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The recipe of faultless manicure of

we Do nail extension

Well-groomed hands, long nails, a varnish which keeps for weeks, - what woman does not dream of it! But what to do if nail plates thin and fragile, and household cares only aggravate their deplorable state? There is a simple and cardinal method to improve situation - to make nail extension.

the Technology

of Technologies, connected with extension of artificial nails, is a lot of now. The most popular of them - fabric, acrylic and gel. In what their essence?

Fabric. For nail extension in it fabric - silk, flax, fayberglass is used (fiber glass). Natural nails are shortened, and on them tipsa 1 which become stronger the rags which are cut out from fabric, according to a shape of nails fasten.

Each rag is processed previously by the special glued solution. When using a fabric basis the natural nail tests the smallest irritation, in it its undoubted advantage. However such nails fragile. They often break off and burst. Therefore recently fabric is more actively used in gel technology (see further) for repair increased, burst and restoration of the broken nails: it is stacked between gel layers to increase durability of an artificial nail.

Acrylic. At this technology of the master use special substance - acryle. It represents powder or powder which in a combination to special liquid (likvidy) turns into the dense, quickly hardening on air weight. Acrylic nails can be increased both by means of tips, and on the 2 forms . The main complexity for the master during the work with acryle - to manage to distribute evenly weight on a nail surface before its hardening. After acryle hardens, the remained roughnesses from above and thickenings on each side carefully cut, and then nails polish. Procedure this very long. At the skilled master on nail extension in acrylic technology about three hours leave, and the beginner will need all four. And if the salon or the master who makes building does not wish to go on additional expenses for the sake of comfort of clients, perhaps, all this time the client should inhale acrylic dust and to suffer not the most pleasant smell. However recently in the industry of artificial nails the latest technology for creation of sculptural acrylic nails without dust and a smell appeared.

Acryle helps out also in those cases if nails thin and gel - howling the covering is not recommended from - for probabilities of a burn. The matter is that in the course of hardening (hardening) of gel a large number of heat which can burn a nail bed, especially if nails very thin or injured is allocated.

Besides, acryle allows to create ideally smooth surface, having hidden defects on the deformed natural nails. There is it because it fills all roughnesses of a nail plate, does not spread and quickly hardens on air. The natural nail protected from harmful effects from the outside grows in such “case“ quicker, and correction should be done rather often.

of Advantage of acrylic technology are also that the artificial nails created on its basis are considered as the strongest today, and also possess high elasticity and elasticity therefore look naturally. If such nail everything is will burst or will break, then it can be repaired quickly, without deleting completely. But also acrylic nails very easily are removed: it is enough to take of them in special solution, and they will be dissolved.

the Main lack of such nails - the fact that after removal of a varnish they lose the gloss and often get a yellowish shade.

Gel. Gel nails - as well as acrylic - increase on forms and on tipsa. And process of building happens in the same way. The difference consists only that gel which is applied on nails hardens not under the influence of air but only at ultraviolet rays. This property considerably facilitates work to the master - he does not need to hurry and worry that the covering “will grab“ ahead of time. Besides, gel possesses ability to be distributed evenly on a nail and therefore does not demand trimming. And penetration through it ultraviolet rays excludes a possibility of development of fungal diseases and makes the revitalizing impact on a natural nail plate. Gel allows a natural nail to breathe, passes moisture and products of a metabolism that favorably affects a condition of a nail plate.

One of the main advantages of gel nails that they are as close as possible to natural on the structure possess natural gloss, are transparent and look so beautifully that they can even be not covered with a color varnish.

However the gel technology has also shortcomings. The nails increased with its help can burst from - for sharp difference of temperatures, but at such seeming fragility to get rid of them very difficult. Such nails cannot be dissolved as acrylic, they should be cut. And it is unpleasant, long, tiresomely and will not add health to natural nails.“ To repair“ a gel nail if it broke, too it is impossible. It needs to be cut and replaced new.

the Artificial nails created on gel technology, thickness than the presents therefore in process of growth of natural nails the noticeable border is formed. It can be corrected - to put on the formed island of a little modeling means. In such a way gel nails can be kept long enough, from time to time doing correction. It is necessary not only to support nails beautiful, but also from - for shifts of the center of gravity artificial pro-covered as grows a natural nail. If as required not to return this center of gravity on the initial place, there can be injuries of a natural nail.

Compromise option; acryle + gel. Similar practice combines in itself advantages of both technologies. Acryle gives to nails durability, allows increased more strong to keep on natural. This procedure is that at first the acryle layer and when it dries up is applied on a nail, its surface is covered with gel which adds to an artificial nail natural gloss.

