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Travel to the country of the mother`s childhood - Denmark

Ya with parents spent eight years with a break in Denmark, parents worked there. It were strange years of life, the sea, parks, friends, the first love. But all this remained in the past, somewhere is very far. When I studied at the first year, the father took me with himself in business trip, and we lived the whole week in the past.

This time my mother was in Moscow with the sick grandmother, and we with the child everything are decided to go though there in the help there was nobody.


So, is overcome all doubts covering not only me one, namely: whether to go with the one-year-old child to the strange, fantastic country of Scandinavia - Denmark, or it is worth waiting though for what to wait? Parents are there in business trip, is where to live some time, products environmentally friendly, the car is, the insurance was made. And, above all, the Baltic Sea in which nobody of course, was going to bathe the child all - is not the hot resort, and water rather cool. At the same time we do not change a climatic zone, and a heat which in principle there does not happen, is transferred easily.

the Decision on a trip came finally while I went to receive the visa. I took money just in case and went directly from embassy to aviacash desk, bought tickets even on the day after tomorrow. Only then, staying in panic collecting, I realized as quickly everything happened.


of the Thing, the most important was to assemble the first-aid kit, the husband diligently laid everything also I - on the whole month with the child - went with only one, not really big, soft suitcase, with a bag on a shoulder, and also with a carriage - a cane, a children`s backpack 10*10sm (with toys, juice, food). Yes, at me everything held, moreover, I carried with myself 3 liters of goat milk since we only on it part porridges.

Should be told

, the customs struck me, we did not stay and 5 minutes as the aunty in shoulder straps approached us and carried out to a separate window. Minute - and we in a waiting room.

Council. Warning all future travelers with small children, I advise to come to the airport in advance since receiving the first boarding passes, you have an opportunity to sit down on the first places after business - a class, and before you will not be ahead of sitting, and there will be a stenochka on which if necessary (especially with babies) it is possible to attach a cradle in which the kid will perfectly sleep during flight.

So far we waited for landing, the daughter studied the airport, the benefit by then she just started walking (literally three days, I declare it is proud), I to it did not allow to drink that you understand, at the time of take-off got drunk much. And she as soon as we got into the plane, nestled on me and fell asleep that me, it is necessary to tell, struck.

it was difficult to believe

B, but during take-off and the subsequent an hour and a half Irisha overslept. On the plane I was surprised pleasantly by stewards. Having caught sight that the child sleeps an angelic dream, they brought a cradle, gave a disposable diaper and a pillow, and the daughter very quietly there slept, having allowed, thereby, me to have a rest, breakfast and communicate to passengers. Then I fed dithat with a squash, and already landing, the benefit to fly only 2 hours.

Us was met by my father, the baggage was received quickly, and here, already we go across my Denmark. It is not believed in general that I decided to arrive with the child, returned to the childhood. Continually tears drove to a throat. Meanwhile we drive up to gate, and my dream becomes a reality.

We on the place. It seems, everything was more, trees, bushes were wider, in a garden of roses it was twice more, everything was well-groomed when I was here last time, and it is 1992, still there was an order which remained in heritage from the USSR. There now, we approached an entrance, a door to the apartment, though in another, and everywhere the mother`s hand is felt at once. Zanavesochki, vases, pots with flowers, frames with our photos, all on the places. We houses.

Ira quickly accustomed, began to go to consider everything, for us the room, a bed with children`s bed linen (mother from Moscow brought it especially for our arrival), a shelf with toys was already ready, I laid out all our books there, everything that was brought with themselves. The daughter understood at once that it is her personal corner, and began to bring “order“ right there.

Here only she looked for the father all the time and could not understand in any way why if he saw off us, then it is not in the apartment? And three weeks and several times in the afternoon she interrogatively watched every time after a dream at me and spoke: “Pas - a pas???“ I showed it its photo, we kissed it, and everything became good. The first days she the uncle, the father called the grandfather, and then thought up the name to this person - dedya.

