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Waiting for the kid of

That the first visit of future mother to the doctor was productive, it is worth being prepared for it in advance. How it is better to make it, the manager of a maternity welfare unit of N1 of Hugo - the Western district of Moscow, the obstetrician - the gynecologist Valentina Ivanovna Remizova tells.

All future mothers dream to give birth to the healthy, strong kid. Therefore it will be better if “pregnancy“ to make the diagnosis to you on early terms. Then you will pass a complex of necessary primary inspections quicker and will begin to care competently for the health. And it also means to be good mother, now you with future baby - an integrated whole. What needs to be taken with itself, gathering to the doctor the first time? Do not forget the passport with a mark about a registration and the policy of obligatory medical insurance. During the first visit and the doctor, and you have to obtain a maximum of useful information. The doctor - about your health. You - about the new way of life.

That the doctor can ask
  1. of the pregnant woman

the Detailed medical anamnesis . needs to tell

to you to the doctor what diseases you had from what of them you suffer now whether there are in your family any hereditary illnesses. It is better to write out all these data from your card taken in policlinic in advance. Also prepare to the doctor of the data on age of approach your the first monthly, their duration and a regularity. Bring with yourself a menstrual calendar card with date of the last of “critical days“ that the doctor could calculate the term of your pregnancy.

Be ready
  1. of that the doctor will ask you to make group of analyses : the general analyses of urine and blood, blood on sugar and a prothrombin, the analysis from a vein on definition of a blood type and a Rhesus factor - accessories, blood test on AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis, and also a biochemical blood test. Besides, all your adult environment has to pass inspection on tuberculosis - fluorography. Perhaps, the doctor will consider it necessary to send you for ultrasonic research which is conducted during pregnancy several times. By results of these simple inspections which will be already ready to your following visit to a maternity welfare unit the doctor will make the decision whether additional consultation of the geneticist, cardiologist, nephrologist, urologist is necessary for you.
  2. For the first time you can also receive the directions to “obligatory“ experts : The ENT SPECIALIST - to the doctor, the stomatologist and the oculist.
  3. during the first visit the doctor makes the decision on capture of dab on flora and - according to indications - on an infection . All data of the first poll are entered in your individual card, and on their basis the plan of conducting your pregnancy before the childbirth is formed.

What questions should asking the doctor to you

  1. What I can feel at the beginning of the pregnancy? What feelings are norm? And in what cases it is necessary to prick up the ears? whether
  2. It is admissible during pregnancy sex life? whether
  3. to me Should accept
  4. vitaminno - the mineral complexes intended especially for pregnant women and what it is concrete?
  5. What drugs I can drink
  6. from widespread illnesses: from a headache, increase or pressure decline, tachycardia, intestinal frustration, cold, cough, heartburn, nausea, a lock, temperature increase, an allergy. And what medicines I should refuse from - for their adverse effect on the developing fruit? whether
  7. I Can accept infusions of herbs, dietary supplements, homeopathic medicines? What of natural means are contraindicated during incubation and feeding of the kid?
  8. needs to keep to me to a diet now? What products should be excluded from the diet and what makes sense is regularly? whether
  9. I Can drink coffee, aerated water, beer, wine and in what quantities? whether
  10. I Have to leave off smoking
  11. ?
  12. What physical exercises are useful to
  13. at pregnancy? In what sports I am now forbidden to be engaged?
  14. What clothes to me it is better for li to wear during pregnancy? whether
  15. I Can visit a sunbed, sunbathe under the open sun?
  16. Useful or harmful to me? whether
  17. will not be damaged to future child by visit of a bath and sauna? whether
  18. I need to observe a high security of day or it is possible to live “by old rules“?
  19. In what pose to me it is better for li to sleep that the growing fruit felt comfortable?
  20. What physical activities are admissible
  21. during pregnancy? to
  22. I need release from “professional harm“ - the works hazardous to health of future child? whether
  23. the radiation of the computer, microwave oven, mobile phone Is harmful to
  24. to the developing fruit? whether
  25. I Can continue by
  26. driving of the car or I should refrain from trips alone? whether
  27. my pregnancy and what type of transport Allows to travel: by plane, by train, by motor ship?
  28. What
  29. decorative and medical cosmetics I can use? whether
  30. I Can paint hair and to do a chemical wave? whether
  31. to Abstain to me from use of aerosols: deodorants, hairsprays, and also nail varnishes? whether
  32. I Can do to
  33. an epilation of hair on a body without prejudice to the kid and in what way?
  34. What means of household chemicals is allowed to apply safely houses and at the dacha of what it is necessary to be afraid?