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All grow thin!

U you there is a fitness - the card? On it it is necessary to lay a route.

On informal statistics, less than two thirds which bought the annual card in fitness - club regularly use it. Not all clients prolong membership how owners of clubs dreamed of it. The reason - not only laziness of traditionally unsportsmanlike population. To be disappointed in fitness as easy as shelling pears, having even officially issued with it the relations. In order that trainings brought the expected effect, still it is not enough paid subscription: a question in what with it to do. We offer the maintenance instruction fitness - club.

it would Seem to

, sports equipment - business the last. What difference in what to be engaged if the main thing - as? Actually well picked up and beautiful form not only motivates once again to come to training (that is especially true concerning the fair sex), but also helps to give all the best on all hundred in the course of occupations. Problem of No1 - it is competent to approach the choice of footwear. Group aerobic programs require footwear with a soft heel and the strengthened fixing of an ankle joint. The multilayered sole and special udaropogloshchayushchy inserts in calcaneal and nosochny areas will minimize harm from load of joints and a backbone, and high top - to protect a shin from injuries. If you are going to throw forces on a racetrack, it is necessary to buy the easiest sneakers having the calcaneal stabilizer (which reliably fixes a heel and protects legs from injuries), with the increased depreciation abilities. Besides, in a middle part of a sole there has to be a rigid insert which reduces risk of twisting of foot. For occupations by tennis the special sneakers providing good coupling with a surface and helping to keep stability at the lateral braking motions are on sale. Besides, in tennis sneakers the sock is strengthened - to secure toes against a trauma, there are same udaropogloshchayushchy inserts. For dancing aerobics there is a special footwear - jazz shoes on pass - a heel, for boxing classes - bortsovka with fixing an anklebone astride. And here come to yoga, Pilates and other similar classes barefoot!

K fitness - clothes, unlike footwear, requirements are minimum. They can be expressed one phrase:“ Yes - to synthetic materials, is not present - to cotton“. The last appeared in outsiders because of high hygroscopicity (in 20 minutes after the beginning of training to a cotton top and trousers one road - in drying). Besides, the century of sports equipment from natural fabrics is very short: it is necessary to wash clothes every time after classes, and cotton as a result of such address completely loses a trade dress. And here modern synthetic materials - a taktel, viscose, sappleks, an elastane, polyamide - quickly evaporate moisture, allow a body to breathe, are not rumpled, not deformed and therefore promote achievements on a fitness field.

As for a style is a matter of taste. But you remember: free trousers are necessary for lessons of martial arts which characteristic is the big amplitude of movements. And it is better to visit yoga and Pilates in the fitting Capri or shorts that the trainer could check, how correctly wards carry out his instructions, straining these or those muscles.

That who independently is engaged on cardiovascular machines pulsators will be necessary for

. Widespread belief “the more intensively training, the quicker you grow thin“ it is quite misleading: the organism gets rid of fatty stocks at pulse rate in 60-65% from maximum (it is calculated individually). And here at higher loading the cardiovascular system and endurance train. Therefore not to “fly by“ with the strategic task, not to do without exact data on pulse rate. Special gloves which allow to strengthen hold are necessary for the all-rounders preferring power training and to avoid “labor“ callosities on palms.

Not the dry ration

the Favourite question fitness - clients: how to eat to grow thin?“ If you want to lose weight at the expense of subcutaneous fat, at the same time to increase force and endurance of muscles, on the eve of day of training pass to low-calorie food, - the manager advises fitness - programs of the World Gym center Vitaly Rybakov. - This day eat not less than four times, the last serious meal has to be for three - four hours before occupations. For half an hour before training support force about 30 g of simple carbohydrates“. For example, it is possible to refuel a glass of juice or in couple of apples.

A what to do “later“? Council from the dietitian of a network of clubs “Planet Fitness“ Yulia Drobashenko: if it is required to lose weight in any way including at the expense of muscle bulk, then it is necessary to eat food not less than in two hours, greasy food - through eight - ten hours. If you go to the gym with the purpose to get a muscular relief, then within two hours after classes, on the contrary, it is necessary to fill loss of carbohydrates and proteins. For a set of muscle bulk of Yuli Drobashenko recommends to consume proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the ratio 0,5/0,5/1 and is in two hours prior to training (popular option - a plate of rice with chicken breast).

Special sports food - destiny of the “serious“ clients dreaming of relief muscles or subordinating a day regimen fitness - to tasks. Nonprofessionals can be limited to drinks - the isotonics including vitamins and minerals. However if trainings intensive also last more than 45 minutes, during occupations it is recommended to take drinks with an average (6-8%) the content of carbohydrates - for working capacity maintenance. Anyway idle time (not aerated!) it is necessary to provide with drinking water itself at full scale: even insignificant dehydration considerably reduces working capacity, and for school hours we lose decently - up to two liters of liquid.“ During usual training of average intensity it is necessary to drink water in small amounts each twenty minutes“, - Yulia Drobashenko advises (it is about two - four glasses an hour).

