in the city? - you ask. It at you near by, in shop - we will answer. From all mineral waters presented at the market we advise to pay attention to the environmentally friendly “Arkhyz“ spilled in mountains of the North Caucasus. Why? You will understand soon.

we Go further. You prepare for yourself morning tea, and, perhaps, and a breakfast for members of household. And whether you know that few years ago to Russia from London there came specialists of the tea company “Arkhyz“ - so-called “ti - testers“ (tea - testers) - and conducted curious research here? They made the tea on different bottled waters. It became clear that the most tasty drink turns out on Arkhyz water. Concerning elite grades of coffee it is supervision also works smoothly. As for cooking in general, you, probably, it is not worse than us are familiar with a severe Russian problem of a yododefitsit and therefore you try to add special additives which not always do well to taste of your culinary masterpieces to food. An exit again - is simple: the daily dose of iodine necessary for the person contains in only one liter of table Arkhyz water. Its structure, besides iodine of a natural origin, includes also 17 minerals and minerals that will come in handy during the period to the veseena - autumn avitaminosis.

the Following step on the way to excellent health and an ideal figure - sports activities. During which (at conscientious approach, of course) not less than two liters of liquid are usually lost!“ The Arkhyz“ will help to be refreshed, keep a cheerfulness charge for all day, and, above all - to restore water balance. But, perhaps, the most important - the fact that it can be drunk in any quantities, without being afraid to do harm to the organism. A secret - in the unique balanced and optimum structure of “Arkhyz“.

By the way, “Arkhyz“ helps to take care of a figure not only during sports. Clinical trials also confirmed that “Arkhyz“ allows to regulate weight effectively: the warm water drunk before food reduces appetite, cold - opposite, raises. Agree, with approach of warm days such easy and fast way to correct a figure - the real stick - a lifesaver. The summer will not begin to wait!

Very best

In the sea of bottled Arkhyz water is the real lifebuoy. And if water from this unique mountain well flew directly from - under the crane, need for many cosmetics, drugs and “small female cunnings“ would disappear long ago. But let`s not wait for a miracle and, having remembered all today`s councils, we will go to the nearest shop behind a source of a female charm, beauty and charm. That in the first warm day to hear the long-awaited, caressing hearing phrase on the street: “The girl, you are charming! Allow to get acquainted with you!“ .

“Arkhyz“ contain In healing water :

Magnesium - provides to