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I remember this day of

Ya this day to the smallest details. On December 25, 2001, morning the most usual. Snow flakes, such big that, apparently, the world was curtained a white veil, a cup of hot coffee... The test for pregnancy becomes wet in a jar from - under mayonnaise. It is disseminated I look out of the window. The neighbour`s girl in a ridiculous blue hat, having seen me, waves to me a hand. I think that, probably, the 100-th time in 8 years buying the test in a drugstore, I hope for a miracle. And it as if avoids my house, every day taking away from me self-confidence, in tomorrow, in happiness of motherhood. In the house it is silent, and only hours as if measuring my childless time, tick: a tic - so, a tic so, a tic - so...

the First diary entry

Ya still I do not believe

that it could occur. I am pregnant! I want to repeat it many times, listening attentively to sense of the told phrase: I AM PREGNANT! At me as if wings grew, I can fly, I want to sing and the world rejoices together with me to my happiness. This not usual morning, but the most unusual in my life.


Ya she is pregnant!

I want

that day lasted long - long. The first I call mother. Choking I shout in a tube:
- Mother, mummy, I am pregnant!

I Pronounce many different words important and not really.
- Why you are silent?

I Hear a sobbing on that end of a wire. Mother cries with happiness.

Phone did not stop all day. Relatives, relatives and not really call, friends call, time 20 called the husband. The message was carried that is called in all doomsday. Moscow, Kiev, Volgograd, Anapa, Vladivostok, San - Frantsisko.

- Everything is good, no, at the doctor was not yet.
- When when, learned only today!
- Mother, at me everything is, I am full, warmly dressed, jam should not be sent, and I am happy, mother - and - and!

I flowers, flowers, flowers... Aunties from the nearest flower shop with surprise looked at the man, bought up such huge number of flowers that they hardly were located at it in hands.

Diary entry

Hi, kid! The doctor told today that you are three months old. It seems to me that I hear how your small heart fights. I well feel and I think that to you it is comfortable in my tummy too. Even some 6 months and you will be born. Your father bought me the subscription on occupations of yoga. Health and my figure cares for yours. The doctor told that such occupations are very useful.

the First months of pregnancy, waking up in the mornings, I long lay blindly, being afraid that when I finally wake up, the feeling of happiness will disappear and all this will be a dream. But happiness lived in me, developed, ate and felt according to testimonies of doctors excellently.

Diary entry

Hi kid! Today I was on ultrasonography. You are such baby. I made out your small handle. The doctor told that everything at us with you is good, it is only necessary to drink less water. The father looks after to you a carriage. You have time to think, pink you want or blue. The father told that bears on a blue carriage look much more effectively, than florets on pink. And at all the son or the daughter, now not important and it was never not important, the main thing, you is with us, and our love to you grows every day, every hour, every minute.

Pregnancy did not give me an inconvenience in life. I went to classes of yoga, worked, had a rest, swam in the pool. I developed own program of food. I drew, formed the dough into amusing figures, read, wrote verses. It seemed that I can move heaven and earth, and the little man giving me strength and inspiration was a point of support. Troubles seemed to me such petty and insignificant, and small pleasures reached universal scale.

Diary entry

my kid! I say every day to you as I love you as I wait for your birth. I so got used to feeling “lives in me“ that it will be sad to me to leave a tummy, but so, probably, all pregnant women think. A little glowworm in night, you shine me with unextinguishable light, directing me, supporting me. The fact of your existence makes me happy the woman on light. You already learn father`s hands when it irons a tummy in the evening, you turn over, pushed, and it brings your father into indescribable delight. Soon, very soon I will be able to press you, to kiss on a small ear and to whisper you the most important words.

Nine months flew by as one day. On August 20, 2002 the very young midwife scissored an umbilical cord surgical, and I heard shout, shout of my child informing the whole world on the birth. I lay on a couch in maternity hospital exhausted and happy, pressing the son to a breast and thought that I deserved this happiness, happiness of mother who just gave birth to the most beautiful child. In chamber I long could not fall asleep, everything ironed the small handle and kissed to the patch. Son. I gave birth to the son. We gave birth to the son...

in the Morning the husband on loaded to ten drove up in the flowers to a porch of maternity hospital. All flowers did not accept, resolved only a small bouquet and a bag of products. It signaled under windows, demanding that I agreed with doctors and it was let in chamber. The grandmother who arrived to 6 o`clock in the morning with firm intention to see the great-grandson tried to put off to the nurse a chocolate for that it was passed. But all could see a small miracle only in four days when I was discharged from hospital. In several days after our arrival home my husband will tell: “This woman made me happy!“.

From that day there passed nearly three years. During this time I had many happy days, the first step, the first word, the first zubik, the first favourite mug broken “for luck“, the birth of the second child, but that day on December 25, 2001 I will never forget.

this day our house happiness lodged.