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Ureaplasmas: to find and neutralize!

Diagnosis “ureaplasmosis“ now, unfortunately, not a rarity. And sometimes the woman for the first time learns about it only during pregnancy. This disease is how dangerous to mother and the kid?

Knows that more than 30 species of microorganisms are a part of microflora of a vagina. The main share - 90 - 95% of all microorganisms - make lactobacilli. Other microorganisms including conditionally pathogenic, make 5 - 10%. At normal functioning of an organism conditionally pathogenic microflora cannot cause diseases. Only in certain conditions, such as stressful situations, decrease in immunity, inflammatory diseases, conditionally pathogenic microbes cause a disease. Ureaplasmas also belong to such conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. That is normal a small amount of ureaplasmas can be present at an organism.

Resistance of genitals to influence of various infectious agents are provided by physiological barriers. Major factors of protection against influence of pathogenic microorganisms is the normal microflora.


When breaks a ratio of various microorganisms, there are infectious diseases.

Causative agents of ureaplasmosis occupy a vagina of the healthy woman in 60% of cases.

this indicator is influenced by sexual activity of women.

Ureaplasmas can catch

of the Way of infection only at sexual intercourse with the patient or the carrier of causative agents of ureaplasmosis. Especially there is a wish to emphasize that in a bath, the pool, on the beach ureaplasmosis can catch only if you in these parts had a sexual intercourse with the carrier of ureaplasmas.

the Child can catch

from mother at the time of delivery when passing on patrimonial ways. In extremely exceptional cases the child catches ureaplasmas vnutriutrobno, that is during pregnancy, but nevertheless more often the placenta reliably protects him from these dangerous activators. Pre-natal infection of the kid is most probable at primary infection with ureaplasmas during pregnancy.

Having been

in a genital tract or in an urethra, the ureaplasma can behave quietly, and can develop rough pathogenic activity. Everything depends on an initial state of health of the caught person. At worst the ureaplasma begins to breed and damage quickly everything that occurs in the path. There is ureaplasmosis. At men the ureaplasma first of all affects an urethra and a prostate gland, women have a vagina. On average from the moment of infection before emergence of the first symptoms of an illness there passes one month. But ureaplasmas can be also the reasons of an inflammation of a uterus, appendages, to lead to infertility. Existence of ureaplasmas is the contributing factor for development of postnatal inflammatory complications, in particular an endometritis - a uterus inflammation.

disease Symptoms

In 4 weeks after hit of ureaplasmas develop in an organism symptoms of an uretrit - an urethra inflammation: there are a burning and urethra pain at an urination and mucous allocations, more often appear in the mornings. If infection occurred at oral sex, quinsy with all symptoms, usual for it, develops. Especially there is a wish to emphasize that the above described displays of ureaplasmosis are more characteristic of men - at women the disease can not prove or be expressed in general by stronger in any way, than usually, mucous allocations. But poorly shown disease symptoms do not exclude its gravity at all.

If the caught person does not begin to be treated by

, in several days symptoms of an uretrit pass by itself that often is the cause for calm. But, unfortunately, ureaplasmosis on it does not come to an end. The infection, as a rule, settles in an urethra wall, in a prostate gland at men both in a vagina and in a uterus at women. From this time the illness will only be waiting in the wings, that is decrease in local immunity to prove at full capacity. Overcooling, considerable physical activity, a prolonged stress, any catarrhal or inflammatory disease, etc. can become an occasion for this purpose. Especially there is a wish to note that during pregnancy protective forces of an organism (immunity) decrease. As a result of such events at women the colpitis (a vagina inflammation), an endometritis (a uterus wall inflammation) develops, is slightly more rare - cystitis (a bladder inflammation) and pyelonephritis (a kidney tissue inflammation). At this stage the disease will respond to treatment much more difficultly as ureaplasmas already reliably “were proved“ in an organism.

the Colpitis is shown by whitish or mucous allocations in bigger, than usually, quantity. Quite so ureaplasmosis can be shown during pregnancy. Against the increased number of allocations is normal, and also vaginal candidiasis (milkwoman), frequent during incubation of the kid, these phenomena can remain unnoticed.

