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To ourselves obstetricians of

we decided to Give birth houses. About it we talked when we only began to meet the husband - I told that if I heal from it, then it will be present at childbirth, and he agreed. Then blackmailed that supposedly if you do not earn money for childbirth - buy the textbook on obstetrics because I will not go anywhere, and you will deliver me. We found money, did not begin to buy the textbook... But my words to me hallooed.

of Midwifes we invited good to childbirth. However so it happened that they did not manage to arrive. Not on their fault - just like that there were circumstances.

(on May 3) of my childbirth nobody waited for

that day - according to ultrasonography and survey they had to begin not earlier, than in a week. I woke up at 7 in the morning from unpleasant feelings in the bottom of a stomach. Got out of a bed - a water otshla. Then fights began. Very strong and every 5 minutes.

Ya called midwifes.“ Main“ the midwife, Katya Ivanova, lives in Dubna and can reach in about 3 hours. However this day both midwifes were sick - caught a cold on predudushchy childbirth. Inna could reach to me, taking into account morning traffic jams, not earlier, than hour through 2. They quickly rang round spare options, trying to find someone who will arrive earlier, but for some reason nobody could arrive. Then to me recommended to go to maternity hospital since I could obviously give rise very quickly.

But I did not begin to go anywhere. In - the first, legs grew into a floor, and everything in me resisted it. In - the second, maternity hospital which near me, is simply awful - one of their achievements - on 10 newborns in office 2 in a coma.

are Constantly bungled by childbirth. Not C-section babies, while you do not die, and children`s reanimation if that, they do not have. And to any other I risk not to reach and give rise in the car.

generally, were told by us that we will remain here and they will be waited. I, in principle, not really was afraid that we can give rise together, but disturbed me obvity umbilical cords. On ultrasonography it was single so I did not expect special problems, but nevertheless was frightening.

Katya was nervous, called the husband already from the car and first tried to convince nevertheless to give up to doctors. I when understood what it is about, so eloquently looked at it that he did not begin to spend time for beliefs.

of Fight were such strong that I from pain was ready to climb on a wall. The husband ran around, trying to inflate the pool. He did not manage to make it. Some time I sat in a bathroom, but in half an hour could not be in horizontal position - only vertically. I was broken off between desire to hang for a while on the husband and hope to give rise nevertheless in the inflated and filled pool. Periodically we called up with Katya and consulted., It seems, there was every chance to wait Inna with Yura.

But suddenly fights developed into attempts. I prodyshat the first, behind it - the second. On the third the child went. I shouted Jeunet that there is a head and that he quickly ran obvity to remove. Also vytuzhit the head from one attempt. Zhenya approached at this time: “How head? There cannot be a head... indeed head!“ - stroked the head - “Well, hi!“

Ya in a state of shock I shout:
- you will greet Then, remove obvity, it can choke!
- Now, it is necessary to find... aha, found, here one round... yes here their TWO!
- remove both Quicker!
- Now... aha, one removed... the second... is!

Ya breathed sigh of relief and with shout “catch“ the child`s vytuzhil entirely. The kid was born very weak. The first several seconds did not make sounds at all and choked, then, when we potormoshit it, began to peep quietly, we dialed Katin number.

At this moment the child already cried, Katya, having heard, told that urgently it is not obligatory to reanimate and it is possible to wait Inna with Yura. Inna with Yura arrived in 20 minutes. I do not remember whether I gave rise to a placenta before their arrival or after - it is not so important. Katya approached later.

Then I had already a rest, and our obstetricians brought both of us round - the kid had a severe asphyxia, he groaned. I have a bleeding. It is necessary to tell that help we with the child were given at the level. As a result for us with the son everything passed practically without consequences.

the Son the next morning already well ate

and behaved actively. In 2 days from asphyxia remained with the child only burst sosudik in one eye. I already walked next day and received guests (the child to me advised 2 days not to carry on the street).

However we with Zhenya were in a state of shock for a long time. It turned out that obvity at me was not simple, and with loss of both rounds is very difficult and dangerous situation. The fact that I from one attempt vytuzhit the head, and then very quickly - the child entirely rescued the child.

having Only read the textbook on obstetrics, I understood how we were lucky that we, two untamed idiots, accepted this childbirth. For such childbirth 2 options of conducting childbirth are provided: Caesarian and band nippers. In the nearest maternity hospital such childbirth accepts by means of nippers - it is if notice loss. They very much do not like to Kesarit. If did not notice - would put on a chair and I would not vytuzhit the child in time. In both cases the probability that he will die, would be very high.

we named

of the Son by Eliseus.

the Husband still goes proud. He told all acquaintances that he delivered. And very much is surprised why all ask whether he fainted.

P. S. We do not urge all to repeat our experiment at all and to give birth houses independently because it is very dangerous. We appeared in such situation on combination of circumstances - and in a nashshchy case it was to the best. But this exception, but did not govern. If you decided to give birth houses - very much I advise to take care of good obstetricians on childbirth.