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Hi, I was born!

were really very lucky Us with the midwife! To us is to me, Raphael, and my mummy Olya.

there passed 8 months Since then, and I remember everything to the smallest detail. I remember that I suddenly wanted to see the mother`s person with own eyes as the father constantly said to me that my mother very beautiful, and I let her know that it is urgently necessary to go to maternity hospital. Then mother told me that I had to sit in a tummy nearly a month more, but I could not wait. And already then I began to order!

we Arrived to Temryuksky maternity hospital about three o`clock in the morning. Doctors did not believe that I already ask to see everything around with own eyes, but not through stories of the father and mother as mother had very small tummy. And during pregnancy it added slightly more than my weight, about 5 - 6 kg. After survey the doctor told that childbirth is well under way, and by twelve o`clock the next day I will appear. Then it left. And we with mother began to wait. We laid down to have a rest before the main breakthrough, and there is no breakthrough everything and is not present, and there is no doctor. Mummy began to worry that fights suddenly stopped, but I - that knew that everything will be good!

the eighth o`clock in the morning Went. That doctor who accepted us left for a long time, another came to change, to be exact other crew in which there was our rescuer by the name of Elena Vladimirovna Altushina - our midwife!

Beautiful and intelligent, clever and gentle. Here who really assumed all pain and experiences of my mummy. She directed its actions, put her droppers, prompted as it is necessary to breathe correctly, and is constant, all the time listened to my heartbeat. And that the most important, all the time of fights, about three hours, it held mother for the handle! Its internal force and energy installed optimism and belief, in the fact that everything will end safely.

there Came the culmination point. My head with black volosika seemed. Mummy was very tired, but Elena Vladimirovna supported her every second. And soon - oh, happiness! - mother saw the charming kid, the full copy of the father. That is me.

All the time of stay in maternity hospital the midwife cared for us as about the family. Too it did with all whom delivered. Heart at it beautiful and kind! We got to maternity hospital prematurely, did not manage to agree with anybody of doctors in advance and what happiness that it worked this day on September 30!

Now mother tries not to remember

how it was sick and difficult for it as she shouted at all maternity hospital, and other doctors approached and shamed her for this shout as in eyes from tension vessels burst. My mother very thin, and I was born with rather big weight therefore it was so painful to her.

We try to remember

only good and kind, fine and unforgettable, light and pure. This Miracle of the Birth! The feeling of pain will leave and will be forgotten, but that will never be forgotten, it is a smile and support of our midwife who became the witness to a miracle of the birth of new life!