Almost all clubs offer

On an individual basis one free consultation of the “local“ doctor who will restrain a heat of a beginner fitness - life of the client and will orient on the programs suitable it. Besides, the doctor, as a rule, holds testing on key parameters (flexibility, power and cardioendurance, balance and balance) by results of which he reveals weaknesses and makes individual recommendations. Many visitors neglect it pass - inspection, and in vain. It is worth descending in an office at least to obtain useful information about the maximum pulse rate and to use it during the work with a pulsator. According to Vitaly Rybakov, the general medical recommendations look as follows.

At diseases of a backbone percussions and vertical power loadings have to be excluded. At a hypertension and it is bilious - the stone illness should exclude long inclinations, big burdenings at fast speed, breath delays. At hypotonia avoid static muscular loadings (it concerns a gym and a class of a kallanetik). At diseases of endocrine and it is warm - vascular system it is impossible to allow excess of the individual pulse mode, at a varicosity it is better to avoid a step - aerobics, to avoid jumps, and also not to be zealous in a gym at load of muscles of legs. Yulia Drobashenko notes that there is a separate category of clients who should be engaged under continuous supervision of the doctor, are pregnant women.

However, a number of clubs offers for them specialized group programs. And of course not to do without doctor those who have with health serious problems.

However visitors of sports clubs should not forget

that the quantity not always turns into quality. Daily occupations without rest - a direct road to a so-called overtraining which is capable to separate from fitness for health reasons any and for a long time. To plan the optimum frequency and intensity of power trainings, and there are instructors: in - the first, one free introduction occupation and one free drawing up the program, in - the second is provided in the majority of clubs, there is an opportunity to visit personal classes. There are they from $20 to $70 for one visit depending on category of an institution, qualification of the trainer and the number of trainings (upon purchase of the subscription on ten and more visits the essential discount - from 10% is offered).

That who is not up to the end confident in need of individual work should work under supervision of the instructor at least the first one and a half months, and then to resort to his help for drawing up the new program each six weeks. It does not make sense to be loyal to the old plan - the organism manages to adapt quickly to loadings and as a result ceases to react to them.

Everything as at adults

Administration fitness - clubs does everything possible that clients longer remained within the walls of an institution. The classics of a genre - fitness - the bar and children`s game rooms - enjoys invariable popularity at frequenters of gyms. Hits among the clients anxious with health - a bath, a sunbed and a massage office. And if in small clubs it is possible to undergo all complex of procedures all in a couple of hours, then in network institutions visitors need for this purpose not less days. For example, World Gym offers the Moroccan and Turkish baths, a pressoterapiya and hydrotherapy for anti-cellulite effect, thalassotherapy and a balneoterapiya for a relax and restoration, dry akvamassazh in a special capsule. In “the Planet Fitness“ is procedure of an instant relaxation “Antistress“ for the clients tired with active lifestyle, thermomineral treatment for start of regenerative processes in an organism, an aromatherapy for removal of muscular tension, seven types of massage (including Thai), a stounterapiya and a series of procedures from Ayurvedic medicine. By itself, clubs offer also standard cosmetology services.

Besides, in the Moscow clubs of clients is trained in squash, tennis, diving, basketball, give the chance to drive a ball on football pass - the field or to play a ping - a pong, to take part in ski runnings and water polo competitions.

the Route on the beach

is shorter than

if to use opportunities fitness - clubs to the full extent within a year (or at least half a year), it is possible to approach the next beach season in quite standard state. The men dreaming of “bodibildersky“ muscles should move along a route “the training hall fitness - the bar“: power occupations (it is better personal) two - three times a week in a combination to special sports food, protein-rich and carbohydrates, are capable if not to increase muscle bulk then to provide the minimum relief. A month before opening of a season will be useful to include in the schedule of training on cardiovascular machines to get rid of a fat and to show svezhenakachanny muscles in all beauty.

to Women with the traditional purpose to grow thin - a direct road on energy-intensive a saykling - the classes and lessons providing loss of fatty deposits and increase in a muscular tone, for example, of BodyPump. Time has to be also for visit of a sunbed - that, according to recommendations of doctors, gradually to prepare skin for a shock portion of the beach sun.

the Program for those who intend to restore the health which reeled from a sedentary life includes visit of aerobic classes, the pool, improving courses like Pilates and yoga, and also regular use of cardiovascular machines. Suffering from a stress and exhaustion as well as possible lessons of martial arts, numerous combined practice like Body Combat and the antistress programs influencing both a body and on mentality will approach.