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My natural childbirth or test with the happy end of

Now 4 mornings, dreamed me childbirth, and I woke up, became not to a dream. In more than 3 hours to rise and go “according to plan to lay down“ in maternity hospital. Went to a toilet and saw that there was a mucous stopper - it is as I remember, a harbinger of childbirth in the next days - two though in rare instances happens, as week passes since that moment as it departs... Just in case included a computer and re-read - everything true. I am afraid that about all my hopes to stay for the weekend with Zhenechka together it is possible to forget! Such there were plans to stay together, to go together to the country … Nobody will release in that case also anywhere. Here even absolutely not terribly so far, only somehow sadly, there was a wish that we had one more days off...

real I did not see

of “Stopper“, it was more likely some mucous clot with thin impregnations of blood. In general, on it and everything, only to sleep it was completely ceased to want. Wrote letters to girlfriends, added a piece here. I will go to sleep, perhaps...

My God, give me forces!

I Continue to write

already 5 weeks later, using that Vadenka sleeps so far.

Approximately in 6. 20 I woke up because again that something not so, felt as though the child strongly dived under. Again went to a toilet, and there from me rushed! Somehow at once it became clear that it waters began to depart, then all of them time continued to leak. I went to bed, but already especially was not fallen down - it was clear that everything happens exactly today. Zhenya opened eyes and looked at me, I told:“ You do not go to work today“. He understood everything at once and instantly woke up.

We still lay down, I told as as occurred and what now needs to be done, and we decided to be going slowly to maternity hospital and in 7. 30 to call the midwife. Then I called mother who began to go crazy at once, to call the husband`s parents that his father hurried - we had to have him in 9 and carry all the same to maternity hospital, only according to plan.

generally, we phoned to Lyudmila Vasilyevna, slightly ate and began to wait for the dad. I had a raised mood, at Zhenya, in my opinion, too. The dad came tearing along with Oboloni in Goloseevo for 11 (!) minutes and we went to maternity hospital, were on the place somewhere to a half 10, as well as agreed previously with Vadim Borisovich Panaitidi.

When I told that at us waters departed in 6. 30, fast began to make out. In an accident ward all were such gloomy, intense, only we with the husband joyfully - brightened up for some reason. Nothing hurt me, only slightly grabbed, as at monthly. After registration at us accepted things and gave me a nightgown and a dressing gown, for Zhenya we had “the surgeon`s suit“ with ourselves. I changed clothes, made an enema and approached to the manager. a reception which stated disclosure of 2 cm

All same is brightened up - joyful we rose by the 3rd floor where we were already waited by Vadim Borisovich and separate prenatal chamber. The chamber very much was pleasant - all new, modern, nice. Lyudmila Vasilyevna approached, put a dropper. From there is nothing to do we considered intervals between skhvatochka and their duration - books about names and “Waiting for the child“ we, naturally, forgot to take and handed over together with unnecessary things.

as a result in prenatal it were p only with the mountain of sandwiches and thermoses:-). Skhvatochki were very legenky and absolutely tolerant, with intervals 2 minutes and lasting about 10 seconds. We communicated, correctly breathed, rates increased, it became a little more unpleasant, but was still absolutely tolerant, so far... Yet the doctor did not come to examine me, making in passing manually disclosure!


... From unexpected wild pain at survey at me even in eyes darkened, shout escaped, and I spread from it on a bed back. He, apparently, was surprised. And Lyudmila Vasilyevna told that it nothing terrible - probably, meaning the forthcoming childbirth. After leaving of the doctor who promised to examine me once an hour, than strongly encouraged; -), there was blood, and I still some time calmed down. Accurately realized the events, how strongly I was stuck - if it is still “florets“ that further and how not to die of it...

became more sick than

of Fight and the correct breath already helped a little, the doctor came and each hour tormented as promised, at the same time joked about my behavior. All this lasted and lasted, and now the last period of fights is remembered as something continuous, in a delirium., It seems, as I appealed to God about the help, tried to breathe correctly. Somewhere in depths of consciousness there lived the read information that the most difficult is to endure fights, and here in the rodzal at the woman important work begins, and it is already physically heavy more likely - demands huge efforts.

Therefore words of the doctor about full disclosure and that now, actually, we go to give birth I apprehended

almost joyfully. It asked me to be extinguished probno, and here waited for me, to put it mildly, the disappointment - it was much worse than all fights!

Yes, what. Having read literatures that the best childbirth - vertical childbirth, I was a little upset that in the 5th maternity hospital there is no such practice. When fight took me directly before a maternity chair, I squated near it with thought - hurrah, now I here fast will vertically give rise:-). Nothing left, it was necessary to climb on a chair, and hell on pain began in general.

needed to be done to

On each fight on 3 attempts, really from them at me only one turned out, the first. Then something occurred, me began to speak - “to the child badly“ - and to ask to try even stronger though bigger really I could not make, tried on a maximum. Then I heard words about an epiziotomiya and after that became painfully just intolerable, before shout.

As it was p then, local anesthesia was not done as at the kid pulse promptly fell and it was necessary to undertake urgently something, from a section I moved also itself once again ran on a scalpel, near a clitoris...

was taken out Right there the kid, but easier it did not become perfect. The thought - there now, again deception, everything read by me about unusual happiness which occurs at the woman after the termination of labor, all deception flew. Only pain and pain. Put the kid to me on a stomach, I touched it. It was absolutely tiny and wet. I cried and asked Zhenya - let I will be lulled, well please, let lulled, please... He kissed me, held by a hand and said that here now will make an anesthesia, it is a little more.

When the placenta was born

, I felt some simplification because knew - already soon, now to me will precisely make an anesthesia. Something was asked, gave an injection in a vein, and the nightmare ended, everything floated, waves as though I dived up - down went, looked from a cabin of a roller coaster, everything was weaved, untwined, and familiar pictures of this world, beloved Zhenechkino the person began to appear then.

It seems to

, I cried all the time while I was under anesthetic. They say that so far sewed up, awfully shouted - it I remember nothing. No, I remember tears when recovered, Jeunet repeated all the time that I see it, “I see you“. Recovered in the same prenatal, near me Zhenya sat and in a transparent telezhechka lay and the swaddled kid wrapped in a blanket slept. We named him Vadim, this name to it went. Here so this history ended.

Or so the modern history as we were in maternity hospital began

, got used to each other. As he cried, and I together with him cried, without knowing what to do. As there was a milk, and the breast as I was helped by lovely Lyudmila Vasilyevna was inflated, came to me on 2 - 3 times per day. As everything came under windows, and I showed a masik and spoke with them on the mobile phone and as we were written out home! Home, hurrah! With armfuls of white roses and gifts, and a lovely white svertochok. Away, away, away! Away from this terrible and at the same time happy place.