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“Chaynitsky“ electric kettles, perhaps, are inferior today a question

On the demand among small appliances only to irons. They located almost in each modern kitchen for a long time and thoroughly, having become indispensable part of its arsenal of household appliances.

A little history

the First electric kettle was released by

in England at the end of the 19th century. Of course, the primogenitor of a modern electric kettle was a little similar to that household appliance to which we got used, - it was the boiler for water boiling which is not intended to carrying out in a drawing room.

throughout all the 20th century inventors improved the device and appearance of the electric kettle, trying to make it the most convenient for use. First electric kettles externally a little in what differed from the copper not electric predecessors. Over time their design considerably changed, their began to make of aluminum, glass, ceramics, metal, and at the end of 70 - x years heat-resistant food plastic began to be applied to production of teapots.

to Teapots of “Moulinex“ and “Tefal“ in which generally traded in Russia at the beginning of reorganization, had to move today - almost each firm - the producer of household appliances releases this device. In shops the broadest choice of electric kettles which differ from each other in capacity, the power, color, a form and, of course, the price is presented. You without special work will be able to pick up the copy which is most suitable you from the point of view of convenience it in use and the most corresponding to your taste, and also design or color of kitchen.

So, you go to shop of household appliances to buy the electric kettle...


the Electric kettles presented at the domestic market have volume from 0,4 to 2 liters. The first option, undoubtedly, those who should leave often in business trips will estimate. Teapots of 1,5 - 1,7 l which are suitable for an average family are most widely presented.

Having decided by

on volume, we pass to such important characteristic of an electric kettle as power .


Than is more than

a teapot, that, respectively, the power consumed by it has to be higher (which influences the speed of boiling of water and varies in the range from 1 to 3 kW).“ Having sunk down“ on a superpowerful teapot, keep in mind: the maximum permissible load on a network in many residential buildings of old construction - 2,5 kW therefore frequent inclusions - switching off of the electric device with a power of 3 kW threaten with knocking-out of traffic jams or, what is much worse, conducting ignition.

the Heating element

the Heating element in electric kettles happens two types - opened (in the form of the tubular electric heater - of TENA which settles down in the volume filled with water) or hidden (built in under a metal bottom of capacity of a teapot). Both the first, and the second have the pluses and minuses. Teapots with an open spiral are cheaper, their efficiency is higher, however it is more difficult to clear of a scum. Besides, the spiral at inclusion has to be completely shipped in water, otherwise it will fuse. Devices with the hidden heating element are 10 - 15% more expensive, they can be quite noisy in work, consume more energy, but it is quite easy to clean them and it is possible to include even almost empty (literally from 50 - 100 ml of water). If the seller paints to you advantages of a so-called “gold“ heating element (by the way, it not gold, and a thin layer korroziyno - resistant structure on the basis of nitride of the titan. Generally, gold, but - samovarny:-)), be not under a delusion - the scum on it is formed over time too though, of course, not so quickly, as on usual.

On that we cost

Teapots differ also on the food socket device. Models of teapots at which the cord of food is connected directly to the case are considered obsolete today. Such fastening of a cord is used only in portable road teapots with a capacity about a halfliter. In modern teapots the cord fastens to a bed (to base, station, a lodgment or simply - a support). of the Support happen two types: with rigid fixing (in this case the teapot is established in strictly certain situation in a special nest) and with free installation (at such teapots coaxial contact in the form of the probe is located on the center of a support that gives the chance to turn a teapot concerning it by 360 degrees - it is convenient both for right-handed persons, and for lefthanders), such support still call “Pirouette“. It is convenient if surplus of a network cord can be winded and hidden in a socle compartment of a teapot.

Safety - first of all!

Practically each electric kettle is automatically switched-off by

in the following cases:


In any electric kettle built in two automatic switches:


Teapots practically all producers of household appliances, and their tens, and release controllers of which, by the way, nearly a half of cost of a teapot is the share, - only two firms: of STRIX (Great Britain) and of OTTER (Germany). If on a teapot there is a marking of one of these companies (and it is specified by all the firms respecting themselves - producers of household appliances), then it is a guarantee of reliability of the goods acquired by you. Both companies guarantee not less than 3000 cycles of boiling and not less than 10000 removals - statements of a teapot on a support without contact loss.

“We try on“ a teapot. We choose a teapot

As well as at the choice of the iron, the teapot which you want to buy needs to be “tried on“ to a hand: the handle of a teapot should not be slippery, the case of a teapot has to be balanced, i.e. not be filled up in a hand forward. A convenient thing - inclusion indication. At once after inclusion the teapot practically does not rustle therefore to understand whether water heating, very difficult began. The light indicator has to be visible irrespective of the fact how there is a teapot on a support.

Indispensable attribute of electric kettles - measured glass : a scale with the float indicating the level of the water poured in a teapot. It should be noted that this element of a design is the weakest place of a teapot. Statistically, the most frequent reason of the appeal of owners of these teapots to customer services - course of water through consolidation of measured glass therefore, choosing a teapot, it is worth giving preference to models in which water level in a teapot is defined thanks to an insert from transparent plastic, and is better if these windows - indicators two (on both sides of a teapot).

