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Attaleia Club (Baby seal, Turkey), June, 2004. My impressions of

Actually, these notes - mostly collecting my impressions described earlier at various forums therefore they apply only for a detail of the description and are urged to give the answer to a question: whether it is worth going with the small child there.

When you will enter through an awful entrance to hotel, pass a reception and will go outside, the first impression - IT!

the Pine wood, pleasant lodges twined greens, almost marble paths and mad beauty the twisting pool in a shadow - it is called “the forest lake“ there. We lived in this part - numbers begin on “11“ on the right, at the left on “12“ - on the left it is more beautiful, to the right - absolutely already the wood, this part - “in pines“. It is shady, cool, at cloudy weather it can even be gloomy and dampish.

In the forest lake (in one place, in the others - the usual pool) depth smoothly increases from scratch, imitating a natural reservoir. It is very convenient - the children able to go come into water. As the pool is located considerable part in a shadow, water not really warm, in June in the evenings we sometimes even froze. In the evening, from the lake fountains beat (not for long). In total with illumination - it is very beautiful, you avoid noisy animation, you get over through the mountain and you are pacified.

Absolutely other hotel “in palm trees“ - palm trees on a belt, florets, occur among lodges idle fountains. The main pool quite sad, paddling pools at us were almost right in the sun. At the same time, the part in palm trees is pleasant to much more - more sun, is closer to the sea - to restaurants - to noise etc. Numbers on “13“ and “14“. The first 2 figures “15“ - on a grief, “femil“.

generally - all pluses for me, generally “in pines“ are also limited to a site.

On “watershed“ is costed by the main restaurant, to it conducts couple more of tens of steps or a twisting footpath (on a photo - a look from restaurant). Then - descent down, further - the main pool. There is no vegetation around. There is a bar near the pool, and near it a canopy. Representations evening take place in the same place, sideways to a hill the scene pritulitsya, around it placed little tables in the evenings. On absolutely flat place, in the presence of a natural eminence which already the semi-ready amphitheater is for me a riddle.

Right there, right in the sun near the pool, the tent (more precisely - a mesh box 1,5 by 1,5 meters) an exchange of towels with the mysterious schedule of work with 9 stood. 30 to 12. 00 and with 14. 00 to 17. 00. T. e in the morning when we went to the beach, it was impossible to exchange towels - it is closed when we went from the beach after a lunch - already closed. In the evenings we too usually went to the sea - approximately with 5 to 6. 30 9. The Turk giving towels and this schedule corrected in own favor. Especially the box for tip touched in this situation. Generally - anyway to change towels that was authorized 1 time a day, we managed seldom.

we Follow further - the big pool 2 more tiny, awnings over them at us were not, but they were over plank beds around - for parents.

Near paddling pools - day restaurant. There is still no vegetation around any unless hibiscus bushes near toilets nearby.

Further at last the path between 2 - mya football fields which conducts to the beach begins

(on a photo). Around it modest bushes, shadows are not present too. Near the beach oleanders and flowers are landed - it is lovely. All these bushes - flowers pour down constantly from one faucet for washing of legs by means of a hose. On 2 - y remained all loading is necessary - the turn is reached sometimes by the person 15. We sometimes on boorishly removed a hose with 2 - go the crane - because around the 12th day it is impossible to stand right in the sun, and it is necessary to reach a shadow still! Generally from the beach there was second exit on boondocks, there too it was possible to wash legs, and it conducted around football fields on the region of the territory to courts. But very much it is far.

the Beach - standard for Belek, unfortunately, not with a continuous awning, and with stationary umbrellas. It is good to take places hours at 8 in the morning, then very hardly. On the beach there is a bar - Coca - water. From 12 in the afternoon - hot dogs or something like that.

Around a pier - hurrah! - could swim for a while, there are stones and small fishes.

of the Playground in hotel was not, there was a fence with sand near children`s club (near the lunch pool), and all.

All numbers quite big (the decor is not close to me at all), but different. We had successful number, first “room“ without windows, a bed 2 by 2 meters, in local terminology “King“, colored white paint of a bedside table - cases and a carpet - Xing - black florets on type a white background, a rastsvetochka absolutely nonspottable, but depressing. Further a plywood partition (with 2 - mya part with 2 - mya balconies, there the unary bed and a sofa stood pleasant vitrazhika) and. And marble little table:. And one of balconies (what 30 by 80 cm) an entrance door adjoined long part of a sofa and it was possible to get out to it only having removed a berth. A floor - type the marble cold. Still plus - a bathroom very good, water is podsinivat, it sometimes strains.

