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Two histories of one mother

Here riddle of human psychology: how who unsuccessfully gave birth, fed etc., are ready to speak long, and here if everything was as it should be, just and will tell: “Well, gave rise, feeds …“. Here and with my story: long about work and slightly - slightly about good luck.

Part 1

my boy was born

by means of Cesarean section, to my huge regret. Trained me on operation according to plan therefore I studied everything that I found, concerning Caesarian and breastfeeding in advance.

Me was very quickly transferred from reanimation to postnatal chamber, in 17 hours after the delivery brought the kid on the first feeding, and in 9 hours we were together in one chamber.

I Will tell

honestly, are the most terrible wash memoirs (the fact that I woke up during operation and heard the first shout of the baby, there was nothing in comparison …). I hardly turned over with a side sideways, and here - the child who is constantly shouting for hunger. He shouted and sucked. On nipples there were huge cracks. But it was only the beginning. Milk came. At night. I woke up with a marble breast. Attempts of the midwife to decant me practically what did not end with - even after massage it could not decant at all. At another it turned out slightly - slightly. But milk did not splash a stream, and acted as a droplet which right there spread on all breast. I and the midwife groaned from pain: I - in a breast, it - in hands. For some reason advised to put ice to a breast. The breast froze and on density reminded a stone. 5 days I held temperature 38,6. Six days I did not sleep, suffered from pain, temperature, a heat and baby`s cries.

was Written out. By means of the massage therapist I rastseditsya. Healed cracks (from sea-buckthorn oil there were only spots on clothes, slips were not, as well as money for very expensive drugs until the nurse advised me Liniment Sintomitsin, and the massage therapist advised to impose before feeding on crusts on my cracks a compress in 15 min. prior to feeding. The matter is that at the very beginning of feeding the child tore off crusts, it was very sick, and pain ceased, only when the remained crusts razmokat. And cracks became more and more, and so - to feeding of a crust already razmokat. So cracks descended for 3 (!) day besides that I did not stop feeding. Did a compress so: imposed the cotton wool moistened in hardly cooled down boiled water or broth of a camomile on a nipple, from above - polyethylene and a bra. In total. The kid shouted and long - long sucked. “Some it not such, maybe, it became necessary to finish feeding it?“ - my mother said. But I, following advice of nobody to listen, waved away. And here … when Vanyushe was 3 weeks old, we from policlinic were taken away by the Ambulance. The diagnosis - a hypotrophy. My boy in 3 weeks grew thin for 0,5 kilograms! And then still it turned out that the son has a hepatitis of the obscure origin.

In hospital was ordered to begin to finish feeding mix (to weigh before feeding and to add mix to norm, but in the first day only of 10 grams, to the second 20 etc.) to nurse everyone 1. The 5th hour, and after feeding to be decanted “to a last straw“. The child of 40 minutes sucked, 40 minutes I was filtered, that is feeding time came to an end of decantation. The last feeding was at 1 one o`clock in the morning, the first - in 5. Hard, but the result was available: from 20 - 30 grams for time to 50 - 70 gr. But all the same it was necessary to finish feeding because it was impossible to strain off more: my maximum - a floor - liter a day. In a week of such exercises the son refused a breast. The heap of literature, attempt to sleep together, did not help to be near constantly - the small bottle was easier to be sucked, than a hard breast even if the hole in a nipple was such that the kid exhausted 200 grams in 20 minutes! One and a half more weeks I between decantations was engaged in persuading of the shouting child. Then, in 1,5 months, he also told the first word “Ge!“ which about one year designated extreme extent of rejection.

In 7 months I got sick with measles. The second time in life. Ivan was with the grandmother. I lay. Rose only to be decanted. Poured out milk. Temperature stuck to 38,7 - 39,5. Could not eat and drink anything. When I began dehydration, I called an ambulance and went in an infektsionka to ask a dropper. And there, frightening personnel, I, all in pink specks, was filtered, however, only 3 times a day. Received 30 gr. In day! In 1,5 weeks I was written out. I, at last, began to eat and be filtered 8 times again a day. Finished volume to 350 gr. in day - there were no forces to be filtered each 2 hours again. Decantation and sterilization of small bottles took me 8 hours a day. In 10 months I last time gave to the son the milk.

Part 2

In 2 years after the last decantation at us was born by

the daughter. Again Caesarian. In a day I was transferred to postnatal office. I fed the baby for the first time in 27 hours after the delivery. Waited when we are transferred to chamber on joint stay. But again: 3 maternity hospitals were off-schedule closed, and there are a wish to give birth everything. There are no places. So I saw the baby on hours 5 days. In a breast nagrubaniye began again. But the midwife advised to do for the night compresses on a breast: the gauze moistened in the divorced vodka is imposed on a breast so what the nipple would remain open. From above - polyethylene, too with a hole in the middle, then cotton wool, a brassiere, a towel. For the morning I woke up with full, but soft (!) breast! Sometimes after feeding I dotsezhivatsya that to clean lumps. Once I was helped by the midwife. When I asked whether it is heavy to suck to the daughter, she answered that a breast hard and the baby it is complicated. It besides that I was decanted 10 months for 7 hours a day before!

Very much endured

as it there, in children`s office. But, at the same time, I already got stronger by that moment when I her was given. And - hurrah! We together with my daughter! Every other day we were written out. Together with feedings on hours also consolidations left. Fed and feed the Sofiyka on demand. The first three months it from a breast did not come unstuck. I felt like mother - a kangaroo at which on a nipple the kengurenok weighs. In such situation and prepared to eat, and to the son wiped a bottom. Remembering former troubles, I weighed the first month the baby on the Soviet store scales that also the affection of the pediatrician and the nurse delighted. When on scales it was necessary to add a salt pack to weights, relatives calmed down.

Was laktostaz with pains and high temperature. Filtered, but more than 15 ml could not be decanted. It besides that the breast was not released and the daughter after decantation perfectly gorged on.

Now to Sofya 1 year! Began to lure in 6 months. Gathers differently: 1,2 kg, 200 grams (when was ill). Falls asleep only with a breast, but if I leave, then with the grandmother it agrees and so to sleep. I want to feed years to two, and there we will have a look. I feed and is very happy from it!

P. S. Ivan, though did not take a breast, is very attached to me. Till 1,5 years with anybody, except me, did not want to stay at home. Doctors in gastrotsentra call me mother - the heroine and say that I rescued to the son a liver.