Rus Articles Journal

All best - you, my kitten!

cannot be! And it YOU? -
of Ears trampled down petals,
the Dry papyrus of yellow skin
In a drowsy cocoon is laid.
the Newcomer, you to me from the Moon?
Or from what other star?
I only start of lips, heart
I knock
Volnenyem give me:
- What strange child,
my child?!

It is improbable! - it YOU! -
In the person familiar lines,
the Whitish forelock and brows - too,
On the father, so, similar.
But all prophecies and dreams
will not be able to Disclose DEPTH,
I only start of lips, heart
I knock
Volnenyem give me:
- the Threefold stream of milk -
to you, the child!

It is incomprehensible! Means, you are
there is a dream embodiment!

to our son now 5,5 months. I nurse it only. And for me there is nothing more pleasantly, than to admire the kitten when he “drinks up“ a milk! I iron it, I tikhonechno sing songs, I kiss and I cry with happiness... But it was not always so cloudless.

In spite of the fact that during pregnancy I read a heap of literature and stayed at all lectures for future parents, in maternity hospital I had problems with a milk: - (. Milk did not come for the 3rd day as promised. And on 4 did not come. I cried at night, thinking that I cannot give to the kid a milk. It was very sick. But I forced itself to calm down! “Experiences, stresses - the first enemy during feeding“. For the 5th day the milk poured down, but the kid did not gorge on! One more opening:“ Ah, it appears it is necessary to feed not less than 30 minutes! And if he falls asleep, then it is necessary to awake“.

the Next 2 months I lay with mastitis. Put cabbage - does not help. Bought a milk pump, my rescue. By the way, bought boxes for collecting milk. My most successful acquisition for feeding by a breast: the clothes are always pure, about 250 g of milk are gained per day, the excess milk is easily decanted without efforts.

Then milk a little, breasts soft became sharp

: - (. Really my feeding ended? Began to eat more, to drink different necessary teas, to walk more, and milk disappeared more. As I am glad that mother who forced me to feed was near. It appears, it “the settled lactation“!

For the Mother`s Day the husband with the son came to me with flowers and cake with words: “That our mother had a lot of milk“. “My dear as I love you. So, and milk at me will be much and long now“;-)