I Repeat

, such number - the most successful option since there were numbers without partition, just a step down in 2 - yu the room; numbers where the sofa stood in the first room, and in the second - 2 usual beds; numbers, where a sofa and the TV - in the second, and in the first - two unary beds... Still some options... But an entrance everywhere at once to the room! There is no corridor. I.e., if the maid takes in head to become hollow in number when you are there, then the first that she will see - your seminude body.

the Safe paid, we preferred not to communicate, closed everything rather valuable in a suitcase with the coded lock.

fight Against mosquitoes dispersal of yellow powder, it is not pleasant to me, ugly and ineffectively.“ Type marble“ paths slippery, especially when wet after infinite washing, it is especially heavy with a carriage uphill. Chairs nurseries were awful - metallichesko - oil-cloth. Oilcloth, naturally, fragmentary. Washed their once a day from a hose. Therefore purity of the got stool - personally in your hands.

Still the straining moment: tables - all on the 8th persons. And as to the people it is a lot of, at one table representatives 2 gathered, at least, - x families, we managed never unless ourselves sat down by those who to us were nice to avoid a podsazhivaniye of strangers. But whether they were glad?:-)

Food, it is as if softer to tell... so-so:


generally, the child it is possible to feed, but it is difficult.

Sweet - types 10, apart from the Turkish sweets. I liked nothing, except one tvorozhno - a cherry cake, but it seldom happened. Usually one type of sweet prepares is direct in the hall - balls in honey or fried fruit. Fruit fresh - oranges - water-melons. Time on 2 there were peaches and vonograd, time 5 - a melon. Strawberry - sweet cherry was not in general. Tea - coffee at supper did not give, but the special coffee bar was near. Well, rather badly.

from waiters sloppiness the sheer, but it just not that can strongly upset me. To me to wander in search of a fork - a napkin not difficult, and to stand here in a queue for a piece of chicken... alas.

Restaurants “a la cards“ me were not noticed by

, was paid fish - a basic appendix, but I there never saw anybody.

After ice cream cotton candy or the priest - Korn, but not happened every day, I did not understand their schedule. Water is left every other day on paths in packings who wants - a beret. In a minibar do not bring. Once a week - a party with punch. Punch needed to be guarded. Welcome everything.

me Fedor the first three ate day with

U only rolls and apples, then began to eat baked potato and fish - a grill for dinner, several spoons of soup during the lunchtime, sometimes boiled egg. Survived. But at supper we took flat cakes entirely, even the uncle knew us which baked them.

we Had a rest four together - I, my mother and 2 boys - 10,5 and nearly 2. Due to the features of hotel the schedule of day at us developed at once.

Rise approximately in 7. 30 - 8. 00. We wash - we gather and with all things (towels, naduvalka, a bucket - shovels, a carriage) we go to a way in 8. 00 - 8. 15. Mother with children goes to the dining room, I - to take places on the beach. In 8. The 30th mornings the considerable part of places in June was already occupied, but it was possible to find in 3 - m to a row not too far from is central an entrance. I come back to the dining room, there is already a wish to lie down in number in a cool, but I eat together with them, they leave earlier, I catch up with them. We bathe - we sunbathe, hours in 10 I go to change couple of towels. We are interrupted on the beach and in vicinities to 12, we gather, we go on a lunch. If we forget something in number - to come back from the beach there is no sense, very much exhausts, it is better to manage.

we have Sedately dinner, we go to number, on the way we with the son are dipped into the main pool - to prokhladitsya. Frankly speaking, for mother and for us, the hill at one o`clock in the afternoon was already test. In number we wash and we fall... Hours to 4 - x.

B 4 we taxi to the pool in pines, besides, with all things. Approximately in 17. 30 we go to the sea - already easier, not so hot. It is not enough people on the beach, all with small children - is not hot, it is possible to drag up plank beds directly to the sea.

of Hours in 7 we go to number, we wash, we taxi for dinner, then pass - the disco. After it I go to sleep with younger, mother with the senior usually watch evening show. By the way, animation in hotel did not excite us and did not affect, more precisely, seemingly, that except mediocre evening performances, it was not at all.

Approximately put

on 3 - y became me absolutely badly from a reservation, and I, with effort to the eldest son from rest, dragged it in Kadriye. Minibuses by hotel do not go, the only transport - a taxi. Perhaps, someone also went for 6 dollars, but we went for 10 - the bargaining began with 15, I also was glad to that. Agreed about two excursions, traditionally, on rafting and in Demre there - Myrrha - Kekova. To live it became more cheerful.

In general, during this rest I had an impression that constantly it is necessary to overcome some difficulties... but maybe, and it is necessary at vegetable rest with “ol inklyuzivy“ - that absolutely not to turn into vegetable? At everything at the same time something in hotel it is pleasant to p to eat

- memorable, there is a wish to visit there sometime, but to visit. To have a rest? It is not sure yet.