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You do not hurry for work after the delivery of

my pregnancy became a little unexpected, but, nevertheless, a joyful event in our family.

U me legal education, but was necessary to work to me not in the specialty. The first words of heads at employment were: “What experience?“ . What can be length of service in the specialty if on specialty without experience do not take? The vicious circle turns out. On a last year of institute, doing practical training in court, could prove from the good party. My documents for employment were accepted in a reserve. It was necessary to wait for a call.

got a job the selling assistant in shop selling cosmetics and perfumery So far. Unexpectedly begun toxicosis gave up as a bad job work in shop. Smells of perfume and deodorants pursued me even houses. When the buyer opened a flakonchik with spirits, uncontrollably pulled me (excuse for such details) in a toilet. Two weeks later, the director of shop correctly asked me to make room...

All pregnancy I spent

at home. Read to future kid of the fairy tale, with affection finding in them the moments to which in the childhood did not pay attention, sang songs, long walked. The birth of the daughter became a joyful event. But over time I began to notice that that finance which with such work was got by the husband began not to be enough catastrophically. If themselves in something could be cut down, then in relation to the child it would become just a crime.

in the Following blow to a pocket was the fact that at me milk was gone, hardly the baby was 2 months old. Not to tell me to you about the prices of food, mixes and pampers. Sometimes I, sobbing, parted squashes and a milk, knowing that I for dinner will feed which week the husband of “Mivina“. The husband looked for side jobs, came late, tired. The family began to go to pieces...

on November 29, 2001 Lerochke was executed by

year, and on the first of December I was called from court with the offer on work (3 years later after submission of documents). I was in confusion. The girl was too small for a day nursery, and I could not miss such chance. In this situation I was helped out by my mother-in-law. Low to it bow for it. She quitted the job (and worked as the deputy chief of jobcenter) and accepted our daughter.

7 more months Later Lerochka went to kindergarten. The mother-in-law continued to look after her. Took away from a garden, walked in the evenings when I, having arrived from work, made a dinner. Then we moved to other city. Time departed in continuous haste - morning, the breakfast, kindergarten, public transport, work, again transport, again a garden, home, a dinner to sleep... And it is so infinite.

Now Lerochke nearly 5 years and I with grief think that I missed the most interesting years of her life. Passed from - for our uncomfortable reality, from - for social vulnerability, from - for elementary shortages of money. It becomes sad when you see how young mother seeks to escape for work right after childbirth. And not because in the house there is nothing to eat, and so to speak, on people to look, prove to be. Even more often young mothers come to work from - for desires to run away from the house, from constant cares. Mothers fly to work, and houses with grandmothers, grandfathers wait for them and love for the sake of what only and it is worth living.