In the first day we had a rest, slept, walked in the yard, in that yard where I 8 with a break of years walked. The daughter rode the same swing, wooden horses, a hill, and at me before eyes my children`s photos in the same places only adjusted for 20 years emerged. Separately it is necessary to tell that from extremely clean sea air we went to bed at 9 o`clock, and in the afternoon Ira slept for 2 hours that in Moscow was not, and appetite at it obviously improved. The word “am“ sounded everyone 2 with small hour. Of course, in a month it gained nearly a kilogram!

we got used To time difference (2 hours) at once, and here when went to look and buy food, Danes very much surprised me.

children`s food

What feed with

of Missile defense children after 6 months - unclear. All vegetable banks only 200 gram, there are no pure vegetable purees, all mixed. From meat only the turkey and pork, are a lot of mashed potatoes with tomatoes, with noodles, carrots almost everywhere. About porridges separate conversation. I did not find some nonmilk porridges, at choice of Nestle and national producer, now at us these porridges appeared, called Dania too. Respectively, there is no buckwheat cereal, all others with additives either some fruit, or vegetables, it of course is tasty if there is no allergy.

Goat milk we found

only in their “Metro“. Fortunately, passed transition to new food remarkably. And who knows, maybe, it do not appear I in such situation, so and was very cautious with food, would not give milk porridges, and here and began to give fresh fruit and vegetables, cooked porridge itself, the benefit appetite improved here.

Council. Going to travel with the child who has features in food, or learn in advance about what is sold in other country, or take everything with yourself.

So, our excursions began with visit of a symbol of Denmark - “Little Mermaids“ - in the same afternoon. There also was an acquaintance of Irishy to the sea.

Yes, so much water she did not see yet. Being under big impression, it transferred a view from the sea of me, then on the sea, then on the grandfather again. Generally, full delight, and when approached closer, and waves, replacing each other, tried to wet to us legs, here did not do without squeal.

We were passed by

on the downtown, it is so much memoirs. On many streets we walked during the different periods of our life, at different age; stopped by at harbor where there are set of private yachts, on one of them we once put out to sea, is remembered, I was about 12 years old. Here this yacht, my God, really it was so long ago?

What was seen the child considered

with widely open eyes, the landscape everything is markedly differs from habitual. Reached a booth where as long as I could remember always sold ice cream, and the model of this delicacy standing nearby was twice more than Ira, we are with it and were photographed.

of Walk

As a rule, not in the most sunny days in the morning we walked on different platforms. They very much differ from ours. In - the first, at each house the whole children`s complex where there are all types of entertainments, in sandboxes the clean sand brought from the sea under legs, instead of habitual dust, either small gravel, or shaving of bark of trees, and is a pleasure to fall in it. On a habit we walked with a totality of molds, a sovka, balls, and their set of a bucket with accessories is called “A sea set“, and take it with themselves on the beach.

By the way, the daughter apprehended the beach as a big sandbox, sat on a bottom (what in Moscow was not allowed) dug, touched a sand, we collected a different form pebbles and cockleshells, displayed them in different molds, than not development of small motility in the fresh air? Collected Ira tried to smell all, we just only learned. And so, in the yard of the house there were many bush roses and before leaving the territory, we sniffed at all species of the available roses, and with feeling of the fulfilled duty came for walk.

Weather was as in Moscow changeable, a rain since morning, and then the sun, hot, and next day there is no hint on good weather also. And here in one of cloudy days, we went to Museum of Fine Arts.

Museum of Fine Arts

the Museum is an ancient building with columns, bas-reliefs, sculptures, pictures, and here we, with full arms on a case to eat and drink, and even to play. And it was interesting to baby to wander (at an entrance small are given special museum carriages) about the museum and to consider everything. I put a carriage opposite to big landscapes, and itself at this time fast considered the pictures which are available in this hall. In classical pictures we considered angels with Madonnas, looked for doggies, in still lifes - called all fruit and vegetables. In vanguard halls we perfectly studied colors, some already knew and looked for them, and in other pictures we considered any sticks, circles and small squares, at the same time got acquainted with geometrical figures. Well, and where we on the present cleared up, so it in the hall of a sculpture. There Ira also managed to resemble and run about, close considered the interested sculptures, ate drying, than struck people around (at them it is not on sale). So in the museum we perfectly carried out an hour and a half, received everyone the emotions, and went home to have dinner and sleep.

Council. Try to drive children with yourself on exhibitions, in galleries, maybe, you also do not suspect about what the child will sustain, and it will be interesting to him. And the joint trips which especially are carried out with advantage will bring unforgettable impressions. Of course, watching what child.

