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Feeding of twins

Feeding of the kid - process long! It does not accept vanity and accidents. My personal experience is based on successful, in my opinion, feeding of the oldest daughter till 8 months. And more it was also not required to it physiologically, in the first 5 months, completely eating breast milk, it added 1 kg! in a month! And by 7 months surpassed svestnik in physical development, though was born with parameters as all ordinary full-term children - 3600 g, 53 cm

my twins demanded more careful leaving, but by then I had an assistant - the nurse. I fed twins, unlike senior, on hours, with them it was so more convenient.

of Advantage of feeding on demand - for me it:

  1. always quiet child;
  2. he always gorges on and you do not worry about it;
  3. the breast milks more, but it less fat, than when feeding on hours, personally at me so!

of Advantage of feeding on hours:

  1. approximately in 3 - 4 weeks when gets used, the child will longer sleep, both in the afternoon, and at night;
  2. I was convinced by
  3. on the children that it disciplines and learns to wait what is very valuable.
  4. the child is less inclined
  5. to food through a small bottle since he always waits for a breast.
I consider

Ya very important to talk to the kid during feeding, to say that a mother`s milk very tasty, it is so possible to secure itself against refusal of a breast. It is very important to p to forget

about a baby`s dummy is the second enemy after a small bottle.

Children will show

when it becomes necessary to them. In 1 month the baby`s dummy practically interests nobody, and there are mothers and grannies who directly push her mouth. The baby`s dummy was necessary for us just by 7 months to the first troubles connected with teeth and it is very correct, it distracts from pain. And till this time it to what. By 5 - 6 months the child gets used to a breast, and after that will not refuse any more.

my Twins ate with

milk to 1,4. After a year of milk became less, and then it was gone at all therefore for them everything was painless.

It is very important to p to accept vitamins especially for the feeding mothers, they will preserve your teeth.

With twins I applied a special pillow to feeding, it is so convenient when the child falls asleep, it is possible to sit and to read the book, hands are free!

In general, with twins I used all features facilitating life of young mother - and it really helps to feed longer. The beautiful bra for feeding lightens mood too, and it positively affects milk.

do not neglect

if there is opportunity, nothing - you and your kid are the most important!

the child who long received breast milk practically has no allergy - and it is already so joyful today.

Breastfeeding is really the base of further life of the child. Believe my experience, but it is, as they say, already other history...

I want

Ya that my small history to someone helped to make the correct decision.