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On vacation

our family rest took place an adventure in Estonia, in the beautiful place of “Toil“, we had a rest in sanatorium there. We are I, Oksana, i.e. mother, the husband Vadim, i.e. the father, and our darling synulya Nikitka. (In July, 2004), 10 months were Synule then. July was given warm, even roast.

we Have a rest quietly - peacefully, we disturb nobody. One fine day, as always, we go down in the pool to swim for a while. We take synulyu in a carriage, he just here - here has to fall asleep, only for some reason is capricious a little, we think, it from weather, very much was hot... At first the husband to swim goes, and I with the son on hands, and then on the contrary. Our baby falls asleep, and we very quietly stack him in a carriage. We put it near our little table and we sit down.

there Passes about half an hour, the husband goes with the child on fresh air, to sit in a tenka. And I read the newspaper meanwhile, and suddenly the woman with big eyes in a few minutes runs in and shouts at all hotel: “The child was gone! At me the child was gone!“. She shouts just without stopping one and too, people approach her and calm her, and she everything shouts and shouts. Here at me something “missed a bit“ inside, I call the husband on mobile, and I ask: “How ours synulya?! Everything is all right?!“ And the husband speaks to me: “Of course everything is all right, and that can be not as it should be, lies and sleeps.“

I here the sharp silence suddenly comes. I speak: “Hallo, you hear me?! Hallo?!“ The husband answers me with some shivering voice: “In a carriage not our child.“ I speak: “How not ours, you that?!“ And he does not speak to me any more, and shouts: “Yes not ours!“. I speak to it: “Approach quicker here!“ I get up and I run up to this woman at whom the child was gone, I speak, more precisely already I shout:“ At me the child was gone too, to be exact he was changed, in our carriage there is foreign child!“ Here she sharply speaks: “Stop! In my carriage there is foreign child too.“

I here we greedily began to interrupt each other and to speak: “And at you such - that a carriage?!“ The answer at it and me: “Yes!“ “And you have a carriage of it is that colors?!“ Answer again the same: “Yes!“ She seized me by a hand and drags in the foyer where there is her husband with mine or directly in exactly - exactly the same carriage. We run up and we look, precisely my son, my SON, I just with happiness began to roar as the little girl. And here my husband with the same carriage in which there is her child drives. All of us began to laugh loudly “hysterical“ laughter...

It appears p while this woman went to the number, the husband went down in the pool to wait the wife meanwhile, put a carriage and sat down, the wife went down, they took a carriage (just mixed and took not the), and went, and meanwhile my husband went for a walk.

of Daaa... Now we remember our rest with a smile, and at that moment to us was definitely not to laughter. Here I never in life will forget such rest, I will always remember! By the way, we still are on friendly terms with this family, we communicate, correspond and we remember that unforgettable “adventure“!