Out of pregnancy the endometritis is shown by the same whitish or plentiful mucous allocations, pains in the bottom of a stomach. In the presence of ureaplasmas these microorganisms can serve in the pregnant woman`s organism as risk factor of development of a postnatal endometritis.

Cystitis causes pains at an urination, frequent desires on an urination. Pyelonephritis is shown by pains in lumbar area, temperature increase. Cystitis and pyelonephritis can be shown as during pregnancy, and after the delivery.

of the Ureaplasma can be become the infertility reason.

cases when from - for low pathogenesity of activators, on the one hand, and from - for a good shape of immune system of an organism - with another, mycoplasmas a long time (up to several years) do not prove in any way Quite often meet. This situation is called an infection carriage, and it represents considerable danger. The person can even not suspect that at him in an organism the ureaplasma hid and that it is capable to infect the partner. Besides, even without having an effect in any way, the ureaplasma creates a suitable background for development of other diseases, and people - the carrier of an ureaplasma becomes much more susceptible to any other infections, especially infections, sexually transmitted.

Influence of ureaplasmosis on pregnancy

Ureaplasmosis can become the reason of spontaneous interruption of pregnancy at an early stage. The placenta protects the child from infection if the woman caught even before pregnancy, but in 50% of cases the child catches at the time of delivery, passing on the infected patrimonial ways of mother. At the woman at the same time the disease passes into much more severe and common form.

the Ureaplasmosis which for the first time arose during pregnancy when the placenta is not created yet can give

in the first trimester to an abortion owing to formation of serious malformations of a fruit (nervous, it is warm - vascular and other systems).

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy for the first time the arisen disease, and also the ureaplasmosis which was available even before pregnancy can become the reason of threat of interruption of pregnancy, fetoplatsentarny insufficiency - a state at which the kid lacks oxygen and nutrients.

Anyway detection of ureaplasmosis during pregnancy is not

the reason for its interruption. The correct and timely treatment will help the woman to take out and give birth to the healthy kid.


needs to Pass inspection in all cases of suspicion on a disease.

apply a combination from several methods selected by the doctor To reliable laboratory diagnosis of ureaplasmosis today:

Only by this method can determine by

quantity of ureaplasmas which has to be sufficient for a possibility of development of an illness. The bacteriological method allows to reveal resistance and sensitivity of the activator to antibiotics before their appointment. Besides, the bacteriological method checks also efficiency of the treatment.


the Indispensable condition at detection of ureaplasmosis is treatment of both sexual partners. Sexual contacts during treatment need to be limited.

during pregnancy treatment is carried out by

At detection of ureaplasmas anyway, the term of its beginning depends on features of a course of pregnancy. If there are these or those complications (pregnancy interruption threat, gestoz, an exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc.) treatment is begun at complication emergence.

If pregnancy proceeds safely, treatment appoint after 30 - y weeks to guarantee lack of the activator in patrimonial ways by the time of the birth of the kid.

the Long time fixed assets of treatment of ureaplasmosis were preparations of a tetracycline row. However they demand quite long reception that increases risk of side effects. According to long-term experience, ERYTHROMYCIN is a preparation, available, rather effective and safe for the kid.

the Perspective preparation of group of macroleads which rather recently appeared in the domestic market is VILPRAFEN.


of VILPRAFEN much less side effects from a digestive tract, than ERYTHROMYCIN. It does not possess the damaging action on a fruit, does not cause fruit malformations. Upon termination of a course of antibiotic treatment conduct a course of restoration of microflora of a vagina special preparations.

At women control of an izlechennost is carried out by bacteriological research of dabs from a genital tract in 7 - 8 days after the end of treatment or in 14 - 21 day by the PTsR method. If it is about treatment out of pregnancy, then further researches are conducted during 3 menstrual cycles, it is better before periods or in 1 - 2 day after its termination.


of the Man are considered cured if during 1 - go month after the end of treatment by various methods (microbiological, PTsR) does not manage to reveal an ureaplasma.

the Postponed infection does not cause resistant immunity therefore if only one partner, chances of repeated infection is treated.