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Free childbirth in Khabarovsk

Hello, lovely women! I wish you health heartily!

I already Read to

many stories, sympathized with someone, in someone recognized myself, and of course, did not agree with someone. Decided to tell about the childbirth what the woman having the child can tell about? Now I was adjusted on the second while only I collect information how in advance to be prepared for pregnancy and childbirth. And the story will be about the first experience.


About pregnancy at once, literally in a week after conception, by irrepressible nausea. It was bad from in total felt sick from a borsch smell, from laundry detergent, and from own husband:-). As it became clear already 2 months later after a wedding, marriage was marriage in the real sense of the word. Having learned about pregnancy, my blessed decided what can be got up anything as with a rebyatenok I from it will not get to anywhere. What at first also was.

Pregnancy took place

middlingly, big problems were not, but also not everything proceeded smoothly. Toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy did not allow me to live till 16 weeks, mine did not begin to move lyalya yet. And before passed a holiday behind a holiday, feasts on which the table broke, and I could not eat also a small piece: - (. Only after the first light touches which were felt only by me appetite came. I with wild pleasure ate “sorcerers“, bragging every minute all family as I well feel, and in 20 minutes already cried in a bathroom, having left “sorcerers“ and explaining to mother that I pay because it is terribly a pity for “sorcerers“.

Now I was much more careful than

, and little by little everything returned to normal. Two times lay on “preservation“. In quotes because were going to close 3 - y maternity hospital. And to prove how it is necessary, all places are taken, put on preservation of everyone. Without mentioning house problems with the husband, I will tell only that from - for constant hassles I gave rise a week earlier (by my calculations, and by calculations of doctors - for 15 days earlier), fights began earlier, in 8 months, but then premature birth managed to be avoided.

generally, at 8 in the morning I felt rhythmical, easy fights of which long thought the last months of pregnancy. Yes, you will not mix with anything them. My mother was in hospital after difficult operation at this time, and I carried every day it a bulyonchik and tvorozhnichka since “for all“ she still could not eat hospital food. With run on kitchen to prepare for mother to eat! Having checked the bags and having taken just in case with itself an obmenka, food with changes in hospital to mother.

Sitting in chamber and smiling, I speak: “Mother, you will become a grandmother soon“. Smile, view of my thick tummy. “And I do not know that!“

- Is not present

, mother, very soon! Probably, today!
- And as! Yes in hospital it is necessary to you!
- Hee - hi, I and so in hospital,
will not allow to die. - Oh, ah and as...

“Everything will be normal

, - I calm the mother, - Now I will go home, and then and I will call an ambulance. Everything is good!“ The fear was not as so far and pains too. Everything was ahead.

, probably, have more than

B six of evening with boredom so that more nothing globally changes, I called an Ambulance. It arrived surprisingly quickly. That`s all, it is time. The husband goes with me, it is necessary to take away a package of my things. Interest in eyes, not sympathy, no! Interest. I feel a guinea pig, supports any.

want to refuse to

a reception, not my area.

- I in the direction!
- your diagnosis fabricated, - grumbling the woman in a dressing gown speaks.

Should be told

in this maternity hospital I have to was to lay down one week prior to childbirth, did not lay down from - for mother. And now I am not wanted to be accepted!

- I will not go anywhere!
- is fine, change clothes.

One more woman, is only more senior, sighing during strong fight, comes into a reception, all are engaged in it, I wait and I do not hurry anywhere. Well it is necessary, and to me it is not painful at all. It is interesting how I will have all?

At a door the husband looks and speaks with such unpleasant intonation, will not describe it words: “And I thought, you so awfully groan...“ In its understanding, I as in old times, has to give rise in the field and further go to reap rye. Also there is nothing to groan here, everything is natural.


All around the woman - it will be delivered soon. At last, my turn. Couple of questions and me lift in prenatal chamber. And enema? And it was forgotten to be made! Then it got out sideways. What becomes in the rodzal! Practically at the same time give birth to 5 women, chairs only three. In total in tension to watch behind all!

Ya I go on chamber, to me it is not painful at all. The doctor came, looked on a chair, punctured a bubble. Slightly - slightly departed waters. Again I go, expanding circles. Boringly, the very young girl of 16 years shouts at beds, cannot communicate, here she is taken away in rodzat, there is one. Here my tortures... At eight in the evening the real fights begin.

Now that`s something like it and how to suffer it? Descended in a toilet, the midwife advises to be insured by a hand on a case of prompt childbirth. Aha, well. I go along a corridor, having picked up a night dress hem between legs. At last, I am banished back in chamber, all who were in the rodzal, already gave rise, again watch me, but, unfortunately, disclosure at two fingers, as well as at receipt. Pain is intolerable. No, I do not curse the husband, I so waited for the baby.

I Look out of the window behind which gradually darkens. Already against the beliefs began to shout, just to me came though somebody. No, look, check me and again leave, of course, they were tired, having accepted in a row six childbirth. But as it is terrible to me to remain one!

the anesthesiologist Comes, is interested in my allergies (at me only on a papaverine), wishing to alleviate my suffering, gives an injection in a vein:“ You will have a sleep a little, and there it will be easier“. No, it is not easier for me! My organism does not want to sleep. Action of a prick comes to an end with the fact that I cannot open eyes, and I feel pain perfectly! Take away from me from a mouth edge of a sheet - it is not necessary, teeth not port, breathe better. When it ends?!

In the sleep I told

all the story, it is simple not to stop a flow of words. Again look: “Potuzhsya!“ “So, we wake up, - order to me, - we will go to give birth“. To give birth? These words and I reach my consciousness, having again picked up edge of a night dress between legs, nearly forward - skipping in rodzat all! I will see the daughter, my krovinochka soon, I so waited for it.

does not have

the place of pain, only work Now, only to listen to midwifes! In prenatal chamber I was one, but now, after a break, all of them near me. Help me, abuse that I am not able to breathe correctly. One more effort, and surprising simplification, I rose and saw the daughter on an umbilical cord.

Some procedures which are already poorly concerning me I watch

at it, my beauty as it is good. And me breaks through again. All words of gratitude what I know, I speak to doctors and midwifes and with such expression as if they for me gave rise. Further, as it is necessary, two hours lie in the rodzal, the daughter nearby, under a lamp.

By the way, to a breast was not put, to me sewed up internal gaps and when everything was ended, to me it was so good that I was not disturbed. A way on a wheelchair along a night corridor in chamber, there I surprisingly medical sisters with ease from a wheelchair got down and unaided went to the bed. Also easily I went next day. The stomach was pulled in in two days, for nothing I perhaps before pregnancy swung a press!

So, having aggregated everything, I decided for myself that childbirth was rather easy. And thanks to attention of midwifes who directed me at the time of delivery. Now - that I will already go to courses of preparation for childbirth and I will learn to breathe correctly.

Childbirth was free in 1 - m maternity hospital of Khabarovsk. It is necessary to tell, fed well, tasty. The relation was human. Kids lay separately, to feed brought in the first feeding. But the fact that children were separately allowed to sleep quietly.

I consider

Ya that with personnel we were lucky, any contracts, I gave birth in the general stream. To the shame, I do not even know names of those who helped birth of my daughter. Give them God of health and all benefits.