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War Scarlet and Bela Kraski

Kto from us in the childhood did not play war! All boys and even many girls played. What only fights are not played by children! Alone, group of armies, war position and offensive. Barricades and fortresses are constructed from furniture, sticks serve as guns and swords. Children grow up, mature, childish sports are succeeded by serious cares. But many of us at heart wish to remember the left childhood. Everyone does it in own way: one thoughtfully wander about footpaths of the school garden, others look for an outlet in shopping behind children`s books and toys. And there are also people who in nostalgia on childish sports in war turn them into something very serious, for example, in a sport. Yes, you guessed, it will be a question of paintball.

Though much the word “paintball“ is familiar to

today (English paint ball - a ball with paint), the majority is known about this entertainment only by hearsay. Recently there are more and more paintball clubs where it is possible, having brought together the company of friends, to drive in plenty on the wood, to do some shooting for fun moreover if business happens during competitions, to win a prize in case of a victory in military campaign.

So is represented by paintball? It is game, sports in war, on specially prepared platform or on the district. Game goes with use of the special weapon - a marker. The marker is similar to the small gun with one difference: over a trunk the special box with balls with paint is located, professionals call its feeder. These balls have a thin gelatinous cover and easily break at hit, leaving a spot of bright paint - most often red, orange or yellow. Paint is ecologically harmless, from trees it is washed away by the first rain, and to wash it from clothes as easy as shelling pears.

several versions of emergence of paintball Exist. Paintball was invented whether in the Third Reich, whether in post-war Japan, whether in France for spetsnaz trainings. But in game the markers which are usually used to mark sheep are applied. Further again divergences: for the first time in paintball played not in the USA, not in Australia. But it is precisely known that there was it in 70 - e of the 20th century. And not an essence important where for the first time the marker was applied to sheep in game, it is important that now only in Europe about 9 million people are fond of this game. On average in Europe about one competition in a week is carried out.

every year the number of fans grows at

In Russia. It also is clear: the this or that sport is more available to masses, the quicker it extends.

In paintball is played on the special platform with obstacles or in a cross-country terrain. Some clubs give an opportunity to play in the room.

As we already told

, in paintball is fired by balls from markers. Models of markers there is a great variety, but all of them pneumatic (the ball is pushed out from a trunk by carbon dioxide, nitrogen or compressed air). There are three main types of markers: pompovy, demanding a lock distortion after each shot, semi-automatic and automatic, used only for trainings of special troops. In all markers the speed of a shot is regulated, by rules it should not exceed 300 feet a second.

Paintball shares

on sports and entertaining. In sports paintball play two teams on the platform which is artificially equipped with various obstacles. Each team has the base - part of the platform with which the team begins game. The number of people in team can be variously: 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 and 10x10.

In a midfield the flag hangs; a task of players to capture him. If the flag hangs on base of the rival, other team has to capture him. Indispensable condition: it is necessary to try to strike as much as possible opponents from a marker. For each struck player the team of the opponent is given 4 points, for capture of a flag 10 points are awarded.

One of options of paintball is called a top - gan, it is game of all against all. In other words each player plays for himself, and becomes his main task not only strike as much as possible opponents, but also to escape most that in the absence of team of companions, you see, is very difficult.


Rules of sports paintball regulates even marker caliber - 68 - y pompovy or automatic. Before start there takes place full check of equipment. If any element of equipment of the athlete did not undergo testing, it is allowed to act without it. This requirement, certainly, does not belong to a mask without which it is not allowed to come to the platform.

Entertaining paintball differs from sports in a variety of scenarios and much smaller restrictions of the sizes of the platform, a numerical line-up. As a rule, paintball clubs make game scenarios.

you want to go to play

? In Moscow at your service a set of clubs:

of Krylatskaya St., 8,
(095) 140 - 05 stadium - 11, 390 - 18 - 80

“the Top Gunn“
the Moscow region, Mr. Bolshevo, settlement. May Day, Krasnooktyabrskaya St., 40, Sputnik rest house
(095) 107 - 27 - 77, 782 - 21 - 44

of Academician Vinogradov St., 2, a recreation area of “Troparevo“
(095) 502 - 50 - 65, 727 - 05 - 44

Kalashny Lane, 10, an entrance of 6
(095) 202 - 87 - 50, 290 - 01 - 36

the Moscow region, the Mytishchi district, settlement. Mountain, Novaya Nagornaya St., p. 2
(095) 409 - 98 - 31, 409 - 98 - 30

“Black tag“ of
the Moscow region, 7 - y Dmitrovskoye Highway km, sea club “Admiral“
(095) 995 - 74 - 64

Luzhnetskaya Embankment, 24
(095) 201 - 15 - 04

the Moscow region, 38 - y Yaroslavskoye Highway km, sanatorium “Green town“ of
(095) 782 - 78 - 87

“A zone of special attention“
the Moscow region, 25 - y Dmitrovskoye Highway km, Marfinsky TsVKS
(095) 577 - 83 - 84

