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It is more, than the midwife of

The more articles in different magazines I read, the more I understand how I was lucky with the midwife. Our women that did not swear at them on fights already consider as miracle and do not suspect with what there can be childbirth! I and my husband we remember childbirth as the finest and important point in our life. And all this thanks to our Midwife from capital letter - to Kotlar Natalia.

I got To its Center of Parental Culture “our Stork“ according to the recommendation of the girlfriend Ania for what to it many thanks. Center this small, but main thing not a sign, but “soul“. From Natasha good waves proceed. I went on courses for pregnant women from Moscow area 1,5 hours by an electric train, then - the subway, then - the bus, but was not sorry about it minutes. In the center all fatigue was forgotten, the cheerful and warm atmosphere reigned. In total in “my set“ about couples 9 - 10 was engaged there. Someone left, someone came.

Natasha told

about advantages of childbirth of the house, without imposing anybody the services. Some couples gave birth in maternity hospitals, and it accompanied them. This help was very effective, an arbitrariness from personnel was not allowed, the rights of the first early applying and late cutting of an umbilical cord were observed. I also approached Natasha and told that I will give birth in maternity hospital, and on courses “I will just breathe“. She softly smiled and nodded.

Almost all were couples, and I - one. Feeling my confusion, Natasha paid me more attention. When the end of occupations came nearer - there were only two - I asked the husband to go with me. By then I understood that I want to give birth with it at home, but also could not dream of it - once he told that he is capable of a lot of things, only not of childbirth! Very much worried, and he admitted then that he went with desire “to disperse all this sect“.

Having seen us, Natasha understood everything: she seemed to me showed, told everything only for us. Arranged so that the husband did with us gymnastics and massage. When we got into the car, I was afraid to utter the word. “We give birth houses!“ - the husband told, having visited only one occupation.

Other decision was difficult even to be presented to

- an important issue I could entrust it only to Natasha. Before me gave birth 4 couples from our group - we called up, they told the difficult cases, all were delighted with Natasha`s professionalism. During our acquaintance we very much approached - all very much made friends, called up and met. With Natasha we swam with dolphins, took a steam bath in a sauna and ran on snow.

day of childbirth Came. Evening, we go to bed, and waters depart here. The husband it is pleased rubs hands and instead of carrying me to the state house, puts our nest in order - once again wiped dust, washed the pool, gathered waters. Natasha - for water childbirth, and our baby wished to be born on the land. But the pool all the same very much helped, fights take place in it incomparably easier.

Ya called Moscow to Natasha. She asked to note time between fights and to exchange calls. Itself got ready for a trip by car. I had difficult (the daughter followed a bottom, legs and handles the head) childbirth, 12,5 hours lasted, but Natasha helped softly as considers inadmissible rough intervention: it is not necessary to get into destiny - asterisks will agree on the sky, and the kid will come. I did without any stimulation though terribly I am afraid of pain. At the time of delivery I was surrounded by native walls, pleasant music played, candles burned. Also my darling, my husband who gave birth with me for all 100% was near - did me massage, encouraged me and physically. At a culmination point Natasha quickly helped me, and any muscle did not tremble on her face. She applied the baby to my breast, and I quietly gave rise to an afterbirth.

After Natasha 2 more times was at us on patronage, watched the baby, learned to bathe, swaddle, look after an umbilical cord. Thanks to it I still feed (we are nearly 2,5 years old). We are not simply familiar - we made friends. I always address it for council because I know - she is the kind, sympathetic, clever, believing woman! For me it is more, than the midwife! I will be grateful for the childbirth to it all life.

P. S. Once during feeding of the daughter to me the inspiration came, and I wrote to Natasha a verse to birthday. Not really harmoniously, but heartily:

the person Is that works wonders -
is a magician, the fairy.
the Century I will thank heaven
For the fact that brought together me with it.

Happened I will arrive, was tired also the evils,
But only I will enter its doors, the Smile I will see
- the fatigue passed, Already I do not feel sorry for
about anything!


Some aura near it,
you Suit - and it is breathed easier.
As though bad you will give it the,
A kind will cure soul.

Someone will notice

: “Yes that you, a billeting,
Same it is simple work!“
Can and so, but in work of such
both the love, and care Are necessary.

To people love, and care of them,
the Help and in word and deed.
Is ability of the birth an instant
to Make beautiful,
A seven - a single whole!