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Day of ghosts (the scenario of a children`s holiday) of

the Scenario of birthday for children of 7 - 10 years


of the Mask for girls - vedmochek. the Usual half masks closing the top half of the face, but made in the form of the vedminsky person in a black peaked hat. With these hats various variations, depending on character of a vedmochka (see below)

are possible

Horns and patches for chertik - boys. Clownish noses from foam rubber on an elastic are cut off in the middle that the patch turned out. The felt-tip pen draws two holes. Horns usually are on sale in circus or in parks on trays - a hoop with springs which have on the ends porolonovy circles. Circles are cut off from all directions that rectangles turned out.

For decoration of the room: the Web weaved out of ropes of
Balloons with the mugs of “evil spirit“
drawn on them Toy skeletons, spiders, snakes, etc. of
In general suits
everything that will be prompted by the imagination of parents, but “vedminsky“ subject.

the Baba-yaga and the Fright (or the Wood goblin) - parents and leaders of all representation.
of the Witch and devils - guests. Each vedmochka and at each devil has the character which is beaten by a mask:

the Witch - Ms. the Bald mountain. On a hat pastes some feather, a piece of cotton wool in the form of the bang painted in some unusual color the long eyelashes, etc.


the Witch frightening children in a dream are drawn. On a hat pastes the comical image of the ghost shouting - the crying child, etc.


the Witch who is taking away sweets from children. On a hat - wrappers from candies, chocolates, the image of ice cream on a stick, etc.

the Witch - the lover of wild animals. On a hat - the image of a snake, a mouse, frog, spider, etc.

the Witch - a rasteryakha. On a hat - the patches hanging on ears a beads.

also other options vedmochek Are possible

. They can personify human shortcomings: the coward, the crybaby, the informer, the greedy person, etc.

At mask chertik identical, but characters different:
the Devil - the small wretch;
the Devil - the boaster;
the Devil - the fighter;
the Devil - the glutton.

Arrival of guests.

needs In advance to prepare for

“business cards“ on which roles are written, to put them in a big hat or a basket.

Each arrived guest without looking pulls out the “business card“ defining it a role for the evening. Having entered the room, it turns into the devil or a vedmochka. The fright helps it to put on the necessary mask.

When all will gather, the Baba-yaga tells approximately following:
“Dear devils - witches, all of us were flown on our Bald mountain to wish my daughter (son) happy birthday. Give in honor of she (he) we will publish ours chertyansko - a vedminsky cry“. After a cry the Baba-yaga begins to meet guests, asks them ridiculous questions:

Answers of children can be the most unexpected, it is possible not to be limited to one question, and to pick up a subject. It turns out very ridiculously. During interview the Fright (Wood goblin) all the time tries to get into conversation, to interrupt, answer instead of children. The baba-yaga waves away from her: “Leave alone, the Fright, keep silent, do not disturb“. The fright takes offense, speaks in beard: “It is fine - all right, you still recognize me!“, etc.

After all “got acquainted“, the Baba-yaga speaks: “And now we with my daughter - a vedmochka (the son - the devil) want to present you presents that you came to us on a visit.“ Looks for a bag with gifts, but does not find it. The fright (Wood goblin) slowly leaves the room. Baba-yaga:“ Probably, the Fright (Wood goblin) stole a bag! Forward, on searches!“

All run to look for a bag with gifts. The fright wanders about the room and speaks maliciously. But she has to watch closely that the bag when it is found, did not fall into hands vedmochek and chertik, and remained with her. The fright begins to zlovrednichat: “You banished me, you did not let me speak, now I will catch all your presents!“ At last, after arrangements, agrees to give gifts after children perform its tasks, for example: to bite off with

  1. a piece from the apple hanging on a string without holding it with hands,
  2. to draw the Fright`s portrait on memory, blindfold,
  3. to write a congratulation to the birthday man, standing a back to a table and not looking at a leaf,
  4. looking at itself in a mirror, to tell five times “What I am beautiful!“ with different intonations and having never smiled,
  5. without hands to eat the grape lying in a deep bowl and which is filled in with whipped cream,
  6. to guess a melody of a song which will be sung by the Fright, specially being false, quickly - quickly to tell
  7. some difficult tongue twister three times,
  8. to represent the begun to boil teapot.

When all tasks are performed by

, the Baba-yaga invites all to a table.

Approximate names of dishes:
the Salad stolen from the principal
of Berry from the Vedminy bog
the Tears of the Baby of a Ghost Lemonade