At the sea whenever possible, catching each sunny day, the grandfather carried us, the benefit to the beach of 15 minutes of driving. And what for happiness still it is necessary? A sandbox around where look, play, I do not want, mother does not leave nearby and anywhere (to prepare or clean up), the sea, the sun, the clean air which reached from coast of Sweden (in a clear weather it is possible even to see their coast), food and drink with themselves, is an umbrella under which it is possible to take cover from the sun and to have a sleep. In my opinion, all conditions for the happy childhood, healthy and good pastime.

the Only minus for me (the father remained with Ira only twice and that, protecting its dream). Nevertheless, I managed to have a rest since the father did not burden me with cooking and cleaning, I, of course, did it, but not in such quantities as houses. Still I noticed that lack of a huge number of toys means only one - it is necessary to clean less. In this quiet life, in the absence of vanity, there was a wish for some rough emotions somehow to be stirred up.

the Amusement park of Tivoli

B one of evenings we went to have a good time. It was warm evening, and tourists from all countries of the world as agreed to go to park this day. To put it briefly, from the seen number of the people the child sat quietly in a carriage, for confidence having gripped drying, and we did not hear it. In my childhood we came to this park to each my birthday, photos, and now I with the daughter again here, only already in absolutely other status were again remembered.

We swept with it on boats, on ancient machines, looked at clowns, bought souvenirs, ice cream, but I understood that if I do not sweep on some terrible hills, then just in vain arrived. The father desperately opened to remain with the child, being afraid that she for lack of me will burst into tears, but I insisted on the. To put it briefly, swept - I on two attractions, received a cheerfulness charge, it was shouted much, having caught itself on thought that I shouted last time in labor, but, without wishing to remember everything, went to look for the. They, it is necessary to tell, perfectly spent time if a tasty roll, Ira persistently tried to try at grandfathers of beer and when it refused to it, she so started to yell that had to be conceded. Passersby laughed, the father shocked, and the child happy licked lips. So have fun wonderfully well.

City park of Frederiksborg

In one day off we went there to take a walk. In the center of Copenhagen, of course, the sizes of park impress it (it is possible to compare to the Botanical garden in Moscow). In one part of park there are a rosary, the Japanese garden, any Orochs, artificial falls and just accurately cut bushes in the form of labyrinths and different patterns. Everything is well-groomed, there is no zavyadshy floret, punks and drunk fellow citizens. And there are couples sitting on glades with baskets for picnic some after work just come here to have supper, young parents come with kids, nobody disturbs anybody, silence, grace.

In other part of park the natural lake where swans with the brood grandly float is, on a glade directly among people huge geese with ducks walk that made indelible impression on the daughter. On the way home she spoke all the time:“ Hectares are Hectare“. On other glade the handsome - a peacock walks, we, naturally, tried to be depicted with it.

the Zoo

we decided to Continue by

acquaintance to wildlife in a zoo. It is our first campaign, and it was interesting to watch reaction of the daughter, but she attentively examined animals. Very much monkeys, sea lions, and elephants who were sorting out at that moment the relations, giraffes were pleasant, rhinoceroses and bears struck, of course, with the sizes. Very much we liked a deer, we to him two times came back. Then Ira decided to have a sleep a little, I put a carriage in tenek, drank juice, in an hour she woke up, and we continued walk.

In the Danish zoo, as well as in ours, “the children`s office“ is. There behind a fence cubs of some animals run, and to nanny-goats it is possible to climb, stroke and consider them close. And so, we climbed. Of course, it was frightening, but I managed even to photograph the daughter with a kid for now we were engaged in it, nearby mother of one kid for legs pulled out from the pipe conducting to parents of kids. Then we were passed on the tram, having once again looked at all pets (and the carriage was left near tent with ice cream), it too for the first time and very much was pleasant. All animal we waved the handle and spoke “so far“.

the Result

Here so we went, brought all gifts, it is a lot of photos, the mass of impressions, very much missed the father.

Of course, some of my acquaintances consider that the trip with the child is not rest, but I for the reasons cannot leave the child and leave, we were together! Yes, I very much wanted where - nibud to descend without it, but I am not sorry about anything, everything will be in due time. Watching the child, it is possible to receive so many unforgettable minutes and fine emotions!

I Wish all remarkable rest with children, let for you and for your kid it will become unforgettable.

you can look at

of the Photo from our rest in a photo album of the participant of club 7i. ru under a nickname of karik & Irinka.