Merits and demerits If nail extension the master carried out


correctly and without violation of technology, the artificial manicure will not influence growth of a nail plate in any way. However frequent machining during corrections and repair of the broken or burst nails thins a site of a natural nail directly under material a little. Besides, natural nails under an artificial covering are about one and a half months in a condition of greenhouse effect. But they are not threatened also by contact with aggressive chemical compounds when washing and cleaning. There is also an opinion on harm of acryle. It is possible to agree with it, but only partly. EMA monomer (ethylmethacrylate) - quite harmful flying liquid. But its adverse influence extends first of all to the master who constantly works with it.

And still some masters recommend to remove artificial nails from time to time and to carry out improving procedures. There is a mass of special means on restoration of structure of a nail plate and its improvement. Also special oils which are rubbed in finger-tips, and trays for nails are recommended. After a month of similar procedures it is possible to increase nails again.

At the same time by means of new technologies can change even a hand with the bent fingers, or to fix nails wide by nature. The shape of the increased nail as if sets the direction to the movement “native“ to a nail plate. As a result at long use of an acrylic covering natural nails are gradually narrowed and get the desired extended form. The increased nail “presses down“ natural “, clamps“ it at the edges, and that needs only to adapt to this template.

of Contraindication

we Go to salon

At most that it is possible to make houses before building, - to remove a varnish from the nails if it was put. All the rest will be made by the master in salon. Special liquid he will remove a fat layer and surplus of moisture from a nail, then by means of a nail file will remove the top layer of a nail plate. Depending on structure of a natural nail the master can or walk slightly on a surface of a nail plate, or properly refine it that after building the nail did not seem thick and “heavy“. After preliminary processing when building from their tipsa serially fix to natural nail plates by means of the fixing means, then apply acryle under which apply the fixing substance too, and cover with acryle or gel. If building is made by means of forms, they are not fixed on nails and are removed when acryle or gel take the desirable form. For strengthening of durability layers of gel can alternate to fabric pieces. Now it is necessary only to dry new nails under an ultraviolet and to slightly correct them a nail file if the gel technology was used, in a case with acryle it is required to work with a file more seriously. The last stroke - putting nail varnish.

After the first building will need to pass correction in two weeks as nails will grow quicker, than usually, and then everything will return to normal, and correction will need to be done time in three - four weeks. At correction similar procedure is made: the part of an artificial covering is slightly cut, being compared to a surface of own nail, and on all grown part the new covering is imposed. The purpose of this procedure - to level the increased nail with the grown part of a “native“ nail.

How to keep a form

What to do that the manicure remained in an excellent state as long as possible? To treat him with reasonable care and to follow several simple rules. Despite durability of artificial nails, you should not use them as the screw-driver. If the increased nails - long, and natural always were short, it is necessary to learn the careful address with beautiful acquisition. First of all you should not do sharp movements or to press the buttons, striking them with tips of nails. It is necessary to clasp the lock - “lightning“ carefully too. If housework or in a garden is necessary, it is better to carry out it in rubber gloves. As a last resort, if clear that dirt and the earth under nails will not manage to be avoided, before work it is necessary to scratch nails a soap piece to hammer subnail space. In this case pollution under nails will be easy to be washed away warm water.

owners of the long increased nails in a handbag have to have special glue. With its help it is possible to stick suddenly formed crack any minute and to keep a nail before correction.

Glue can use

and in case at an okolonogtevy thin skin material “departed“. In this case it is possible to prevent further violation of a hermetic covering. nails it is desirable for p to shorten

In an interval between corrections by means of a podpilivaniye. This measure will reduce risk to break them. If necessary it is possible to file accurately them and on a surface of a nail plate, smoothing transition border between artificial and own nail. It will improve their appearance. How to return to natural manicure

it is better for p to Remove with

artificial nails in beauty shop. Especially gel. To scissor them - useless occupation. Gel will burst, and with it the natural nail can crack. It is necessary to clean length a rough file for artificial nails, then to process edge a melkoabrazivny file, and here the covering can be cut only small not to do injuries to the nail. And, you should not seek to cut all covering - to make it thin enough and to make even all surface of a nail polishing whetstone. It is much simpler to leave acrylic manicure, certainly, in the presence of the special dissolving liquid.

Possession of faultless manicure - not such unrealizable dream. The main thing to find the good master and to find a little time for visit of salon or to invite the expert home (it is very widespread practice too). And when will come it is time to take off the gloves which bothered during the winter, young mother should not redden by the not well-groomed hands.


the Cost of services

of the Price of nail extension can vary. Naturally, the working costs of the skilled master will be much higher, than at the one who finished week courses recently. Here the approximate prices of salon where the professionals guaranteeing quality work:

  • of Nail extension on tipsa : 1000 - 2500 rub
  • Nail extension on a form : 2000 - 3000 rub.
  • Building by color acryle : 3000 rub
  • Strengthening of the thin, exfoliating nails gel : 1000 rub
  • Replacement of one nail : from 100 rub
  • Polishing of nails : 100 rub
  • Removal of the increased nails : 300 rub
  • Removal of the increased nails and their strengthening : 600 rub
  • Design of nails, list : from 100 rub