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Summer, ah, summer: sun, air and... dysbacteriosis of

there Came the summer, and to kids together with mothers and grandmothers time to go to the dacha - there where fresh air, a scope and a great number of all interesting and novel came. But that rest was not saddened by problems with digestion, you should not use thoughtlessly the benefits of rural life - to transfer the child about one year to goat or cow`s milk, to give it many fresh vegetables, fruit and berries. Even environmentally friendly products it is necessary to approach feeding of the kid with extra care.

Many mothers consider that the natural products which are grown up or bought in the village are very useful, and sometimes do not think of awful consequences which their use can cause. Even if change of habitual water causes in the adult not that at the child, diarrhea what then to speak about introduction to a diet of the kid of cow`s milk and other products unfamiliar to it. Nobody claims that it is necessary to deprive the baby of useful vitamins, it is just necessary to observe some precautionary measures that rest did not end badly.

If you want to avoid dysbacteriosis which often results from introduction of new food, from - for intolerance of any product, and also in a consequence of hit in intestines of pathogenic bacteria, - do not change sharply a diet of your kid. You enter new products gradually and you watch closely reaction of a children`s organism.

As is shown by practice, the children who are on breastfeeding adapt to new conditions better. Thanks to existence in breast milk of oligosaccharides, it has natural prebiotichesky effect, that is promotes growth useful bifido - and lactobacilli in intestines of the kid, reducing thus probability of development of dysbacteriosis. But, unfortunately, not all women for the objective reasons can nurse the child. Going to the dacha, mothers whose children are on artificial feeding, try to transfer them to cow`s or goat milk contrary to numerous arguments of doctors about harm of similar practice.

Instead of loading yet not created gastrointestinal tract of the child with milk protein, it is much more expedient to help it to adapt to new conditions. It is the simplest to make it by means of children`s dry mixes which part prebiotics - oligosaccharides are.

Scientists sought to create the oligosaccharides functionally similar to components of breast milk long ago. Experts managed it Dutch scientifically - the research center Numico. They synthesized oligosaccharides which promote growth of useful bacteria and formation of normal intestinal microflora, and at the same time are natural substances, safe for health of the child. The Nutricia company, understanding all importance of this invention, included oligosaccharides in the adapted mixes for artificial feeding of Nutrilon.

Numerous researches showed to

high efficiency of the mixes Nutrilon of new generation with oligosaccharides. When feeding they at children form the soft uniform digested chair and, as a rule, there are no problems with locks. They suffer less often from an allergy which often accompanies dysbacteriosis, and look more cheerful because do not feel any indispositions and discomfort.

Dear mothers if you want that your child was healthy, and summer holiday took place quietly, do not experiment, carefully you enter new vegetables and fruit into a diet of the kid, take with yourself on the dacha one of mixes of new generation of Nutrilon with oligosaccharides and you do not give to drink to the baby cow`s or goat milk. You will make it next summer when the child a little grows up and his gastrointestinal tract will be ready to digest not adapted cow protein.