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How are you, kid?

Development of the child during pregnancy, especially at its beginning, occur quickly and... imperceptibly. Imperceptibly, because this process is reliably hidden from curious eyes of people around who, of course, very much want to learn how the “usual“ cage can turn into the most real person, only very much - very small! To help you to deal with it, we will try to track together all main stages of development of the child.

Recently in medical literature data on development and formation of functions of bodies and systems of yet not been born child even more often appear. To obtain these data became possible thanks to new methods of research: to ultrasonic scanning, a kardiotokografiya (research of biocurrents of not been born child), cinema - and photographing in a uterus.

to One of the first discoveries made by means of ultrasonography. Then it was noted that the kid can swallow and hiccup, and his bladder is periodically filled and emptied. Further studying of pre-natal development of bodies showed that yet not been born child sees, can catch a smell, taste and is capable to be guided in space.

the Experts studying the child`s life in mother (embryologists, neurohistologists, neurologists) in details described development of nervous system and a brain. It became known that to 28 - y week of pregnancy the structure of a brain already corresponds to that that is found on 40 - y to week of development that is when the kid is already ready to be born.

What occurs inside?

1 - y day. the Spermatozoon connects to an ovum. As a result of it one is formed “big“ (the size less, than a salt grain) a cage which contains 46 chromosomes inherited from parents (on 23 hromosomyot everyone). Besides, the impregnated ovum includes all genetic set of future person: growth, floor, color of eyes and skin, hair, features (father`s or mother`s).

3 - 9 - y day. the Oosperm falls on a uterine tube to a uterus. The expanded mucous membrane of a uterus is already ready to accept a germ which is attached to its wall and soon begins to receive “food“ for food and oxygen for breath with blood of mother arriving to it through an umbilical cord and branchy horion (future placenta).

10 - 14 - y day. the Germ becomes more on one tenth former sizes!

20 - y day. process of laying of nervous system Begins b.

21 - y day. heart Begins to fight.

28 - y day. form a backbone and muscles. On the screen of the monitor hands, legs, eyes, ears are visible.

30 - y day. For last month the embryo grew in ten thousand times and continues to develop actively. Heart pumps over all increasing amount of blood through blood system.

35 - y day. On the handle of the kid can distinguish fingers. Color of eyes darkens as the child`s organism already began to make a pigment.

40 - y day. the Special device can find and write down the signals arriving from a brain.

of 6 weeks. the Liver undertakes production of blood cages, and the brain controls the movements of muscles and work of heart.

of 7 weeks. Eyelids run on eyes of the child and gradually close them, protecting thus the developing structure of an eye from light and dryness (with 28 - y weeks at the request of the kid of an eye can begin to open). On the same term of pregnancy the inner ear of the baby is formed, the external ear develops, jaws are made out, there are rudiments of teeth. But the most important - the kid begins to move! And as it is still too small, mother does not feel its movements.

of 8 weeks. the Kid grew up to 2,5 cm! It is already absolutely similar to the adult. Heart fights, the stomach produces gastric juice, kidneys begin to function. Muscles are reduced under the influence of the impulses arriving from a brain. By birth the child can be determined him by Rh - accessory. Fingers and joints were created. The face of the kid gains own lines, the mimicry begins to reflect what occurs in the environment surrounding it. The body of the child reacts to a touch.

of 10 weeks. Growth of the child reaches 4 cm, weight - about 2 g. During this period at the kid external and internal genitals begin to be formed.

of 12 weeks. the Kid grows. From time to time it can be found behind unusual occupation: sucking of a finger! During wakefulness (which is most often replaced by rest, a dream) the kid vigorously “exercises“ the muscles: turns the head, bends fingers on hands and legs, opens and closes a mouth. If the outside world begins to disturb him sharp sounds, the child tries to close hands ears (he hears!) also it tries to be blocked by a palm from the ray of light sent to eyes (he sees!) . If to touch its palm, it will contract in a cam. All these movements are carried out thanks to the fact that at the kid the vestibular mechanism which helps it to be guided with space was created.

of 16 weeks. the Child weighs about 150 g, his growth reaches 16 - 18 cm. On a head there are hair, on a face - eyelashes and eyebrows. The kid opens a mouth, swallows, sucks, smiles! During this period the placenta which connects it with mother begins to function fully.

of 20 weeks. Growth of the kid reaches 30 cm, it has marigold on fingers of hands and legs. Now mother well feels its stirs as from time to time he begins to go in for “physical culture“: makes a start from one wall of a uterus and reaches another. Besides, the child can react to a sharp external sound or nervousness of mother with a jump which mother takes for active stir. If the kid begins to hiccup, the woman will feel the weak rhythmical pushes going from within. In 20 weeks doctors already listen to heartbeat of the kid by means of a special slushatelny tube (stethoscope).

24 weeks. the Kid can already become angry! It proves the photographed angry look, tension of muscles around eyes, wrinkling of lips and crying - so the child shows discontent. By the way, to have a rest at night, the kid “goes to bed“ and... has dreams!

At this age the child weighs 500 g - very little, but he only began to gain weight! His skin, red and wrinkled, is similar to the old man`s skin. And as it is also very gentle, the kid is protected from influence of amniotic waters by special greasing.

K 24 - y to week of pregnancy begin to function fatty and sweat glands, ripen the child`s lungs. In them the film which does not allow them to stick together at breath is formed. If the child is born at this time and will be provided with necessary care, he will be able to survive.

of 28 weeks. the Child weighs about 1000, its growth reaches 35 cm. Now it uses all set of feelings: sight, hearing, taste, touch (these data are confirmed by research of biocurrents of a brain (EEG) of yet not been born child). At this age he begins to learn mother`s voice. The kid carries out the first elementary respiratory movements. His skin is condensed (is thickened) and becomes more similar to the newborn`s skin. If on this term of pregnancy childbirth begins, then them will call premature, and doctors will be able to help the child to survive.

32 weeks. the Child weighs about 2 kg, at it is formed hypodermically - fatty cellulose, handles and legs become chubby. There is laying of immune system: the kid begins to receive immunoglobulins from mother and to intensively form antibodies which will protect him from diseases in the first months of life. The volume of the amniotic waters surrounding the child makes one liter. Each three hours they are completely updated therefore the kid always swims in “pure“ water of which it is possible to swallow without serious consequences.

34 weeks. the Kid weighs 1800 - 2100, his growth reaches 40 - 41 cm. To it it becomes close in a uterus: it cannot turn over any more and most often settles down a head down. His lungs finally ripen, and in case of premature birth the child will independently breathe. However hypodermically - the fatty layer is still developed poorly, and the newborn badly keeps heat.

of 36 - 38 weeks. From ninth month of pregnancy the kid daily puts on weight (to 14 g). In his liver iron which will help blood formation in the first year of life on the earth collects. The down covering the child`s skin (especially shoulders and a back), to the term of childbirth disappears. The child intensively grows, the uterus becomes too close therefore his stirs are felt more intensively.

Usually in 38 weeks its head falls to an entrance to a small pelvis. The kid is already ready to independent life and “counts up“ days to the birth... The childbirth which happened on the term of 38 - 40 weeks of pregnancy is considered as timely. Usually the child is born weighing 3500 g and more and about 50 cm in height. Having hardly been born, he lets out the first cry as though he welcomes world around! The child independently breathes, his heart fights, he actively moves handles and legs. Happy birthday, kid!