If a nose at a teapot too small, to you it is inconvenient to fill a cup with water, especially if in a teapot there was a little water and to fill a teapot with water through a nose, without lifting a cover, will be very problematic so choose more big-nosed copy.: -)

for anybody not the secret that tap water contains a number undesirable, and sometimes and harmful impurity, an important factor at the choice of a teapot will be presence at it of the removable filter for water which is established on a nose and is, as a rule, made in the form of a nylon setochka. In the most advanced models of teapots there are built-in three-stage filters for water (them still call filters 3 Clear), which almost lower a possibility of hit of parts of a scum in a cup by 95%. At the first step of a particle of a scum, formed about a heating element, get to the catching pocket located at the teapot bottom. On the second step - at a nalivaniye of hot water in ware - the remained firm particles linger a nylon setochka at a teapot nose. At the third step when the teapot is put on a support, the particles which remained on a nylon setochka get to an area of coverage of the filter and keep on a metal setochka.

have some

about design

Material of which make modern teapots, it is very various - it is both plasticity of various flowers, and glass, and metal, and also a combination of these materials.

Thanks to the various choice can pick up today the electric kettle which will perfectly fit practically into any kitchen design - from style of “old kind England“ to find fault - a teka.

the Distinctive feature of Soft style (for example, Tefal Vitesse, Tefal Delfina) - refusal of straight lines and corners. If you stopped the choice on such teapot, do not doubt - thanks to the widest color scheme you will choose model, the most suitable to match your kitchen.

the Heat-resistant glass case of a teapot of GK - from Binatone is executed 1700 by

in the form of a jug, and its internal illumination reminds a candle flame.

In the kitchen executed in style find fault with

- flew, undoubtedly, minimalist teapots, for example, from the Impression Line series (Braun) or Solitaire (Bosch) which are distinguished by lack of any pretentiousness and excesses will be more pertinent. It should be noted also design of a teapot of Siemens TW 91000 which is a part of an “aluminum“ series (design of F. A. Porsche). Its double walls help to keep long water hot, and also carry out sound-proof function: from - for big heating surfaces teapots with the hidden spiral rustle during water boiling enough, sometimes preventing us to hear the interlocutor.

were not forgotten by producers of teapots and about admirers of retro style: so, for example, the teapot of Philips Metal “Cube“ HD 4602 reminds a whistling kettle on appearance. Its case and nose are executed from a stainless steel, and the basis, a bottom and the handle - from plastic. At the Vitek model - 1109, also reminding a whistling kettle, the handle, as well as at traditional teapots, is from above.


of the Novelty of the market


the BRITA Company, whose filters are well familiar to the Russian consumer, let out Brita Acclario teapot with the built-in filter. The teapot is equipped with the lock which is turning off process of a filtration during water boiling. We interchange the cartridge used in a teapot with all filters of the same name, and also it is supplied a meme - the resource indicator.

Something similar is offered also by Binatone firm - the teapot of Aqvarius released by it is equipped with the Aqua Optima filter. Process of a filtration and boiling of water in it takes only 3,5 minutes. The cost of teapots with the built-in system of a filtration - about 1500 rubles.

Not so long ago in the Russian market there was an original novelty from Binatone - Magic Thermocontrol teapot, color of illumination in which changes depending on water temperature in it: blue - to 40 degrees, yellow - from 40 to 80, red - from 60 degrees and above.

Pleasant “trifles“ and “not trifles“

the Real judges of green tea, of course, know that for its correct tea leaves not boiled water which, according to Japanese, kills taste, but very hot water has to be used (of course, in this case it is necessary to give preference not to water from - under the crane, and the bottled drinking water or water which underwent a preliminary filtration). It was adopted by some producers of household appliances: heating of water to 90 degrees is provided in some teapots (for example, BOSCH TWK 7301, Scarlett SC - 1020 Karina).

Interesting feature of a teapot of Krups FLF2 Aquacontrol - the gate on a teapot nose eliminating risk to be scalded by steam or splashes of boiled water. Before beginning to fill a cup, the gate is opened pressing a key.

the Teapot of Philips HD 4662 will inform you on water boiling by a sound signal.

Function of maintenance of temperature is at Vitek VT teapots - 1105, Bork CRP 5319, Scarlett SC - 1029 and some other: as soon as water temperature falls below the certain level fixed by the sensor at the bottom of model, the teapot automatically joins and warms up water up to the temperature of 80 - 85 °C.

Having got the Tefal Spirit of Tea or Tefal BK 461140 tea set, you will get not only a teapot for water boiling, but also a teapot which can be warmed up on a support before a zavarivaniye for bigger aroma. Both teapots which are based in the “seats“ which are slightly drowned in the thickness of a tray look as uniform ensemble.

the Teapot + the thermos

Is similar to electric kettles so-called thermosweats: it is capacious (to 4 - x liters) a hybrid of an electric kettle and a thermos. In the most “advanced“ models of thermosweats there is a possibility of the choice of temperature conditions (60 - for preparation of baby food, 85 - for tea leaves of green tea, and 95 degrees - for tea or coffee), and also function of long boiling for decrease in content of chlorine in water. Panasonic NC thermosweat - TV40P for economy of the electric power can be put in the evening on 6 - the hour timer - in the morning he will join and will heat water by a breakfast.

the Cost of such devices - about 100 dollars.

do not save

the Fake from the real electric kettle to distinguish

by health absolutely simply: attentively read the name of the “known“ brand - in it are usually replaced one - two letters, counting on a human carelessness. The ingenuity of “poddelshchik“ is boundless: Tifal, Symens, Filips, Boch, Roventa, etc. Well and, of course, compare the prices - the cost of fakes, as a rule, does not exceed several hundred rubles in spite of the fact that externally they are almost identical to more expensive models of the famous producers. Usually such teapots make of low-quality plastic which at contact with hot water emits various substances including toxic.

I still. To avoid troubles, do not go behind purchase to the nearest ware market - think whether there is rather small economy of the most precious - health, yours and your relatives...

of Successful purchase and pleasant tea drinking!