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Family New year (the scenario of a holiday) of

So, again approaches New year. It means, bustle on shops, multiton bags, salads, a New Year`s night obzhiralovka, the mountain of dirty ware, “the most sleepy day of a calendar“ again - on January 1... My God, well, for what all so love New year? It is so much efforts and for the sake of what? All the same all night long at the TV we will stay. Speak, the most romantic holiday in a year. And what in it romantic? Well, fir-tree, well toys, well candles...

By the way what cool fir-tree at us was last year - only three colors: red, white, green. Almost according to Krzysztof Zanussi. Green fir-tree, red spheres, red beads, white bows. All gasped. Candles... My collection of candles! It began in a year before last when presented me such tremendous fat candle with a starfish and cockleshells! She should buy couple more of girlfriends next year. And that were surely combined with new white curtains! I love white color - color of freshness, sea foam, the first snow... Oh, as there is a wish for snow! Fluffy, easy, such flickering under stars! And New year.

Again New year! It means, search of gifts, rustling of packing paper in snowflakes and Santa - klausa, the mountain of surprises under a fir-tree, a holiday table, salatik, a New Year`s goose with apples, the festive program for the TV... So, stop! What TV? It is New year - the most romantic holiday in a year! And the most family... Eh, it is a pity that in a family it is impossible to arrange a carnival. And who told that it is impossible? Well - that to think up it? And that, if:

1. To make preparations of masks that everyone chose whom he will be this evening, and made to itself a mask ( I will be a fortuneteller ).

2. To stage a contest on the most original “wish in image“, i.e. on behalf of the character to think up an unusual congratulation

3. To hold a competition of toasts. For certain it will be pleasant to the daddy. options Are possible: just different toasts,

  • to distribute to
    • cards with the first part of a toast, and the second part needs to be thought up most.

    4. To play “A fortunetelling lottery“. To make crackers (or hearts) with filling:

    • a coin (wealth),
    • candy (dolce vita),
    • a fruit stone (a rich harvest on a personal plot),
    • a key (apartment),
    • a fabric rag (new dresses),
    • the ticket (travel),
    • vitamins (health),
    • a small pipe (glory),
    • a theatrical applet (social life)

    5. To organize a competition on the best snowman. If we will be in the village why not to take an opportunity and not to tinker with pure snow?

    6. To think up a comic horoscope for each family member. And that, very simply! How many they before New year print. To take gotovenkiya, and to substitute in it something very personal and ridiculous for everyone I as - nibud will manage.

    7. To dress up our dogs in Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. If them at us two, let too will participate in a family carnival.

    8. To organize an exhibition of a self-made Christmas tree decoration. M - yes, it is necessary to tinker with it. It is possible to make, of course, them in advance, and it is possible along with masks.

    9. To begin “The family chronicle“. It is idea! To combine it with the beginning of the third millennium. There will be the most real History of a family - family traditions, events, holidays, with photos, notes, drawings. It is possible even to find out a rating of family values.

    10. To cook “New Year`s punch“. The husband will be engaged in it. It is necessary to specify only the recipe that did not strike memory ahead of time.

    11. If still there are forces, it is possible to hold the Festival of theatrical skill, for example, to dramatize some children`s fairy tale, but in a new way. In the right frame of mind it can quite turn out !

    12. In honor of a year of the Snake to walk on rooms “snake“ - an engine.

    So what at us turned out? Yes the whole scenario appears! Let`s try to order.

    the Scenario for a meeting of New year at the dacha (in rest house).

    1. Arrival on the dacha. Decoration of the house, decoration of a fir-tree, table layout. Exhibition of a self-made Christmas tree decoration.

    2. Appears pass - a carnival. All do themselves masks of preparations.

    3. Farewell to the old year.

    4. A competition on the best snowman.

    5. Preparation of New Year`s punch.

    6. New Year`s sure-fire fortunetelling lottery. All pull out to themselves number which corresponds to a heart - a surprise. One of attendees performs the leader`s task (game in forfeits). After performance of a task it is necessary to remove from a fir-tree a heart with the number and to learn that the destiny prepares.

    7. The greeting to year of the Snake - to walk “snake“ on the house.

    8. Meeting of New year.

    9. Delivery of gifts on behalf of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden (in their role - our dogs).

    10. A New Year`s wish “in image“.

    11. Comic horoscope.

    12. Dances to exhaustion.

    Everything, I run to prepare! Eventually, it is possible - and it is even necessary - at least once in a year to remember that all of us once were children that all of us can and we like to play the fool. And where and to do it how not in an own family? Perhaps then every year at us will be rather happy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!