“APG - the Front line“
Northern Tushino, crossing of MKAD and street of freedom
(095) 502 - 24 - 96

the Moscow region, 47 - y Yaroslavskoye Highway km, the improving Sofrino complex
(903) 173 - 97 - 15, 552 - 77 - 57

the Moscow region, Noginsk district, Entuziastov Highway, 139, office of 319
(095) 789 - 24 - 43

In some clubs can order game on the Internet. I do not undertake to call the concrete prices as the price in many respects depends on the location of club (in the country, as a rule, cheaper), of day of week (during week-end as you guess, is more expensive), from additional services. Some clubs have a sauna, restaurant or a field kitchen (for creation of the most effective surroundings), clubs on the basis of Konno - sports schools and rest houses meet. The pleasure it not cheap, however in all clubs is system of discounts so the probability to get to one of preferential categories is very high. For example, discounts for students and for ordered game in advance are widespread. Yes, to the word: try to arrive a bit earlier, to hours by 10 - 11 in the morning. In - the first, to the people will be a little and it will be easier for you to accustom with an unusual situation, in - the second if business happens in the summer, since morning will be not so hot, as at midday.

What to do if there is a desire to do some shooting outdoors, through the road from you located picturesque forest area, and the nearest paintball club is for seven versts? It does not matter, many clubs work with departure on the place specified by you. Do not forget to call only in advance because in serene summer days of game are painted in two weeks ahead.

to play, to you it is not obligatory to gather a team of friends, it is possible just to come to club and to join already playing. Do not hesitate to ask for suggestions more skilled players even if unfamiliar: it will be pleasant to them that you respect their experience, and they with pleasure will help you. These people are interested in lifting the beginner to the level and to play with it as equals.

beginners, certainly, have many questions before choosing club. One of most frequently asked questions: what it is necessary to pay for? The payment is provided for rent of a playground, service of the instructor (if that is required), services of the judge (if you participate in competitions), sometimes for filling of a cylinder with gas if you have own marker, for hire of equipment and spheres. The equipment includes a camouflage, a special mask and a marker.

any headdress Is desirable

: of course, in case of hit in the head paint and from hair is washed, but nevertheless it is better to remain purer, isn`t it? A mask - the most important piece of equipment. Without mask the exit to the platform is forbidden, even the judge has to be masked. Its basic purpose - to save the athlete`s eyes from a trauma. Though paintball is also one of the least dangerous sports, there is a serious danger of hit of a ball in eyes. If you hired a mask, for observance of rules of hygiene do not forget to wipe it with wet hygienic towel wipes or in advance prepared cotton wool with alcohol from within. If you ripened before purchase of own equipment, first of all it is necessary to buy a mask. In paintball also other protective equipment is used: kneecaps, elbow pieces, wristlets.

the Clothes if you chose own, have to close completely a body - short sleeves, shorts and cuts are inadmissible. Still material of clothes should not interfere with dissecting of balls and has to hold a paint spot well. Otherwise it is unclear: so got to this player or not?

Footwear anyway needs to use the, and therefore choose some old sneakers which are well crushed in which legs will not be tired and which are not a pity for soiling.

in principle, in any club to you will be allowed to play in the equipment and even with own marker, but will not allow to shoot the spheres anywhere. On it there are two reasons: in - the first, sale of spheres is the main source of the income of any paintball club, and in - the second, at the wrong storage the cover of spheres hardens, and such sphere does not break at hit, and painfully beats the opponent, sometimes leaving bruise. Usually spheres are on sale in boxes on 100 pieces. Council to you: buy a little. The quantity of the spent spheres depends on individual style of game. Keep in mind that even at not really active firing for game about 400 spheres are spent.

Finally some more councils:

  1. shoot only in places specially allotted for this purpose;
  2. do not shoot at animals;
  3. before game check a mask: whether well sits whether there are no damages;
  4. do not unmask in the field at all even if the person sweated;
  5. off side do not aim in people at all even if the marker is not loaded; this golden rule at the address with any kind of the weapon;
  6. always check
  7. what speed of shots at you is established: it has to be no more than 300 feet a second;
  8. off side put a marker on a safety lock;
  9. never look in a trunk; if there was a need to make it, unscrew a trunk and look only in a mask;
  10. never use already shot spheres: if the sphere did not break, at a shot it was inevitably deformed even if it seems ideally round; some athletes do not recommend even to select incidentally fallen not shot sphere from the earth;
  11. follow rules of the game;
  12. do not recede, throwing the companion in a difficult situation;
  13. do not declare yourself “killed“, having felt blow of a sphere: the sphere could not break, and hit is set off if on you there is a paint spot of the size of a five-ruble coin as rules say;
  14. do not argue with the judge even if it is much younger than you. This very important rule as beginners have many conflicts with judges because of subjective perception;
  15. do not shoot at the judge at all; sometimes to judges gets from players, but it is purely casual, you should not do it consciously because problems you will not be gathered.

I Hope, you became interested in this sports game. In that case you need to choose club and to dial number … I wish you game victories and pleasant pastime!